A Building in Question!

The Grout School / Ackerman Church

The following information is taken from the book, "Waterloo, a Pictorial History", by Margaret Corwin and Helen Hoy.

This schoolhouse was built in 1858 on a half acre of ground, a mile from town, and was purchased by the county for $10.00. Henry Grout, as State Senator and 'public-spirited" citizen, for whom Grout Museum was named, was a student here. His sister, Frances, for whom the Grout School was named, also attended. In 1880, the school was abandoned and became a residence. Later it became the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then was sold to the Four Square Gospel Church. In 1961, a new building was built on the site and the school became a church educational building. The pioneer stonemasons laid 2 foot-thick walls in a rubble-work style, using stones of irregular sizes and shapes. Of all the early schools built in Waterloo, this one rural school, now in an urban location is the only survivor.

And now I find that I should do some more research into this school as I have already constructed a personal history about this building, based on information which was provided to me by a cousin, bobbyjr@uswest.net. The following is the information I received from him:

From a newly found Ackerman cousin came the challenge I am sharing with you now. The first request was to examine our local telephone directory and locate a street by the name of "Ackerment". After completing the first task I went off and gathered my little research buddy, Zachre. In the car we jumped and headed toward the east side. We located the street.

From here we ventured down but a block and a half to where we found another part of our treasure. Before us stood a very old building. This fine looking stone building was not ordinary building; it was the Ackermant (Ackerman) family church which stood on the family farm.
This land was purchased by the city of Waterloo, from George Ackermant. It was at that time the city chose to name a street after his family. In the next page you will find some of the images I captured with my camcorder.

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