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Iowa Township
Hahn, SAMUEL, farmer; P.O. Belle Plaine.

Hale, Andrew, stock buyer, Belle Plaine.

Hale, Isaac, grain buyer, Belle Plaine.

Hale, Jacob, stock dealer, Belle Plaine.

Halonpek, F., R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

Hannen, J. R., far., Sec. 36; P. O. Luzerne.

Hannes, W., far., S. 21; P.O. Belle Plaine.

Hannes, Joseph.

Hanson, W. P., jeweler, Belle Plaine.

Hapgood, G. P., far., S. 8; P.O Belle Plaine.

Hardy, L. S., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Haren, A., retired farmer.

Harland, A., drayman, Belle Plaine.,

Harland, E. M., teamster, Belle PIaine.

Harnock J., R. Re employe, Belle Plaine.

Hart, Samuel, miller, Belle Plaine.

Hart, S. B. , printer, Belle Plaine.

Hartman, A. J., grocer, Belle Plaine.

Hartman L. W., grocer, Belle Plaine.

Hartwell, M., teacher, Belle Plaine.

Hanschild, C., grain dealer, Belle Plaine.

HAUSHILD, HENRY, grain merchant, Belle Plaine; was born in Holstein, Germany, Jan. 1, 1818; came to this country in 1851 and settled in Scott Co., this State, in which county he remained until the year 1870, when he came to Belle Plaine and engaged in the grain trade. He married Miss Annie Slickton, in Davenport, this State; she was born in Holstein, Germany.

Hanschild , H . M., grain merchant, Belle Plaine.

Hawley, H. A., farmer, Belle Plaine.

Hawley, H. D., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Head, A. B., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Heim, Clans, far.; P. O. Luzerne.

Heldenbrand, A. H., attorney and general insurance agent.

Heldt, John M., far., P. O. Luzerne.

Henderson, J. F., R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

Henry, J. P., lumber dealer, Belle Plaine.

Herrick, Marten, R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

Herrick, Vince], clerk, Belle Plaine.

Heseltine, M farmer, Belle Plaine.

Hess, W. L., tinner, Belle Plaine.

Hessig, F. C., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Hidy, R. B., grain dealer, Belle Plaine.

Higgens, M. D., retired farmer, Belle Plaine.

Hochreiter, J., cigar maker, Belle Plaine.

Hoffman, Henry, far., S. 2; P. O. Luzerne.

Hogan, Patrick, R. R. employe, Belle Plaine.

Holboegh, J., R. R. employe, Belle Plaine.

Holland, John far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Hollenbeck, M. D., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Hollis, Thomas, merchant, Belle Plaine.

Hondeck, Vencil, clerk, Belle Plaine.

Horak, F. J., law student, Belle Plaine.

Hovey, H. F., farmer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

HOSMER C. P., proprietor of tin shop, and dealer in tin, copper, and sheet iron ware, Belle Plaine; was born in Dodge Co., Wis., in 1852; came to Belle Plaine in 1870, and engaged in his present business in this place in 1871. He married Miss Emma J. Duval in this town in 1874; she was born in Oneida Co., N. Y.

Hoteling, C., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Hottel, H. B. far., S. 5; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Hottel, O. H., farmer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

Howard, Allen H., farmer, P. O. Luzerne.

Hoyt, J. A. clergyman, P. O. Belle Plaine.

Huchings, Gid., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Hudson, A. H., far., S. 12; P. O. Luzerne.

Hungerford, F. H., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Hunt, F., farmer, Belle Plaine.

Husk, F., R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

Husted, Ira, saloon, Belle Plaine.

HUSTON GEORGE, Justice of the Peace, Belle Plaine; born in Fayette Co., Penn., March 4, 1822; accompanied his parents to Ohio in 1823. Was married in Ohio in 1857 to Edna Palmiter; she was born in Trumbull Co., Ohio; have one child living -- Arthur C.; lost one-Wilbur. Came to this county in 1868 - is Town Clerk, a position he has held for seven years, and Justice of the Peace, which be has held for eight years. They attend the Congregational Church here, of which Mrs. Huston is a member; politics, Republican.

Hutton, Presley, capitalist, Belle Plaine.

ILTEN, CHRISTIAN, far., S. 24; P. O. Luzerne.

Ilton, Edward P., farmer, P. O. Luzerne.

Irish, I. L., teamster, Belle Plaine.

JACKSON, JOHN F., laborer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

Jauss, P., farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Jelinek, C., harness maker, Belle Plaine.

JOHNSON, E. S., attorney at law, Belle Plaine.

Johnson, John, far.; P. O. Irving

JOHNSON, JOHN, of the firm of Johnson and Marsh, dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, wooden and willow ware, ready-made clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, etc., etc., Irving, Iowa; Mr. Johnson was born in Otsego Co., N. Y., in 1844; went to Knox Co., Illinois, in 1864, and thence to this county. in the same year. He married Miss C. Harland, in this county; she was born in Indiana; they have five children -- Silas, Jennie M., Robert H., Clara M., Emma and Mabelle.

Jordan Henry, farmer, Sec. 5; P. O. Irving

Jordan, W. H., far.; P.O. Belle Plaine.

Juergens, Herman, clerk, Luzerne.

JUNGE, H. F., dealer in all kinds of agricultural implements, Main street, N. E. Depot, Belle Plaine; he was born in Germany, in 1834; he followed seafaring life eighteen years. He married Kathrine Scharlotte Nagle, in Belle Plaine; she was born in Germany; they have three children living. Mr. Junge came to Belle Plaine in 1873 and engaged in his present business -- that of dealer in agricultural implements.

Jurgemeyer, William, far., Sec. 1; P. O. Luzerne.

KABLE, James, wagon maker, Belle Plaine.

Kallsen, Crist, saloonist, Belle Plaine.

Kallson, Peter, carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Keeho, Edward, far.; P.O. Luzerne.

Kellar, James M., farmer, Sec. 36; P. O. Luzerne.

Kelo, Thomas, R. R. emp., Belle Plaine.

Kennedy, D. A., agent, Belle Plaine.

Kenner, George W., farmer; P. O. Belle.

Kenner, J. F., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Kenner, Richard, farmer, Sec. 18; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Kenner, Wm. W., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Kessel, Joseph, clerk, Belle Plaine.

KESL, V., dealer in groceries, crockery, glass ware and a general stock of hardware, Belle Plaine; he was born in Bohemia, in 1847; came to this country when a boy; came to Belle Plaine in Dec., 1875, and engaged in his present. business. He married Miss Kathrine Harvert, in Toledo, Tama Co., this State; she was born in Bohemia.

Khile, Anthony, blacksmith, Belle Plaine..

Kirkpatrick, B. L., carpenter.

Kirkpatrick, Peter, R. R. emp., Belle Plaine.

KITHCART, C. B., farmer, Sec.'7; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Sussex Co., N. J., in 1817; he left New Jersey in 1838, and went to Knox Co., Ohio. While in the aforesaid county, he married Miss Elizabeth Fletcher; she was born near Zanesville, Ohio; they moved to Linn Co., this State, in 1853, and remained there about a year and a half, at the end of which time they moved to this county, and located in this Tp., on their present farm; they have six children living-Philander, born in Knox Co., Ohio, March 19, 1842; Jas., born in Knox Co., February, 1844; Cornelius, born in Knox Co., March 12, 1846; Jackson, born in Knox Co., July 18, 1848; W. B., born in this Tp., Aug. 9, 1857; Rhoda, born in this Tp., Dec. 10,1863. Mr. Kitheart owns 180 acres of land; 140 of it is in this county, and the balance in Tama Co., this State.

Kletzing, Henry, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Koehule, F. C.

Kop, Clans.

Kosta, Albert, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Krabbenhoft, Fred, saloonist, Belle Plaine.

Kramer, Frederick G., far., Sec. 25; P. O. Luzerne.

Kreiger, Frederick, far., Sec. 23; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Kreiger, Levi, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Krviger, Win., farmer, Sec. 23 P. O. Belle Plaine.

Kroh, Stephen K., farmer, Sec. 1 P. O. Luzerne.

Kubla, Frank, saloonist, Belle Plaine.

Kucera, Joseph, R. R. emp., Belle Plaine.

Kulb, Emanuel, R. R. emp., Belle Plaine.

Kulb, J. G., laborer, Belle Plaine.

LAGESCHULTZ, GARRETT, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Lamphiar, J. H., farmer, Belle Plaine.

Lane, D., Congregational minister, Belle Plaine.

Lane, Hans, farmer, Belle Plaine.

La Quette, Belle Plaine.

Larell, W. H. H. far., S. 5; P. O. Irving.

LaRue, James, engineer, Belle Plaine.

Lawrence, T. J., Jr., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Learell, S. C., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Learens, F. A., blacksmith, Belle Plaine.

Lederman, A. C., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Leo, Fred., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Lester, Daniel, farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Lester, M. B., far., S. 11; P. O. Luzerne.

Lewis, Richard, barber, Belle Plaine.

LESTER, WILLIAM, farmer, S. 10; P. O. Belle Plaine; owns 190 acres of land; was born in Delaware Co., N. Y., Dec. 18, 1839; remained in New York until 1855; he then moved with his parents to Henry Co., Ill., remaining in that county twelve years, at the end of which time, they moved to this township; his father, Daniel Lester, was born in Connecticut, and married Miss Mary Carr; they came to this county in 1867.

Little, Alex. H., mechanic; P. O. Luzerne.

Lord, T. J., far., S. 29; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Lorschester, Mat., brewer, Belle Plaine, .

McCANDLESS, THOMAS, farmer, S. 5; P. O. Belle Plaine.

McCormick, C. M., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

McCormick, D. C., railroad employee, Belle Plaine.

McCune, E. P., drayman, Belle Plaine.

McClune, J. V., far., S. 23; P. O. Luzerne.

McCune, WILLIAM H., contractor in brick and stone work, Belle Plaine; was born in Adama Co., Penn., in 1820; in 1831, his parents moved to Darke Co., Ohio, in which county the subject of this sketch married Miss Mary E. McDowell, in 1854; she was born in Miami Co., Ohio, in 1835; they remained in Darke Co. until 1865; they came to Belle Plaine. remaining a short time, thence to Marshalltown, where they remained about eighteen months; they then removed to Union Tp., this county, where they purchased a farm, and engaged in farming, which he continued in until 1869; he then rented his farm and moved to Belle Plaine, which place has been their home since; they have six children living -- Sarah E., Mary L., Anna Bella M., Charley A., Harvey and Franc Anita.

McCurdy, F. E., far., S. 19; P. O. Belle Plaine.

McMannes, J. F., trader, Belle Plaine.

McMasters, C. A., R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

McMORRIS JAMES, M. D.; the subject of this sketch was born in Crawford Co., Ohio, March 17, A. D., 1836; during his boyhood days the only educational advantages within his reach consisted in what could be obtained in the "old log school house" during the Winter months, the remaining nine months of the year being devoted to labor on the farm; at the age of 20 years, he commenced a course of studies at Oberlin College, Ohio, which was frequently interrupted by being obliged to earn his own funds by teaching school; on leaving college, he turned his attention to the study of medicine, which studies he pursued for four years, at Goshen, Ind.; thinking himself now fully prepared to receive medical lectures understandingly he attended his first term at the University of Michigan, and the second at the Rush Medical College at Chicago, graduating from the latter institution; be commenced the practice of his profession at Goshen, Ind., where he remained several years, removing to his present field of practice at Belle Plaine, Iowa, in Feb., 1869; while pursuing his studies, he was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction for Elkhart Co., Ind., in which position he served the cause of education both faithfully and efficiently during his term of office; in his present location, he has served for five years on the Board of Education, acting as its President for the last three years; he is a member of both the State and Iowa Union Medical Societies, serving the latter as its President during the last year.

McVey, Thomas, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Mackey, Andrew, iron molder, Belle Plaine.

MAGOON, DARWIN E., physician and druggist, Belle Plaine; born in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Dec. 22, 1852; came to this place and engaged in drug trade in 1875; is unmarried.

Mahanne, H. C., station agent, Belle Plaine.

Maheata, Frank, laborer, Belle Plaine.

MAHOLM, C., attorney at law and banker, Belle Plaine; born in Holmes Co., Ohio, May 31,1842; came to Iowa in April, 1858; enlisted in Company C., 10th Iowa I. V., July 31, 1861; served through the war, and was in every battle his regiment was in, at the close of the war, engaged in mercantile business for two years and a half, disposed of same, studied law, and was admitted to the Bar in Feb., 1869, and at once engaged in the practice of his profession; in March, 1873, formed a partnership with J. Q. Hutton, and went into the banking business, and is now engaged in both of said occupations. He was married, in 1868, to Miss R. E. Hutton, daughter of Presley Hutton, formerly owner of town site of Belle Plaine; by said marriage had one daughter -- Jessie M.

Maha, C.

Mall, Francis, farmer, Sec. 22; P. O. Belle Plaine.

MALL, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 8; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Baden, Germany, in 1838; came -to this country' in 1855; stopped in Kendall Co., Illinois, about eighteen months, then came direct to this county; he is the present School Treasurer of the District in which he resides; has held various Tp. offices, among them being that of Tp. Trustee, which office he held two terms. He married Miss Katharine Steimmer, in Clayton Co., this State, in Dec., 1860; she was born in Baden, Germany; they have three children -- Wm. A., born in 1861; Samuel, born in 1863; Charley B., born in 1867. Mr. M. owns 180 acres of land; his farm is well-improved and nicely located; it is about two miles from the city of Belle Plaine.

Marean, Aaron, blacksmith.

Marean, Alonzo, engineer, Belle Plaine.

Marston, J. B., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Martin, A,, far., S. 35; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Marty, Samuel, blacksmith, Belle Plaine.

Mason, W. S., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Matzek, Vincel, tailor, Belle Plaine.

Mattox, J. C., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Mead, A. L., road master N. W. R. R., Belle Plaine.

Meehan, Edward, carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Mercer, B. H., railroad employee, Belle Plaine.

Merrill, J. C.

Merrel, O. L., harness maker, Belle Plaine,

Michal, M., brewer, Belle Plaine.

Miles, S., keeps boarding house, Belle Plaine.

Miles, W. H., jeweler, Belle Plaine.

Millions, Isaac C., grain dealer.

Miller, A., laborer, Belle Plaine.

MiNr, C. W., retired, Belle Plaine.

Miller, D.L., Propr. livery stable, Belle Plaine.

Miller, H. G., carpenter, Belle Plaine

Miller, Isaac, merchant, Belle Plaine.

Miller, J. M., Propr. livery stable, Plaine.

Miller, S. W., retired merchant, Belle Plaine.

Minott, S., far., S. 36; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Moeller, J., farmer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

Mofford, W. J., farmer; Belle Plaine.

Moore, C. W., mail carrier, Belle Plaine.

Morand, J., R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

Morgan, R. H., engineer, Belle Plaine.

Mordoff, F., train dispatcher, Belle Plaine.

Morrison, E. G., photographer, Belle Plaine.

MOSNAT, J. J., attorney at law, Belle Plaine; born in Bohemia Sept 28, 1849; came to the United States with his parents in 1853, settled in Weston, Mo., where they remained until 1862, when they moved to Wisconsin, and to this place in 1870; studied law with Johnson & Tewksbury; afterward attended the law department of the Iowa State University; graduated in June, 1874; speaks Bohemian, English and German fluently; began the practice of law here in October, 1874. Was married Nov. 10, 1875, to Julia E. Ricker; she was born in Manitowoc, Wis., March 3, 1855; have two children - Roy H., and an infant; served one year as City Attorney.

Murch, A. J., M. D., Belle Plaine.

Murry, William, livestock, Belle Plaine.

NEWTON, A., Justice of the Peace, Belle Plaine.

Newton, L. W., painter, Belle Plaine.

Nich, A., cigar maker, Belle Plaine.

Nicholson, Robert, merchant, Belle Plaine.

Norak, John, laborer, Belle Plaine.

North, S. D., laborer, Belle Plaine.

O'BRIEN, John, farmer; P. O. Luzerne.

O'Brien, T., far., S. 13; P. O. Luzerne.

Odwarker, Charles, retired hardware dealer, Belle Plaine.

Okey, Wood, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Oliver, L. D., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Oliver, S. E., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Orchird, Andrew, saloon, Belle Plaine.

PALDA, ALOIS, cigar maker; Belle Plaine.

Paris, Benjamin, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

PARRIS, W. A., farmer, Sec. 19, P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Delaware Co. N. Y., in July, 1835 he came to this township in 1856. He married A. M. Crommett, in Marengo, Iowa Co., this State, in 1867; she was born in Maine; they have one child -- Nellie; Mr. P. owns 120 acres of land in county and 160 acres in Tama Co., all of which is improved; he resides only a few rods outside of the corporation of the city of Belle Plaine.

Parmelee, Arthur, merchant; Belle Plaine.

PATTERSON, D., proprietor of the Iowa Valley Nursery and farmer Sec. 9; P. O. Belle Plaine; he was born in Warren Co., Ohio, in 1833; came to this county and settled in this township in 1855. He married Miss E. Kennedy in this county, Sept. 24,1856; she was born in Chenango Co., N. Y.; they have seven children living -- James T., born 3d of June, 1859; Lucy R., born 6th of January, 1865; Emma May, born 10th of May, 1867; Charles Elmer, born 27th March, 1869; John Franklin, born 2d of Aug., 1872; Edith Lyle, born 27th April, 1873; Alice, born 16th of May, 1877. Mr. Patterson owns 380 acres of land in this county and 240 acres in Nebraska; his apple orchard in this township is the largest in the State; it contains 240 acres of land, and contains 25,000 apple trees; in his nursery he grows all varieties of trees that are grown in the Northwest.

PAULICEK, J., merchant, Belle Plaine; was born in Bohemia in 1849; came to Marshall Co, this State, 1869, in which county he remained one year; he came to this place, Belle Plaine, in 1871, and engaged in his present business. He married Miss Mary Schlichting, in this town, Sept. 13, 1875; she was born in Davenport, this State, 1857; they have two children -- Emiler R. and Julia. Mr. Paulicek keeps a fall line of dry goods, boots and shoes, hats and caps, ready made clothing, etc.,

Peco, W. C., railroad eng., Belle Plaine.

Perin, E. S., laborer, Belle- Plaine.

Petermann, G. H., far., S. 1; P.O. Luzerne.

Petermann, J., far., S. 12; P. O. Luzerne.

Phillips, John, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Phillips, W., far., Sec. 1; P. O. Luzerne.

Pierce, E. L., iron molder, Belle Plaine..

Pierce, J. F. iron molder, Belle Plaine.

Pilbeam, H., M. E. minister, Belle Plaine.

Pitcheneek, V., R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

Pitsor, O. J., hotel clerk, Belle Plaine.

Platt, W., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Plumm, L. S., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Pool, M. H., mason, Belle Plaine.

Pool, S. M., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Potter, Anthony, retired, Belle Plaine.

Power, J., farmer, S. 24: P. O. Luzerne.

Power, J., far., S, 11; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Power, William,, farmer; P.O. Belle Plaine.

Price, C. W., drayman, Belle Plaine.

Price, Frank, farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Price, S. R., far., S. 21; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Prentiss, M. L., painter, Belle Plaine.

QUINLIRAN, JOHN, far., S. 21; P. O. Belle Plaine.
Transcribed by Carelton Ealy.
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