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Iowa Township
D AMES, JOHN, clerk, Belle Plaine.

DANIELS, J. B., proprietor harness shop, Belle Plaine; was born in Fayette Co., Penn., Jan. 3, 1839; he remained in Pennsylvania until he was 18 years of a le; he then came to Cedar Rapids, this State, in which place he remained until 1862; he then came to Belle Plaine and established himself in his present business; his was the first harness shop in this town; he does a good business and employs from three to five men. At the -breaking out of the war of the rebellion, he enlisted in the First Regt. I. V. I. in 1861; was honorably discharged. He married Miss Adda Cole, in Iowa Co., this State, Nov. 23, 1862; she was born in Cleveland, Ohio, 1844; they have two children-Mary and Myrtle; both were born in Belle Plaine.

DANIELS, JOSEPH, dealer in real estate and builder, Belle Plaine; was born in Orange Co., N. Y., in 1832; remained there until 1856 be then moved to Clinton Co., this State, thus becoming one of the pioneer settlers of that county; 1865, he moved from Clinton Co., to this city (Belle Plaine), since which time he has been actively engaged in building and dealing in real estate, Which interests require his constant attention; still he is not indifferent to the public interests of the city, as the many fine buildings he has caused to be erected bear evidence of; he is a practical business man of energy and excellent judgment as his success in life give ample proof of, though never an aspirant for office of any kind. The citizens of Belle Plaine brought him out as a candidate for member of the City Council. to which office he was elected, and in now of the present Board; he is also one of the present School officers. He has been married twice, first wife was Frances E. Vance; she was born in New York; died in this city in 1867; present wife's maiden name was Miss Maria L. Wright; they were married in this city in 1869.

Daniels, M., Rev., Baptist minister, Belle Plaine.

Dank, Frank, cabinet maker, Belle Plaine.

Danes, Joel, Belle Plaine.

Daugherty, D., gardener; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Dayton, C. E., baggage master, Belle Plaine.

Dayton, G. B., conductor on N. W. R. R., Belle Plaine.

Dayton, J. M., railroad employee, Belle Plaine.

Dean, W., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Deere, J. M., railroad employee, Belle Plaine.

Delare, B., peddler, Belle Plaine.

Denand, A. J., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Denoon, J. O., far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Douglass, John, carpenter, Luzerne.

Douglas, W. A., engineer, Belle Plaine.

Doughty, J. F., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Donlon, J., shoemaker, Belle Plaine.

Dorman, T. M., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Drahos, J., far., S. 20; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Drahos, J. R., railroad employee, Belle Plaine.

Draisen, J. H., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Drahos, Vencil, clerk, Belle Plaine.

Dunlap, Samuel, railroad employee.

Dunne, C. C., tinner, Belle Plaine.

Durand, C. H., merchant, Belle Plaine.

DURAND, JAMES A., firm of Durand & Son, Belle Plaine; born in Crown Point, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1822; his father moved there soon after the close of the war of 1812, using it as a farm. Was married in Vermont in - 1846, to Anna C. Beers; she was born in that State, April 17, 1824. Moved to Kendall Co., Ill., in 1854; came to this place in 1869; engaged in the mercantile business; is engaged in same at present; carries a stock of from $6,000 to $7,000, and does a business of about $20,000 annually; has one son -- Cassius H., born Feb. 16, 1849; has been a partner in the business since 1869. Are all members of the Congregational Church.

Durston, J., Deputy Sheriff, Belle Plaine.

Dingman, C. R., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Ealy, E. M., farmer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

Ealy, H. B., insurance agt., Belle Plaine.

Ealey, W. C., mechanic, Belle Plaine.

Eberhart, Universalist minister, Belle Plaine.

Ehles J., teamster, Belle Plaine.

Ellis Lewis, clerk, Belle Plaine.

Emerson J. P., R. R. emp., Belle Plaine.

Erlenger, A., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Everest, A. E., Congregational minister, Belle Plaine.

Ewen, Mat, blacksmith, Belle Plaine.

Ewen, Peter, saloon keeper, Belle Plaine.

FANRON, CLARK D., farmer, Sec. 6; P. O. Belle Plaine.

FARRINGTON, SERENO S., Belle Plaine; born June 25, 1840, near Bucyrus, Crawford Co , Ohio - he was the eiohth child and fourth son of Moses and Armelia Farrington, who emigrated to that county in 1828, and settled upon eighty acres of land bought from the Government; the father died Aug. 20, 1840, when the subject of this sketch was two months old, leaving a widow arid eight helpless children, the eldest being only thirteen years old; in 1856, Mr. Farrington left the scenes of his childhood, and came to Springdale, this (Cedar) county, when be went to work by the month, in the nursery of G. T. Wood, where he remained until Nov., 1857; he then went to Marshall Co., to visit relatives; on the 10th day of Dec., 1857, he commenced to learn the printer's trade in the Express office at Marietta, which was then the county seat of Marshall Co.; in Nov., 1859, the Express was discontinued; Mr. Farrin-ton next worked for Mrs. Edwards, editress of the Marengo Citizen; in March, 1860, he went to Morrison, Ill., and finished his trade in the Sentinel office, where he gave his first vote for Abraham Lincoln; in June, 1861, he left Morrison for Iowa, and worked at the printing business at Des Moines until Aug. 15, 1862. He enlisted from the Register office in Co. I, 39th I. V. I., H. J. B. Cummings, Colonel; he served until the close of the war. He returned to Des Moines, and worked in the Register office until Sept., 1867, when he came to Belle - Plaine and bought the Transcript of Dickson & Campbell; he sold the same to D. H. Frost, in Feb., 1869; in Oct., 1874, Mr. Farrington started the Belle Plaine Review, and remains at present its proprietor and editor; the Review is now the leading newspaper published in Belle Plaine, and enjoying the largest home circulation and is the official paper of the city.

Fawer, Samuel, farmer, Belle Plaine.

Fechner, Gustave.

Feenay, Henry, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine

Femay, John, farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Felker, Valentine; P. O. Irving.

Ferree, S. R., carpenter, Belle Plaine

FILKENS, J. W., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Winslow Co., N. Y., Nov., 1823, where he remained until 1840; he then went to Wisconsin, where he remained a few years; he came to Benton Co. in 1850; was elected Treasurer of this county in 1855, which office he occupied five years; previous to being elected County Treasurer, he was elected to the office of County Surveyor, which position he held two years; he was also appointed Deputy State Secretary in 1854. He married Miss Rachel Kupid, in this county, in 1857; she was born in Troy, N. Y.; they have four children - Douglas C., Clara, Fannie and Daniel G. Mr. Filkins has been very successful in life, and has acquired a large property; he lives a few rods outside the corporation of the city, Belle Plaine, but has always taken an active interest in the Advancement of that place.

Fish, Titus, farmer, Belle Plaine.

Fisher, W. S., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Fitzgerald E. C., harness maker; P. O. Luzerne.

Fletcher, James J., far., Sec. 19; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Fogg, E. H., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Folbricht, J., M. D., Belle Plaine.

Foot, L. A., printer, Belle Plaine.

Fouest, Win. K., blacksmith, Belle Plaine.

Frazee, Leroy, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Freeman, Patrick, saloon; Belle Plaine.

Freeman, George C., P. O. Irving.

FROST, DANIEL. H., Editor of Belle Plaine Union and Postmaster, Belle Plaine; D. H. Frost is a native of Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y.; removed with his father's family, in 1836, to Stockbridge, Madison Co., N. Y. attended school in Augusta and Stockbridge Academies graduated at Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y., in 1844; engaged in farming for the first few years thereafter. Married June 28, 1848, to Miss Caroline Eaton, of Stockbridge. In 1851, sold his land in Stockbridge and moved to Oneida, Madison Co., N. Y., where, in October of that year, he established the Oneida, Telegraph, the first newspaper published in that town; the Telegraph alone, of the papers in that Congressional District, advocated the principles of the "Free Soil" or "Free Democratic" party; in 1852, it aided in the election of Gerrit Smith to Congress, in opposition to the Democratic and Whig parties; Mr. Frost continued the publication of the Telegraph till 1854, when he sold the office to John Crawford, who changed the name of the paper to the Dispatch, still published at that place. In 1855, Mr. Frost took part in the organization of the Republican party, as a member of the first Republican State Convention held in that State. In 1856, he removed to the Territory of Minnesota, having purchased an interest in certain mill property at Northfield, Minn., from the founder of the town, Hon. John W. North; after a few months, he disposed of the property; served two or three years, at Northfield, as Justice of the Peace, and was admitted to practice as an attorney; elected, in 1858, to the State Senate for a term of two years, and served in 'the first Republican Legislature of Minnesota; Appointed Postmaster at Northfield, under President Lincoln, in 1861, and served four years; established the same year the Northfield Telegraph, but sold the same to C. H. Mann, before the close of the year. Elected, in 1861, Judge of Probate for Rice Co., re-elected in 1863, thus years; was also, at different times, a member of the State Normal Board and the Board of Trustees of the Deaf Dumb and Blind Asylum of Minnesota. In 1865, removed to Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa, and purchased a half-interest in the Vinton Eagle, of W. W. Hanford, then sole proprietor, and became its editor, so continuing until October, 1868, when be sold his interest in the Eagle to A. C. Holt; in February, 1869, bought the Belle Plaine Transcript published in the same county, which had been in existence a little over a year, under three or four different proprietors; changed its name to the Belle Plaine Union, and has been its editor and proprietor ever since. Appointed in December, 1872, Postmaster at Belle Plaine, and re-appointed, in January, 1877, for a term of four years. Is at this time the editor of longest service in Benton County.

Frost, Henry A., printer, Belle Plaine.

Furnace, H. S., far., Sec. 35; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Furnace, James, lab., Belle Plaine.

Furnace, S. H., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

GARDNER, H., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine; born in Steuben Co., N. Y., in 1820; remained in New York until 1846. In the mean time he married Miss Maria A. Smith in 1842; she was born in Tompkins Co , N. Y., 1827; they moved to Wisconsin in 1846; remained in that State until 1852; they then moved to Delaware Co., this State, thus becoming one of the pioneer families of that county; they lived in Delaware Co., until 1867; then moved to Keokuk Co., remaining in that county two years, or until 1869; they thin came to this township, and it has been their home since; he owns a good farm and considerable town property.

GARLING, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. Luzerne.

Garen, Patrick, Sec. Boss, N. W. R. R.

Gay, P. L., lab.; Belle Prairie.

Gibbs, R. M., baker, Belle Plaine.

Goble, Horace, far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Goedeck, R. N., watchman, Belle Plaine.

Gorby, Joseph W.

GORE, C. W., dealer in agricultural implements, chain pumps, etc., Belle Plaine; was born in Windham Co., Vt., May 17, 1835; accompanied his parents to Franklin Co., Mass., when a child; moved to New York in 1853; came West in 1856; spent two years in Wisconsin; in the Spring of 1861 crossed, the plains to California; remained there until 1867, when be returned; settled in this, place, and has been in business here since. Was married to Louisa Fox; she was born in Ohio; they have four children -- Grace, Fannie, Warren S. and Emma. Mr. G. was Township Trustee, one term, and is at present a member of the Council.

Gouldey, G. W., far., Sec. 18; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Gransby, Albert, engr.; P.O. Belle Plaine.

Graybill, Charles., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

GREEN, E. H., magnetic doctor, Belle Plaine; was born in Halifax, Vt., June 1, 1876; his parents moved to Massachusetts in 1837, where the subject of this sketch remained until the year 1855, when be came to Vinton, this county, where he married Miss A. E. Smith, Jan. 1, 1862; she was born in Zanesville, Ohio, 1843; they have had two children-Una J. L., born Jan. 5, 1875; Willie, born Dec. 27, 1864, died 9th of May, 1868. Mr. Green has met with marvelous success in his method of treating the afflicted.

GREENLEE, ALLEN, farmer, Sec. 17.; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Shelby Co., Ohio, in 1832; when be was twelve years of age his parents moved to Miami Co., in which our subject remained until 1848, when be went to Henry Co., Illinois, where he remained but a short time; came from the latter county to Iowa Co., this State, in 1850 or 51, and came to this township in 1865. He married Miss M. Kiler, in this county; she was born in Richland Co., Ohio - thev have seven children - Florence E., W. Franklin, Minnie May, Effie, Ada, Margaret J., Carrie M. and Dora E. Mr. Greenlee owns 1181 acres of land.

GREENLEE C. B., farmer, Sec. 33; P. O. Belle Plaine; owns 122 acres of land; was born in Iowa Co. in 1849; lived in Iowa Co. until 1874; he then came to this Tp. Married Miss Sarah Guinn, in this Tp. Feb 10. 1875; she was born in this county May 3, 1856; they have one child -- Wm. H., born in this Tp., Feb. 23, 1877.

Greenlee, D. A., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

GREENLEE, F. M., farmer, Sec. 30; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born Greene Co., Tenn., in 1828, in which place he married Miss E. M. Guinn; they moved to this Tp. in 1855; there were only a few cabins in this vicinity at that time, and Cedar Rapids was their nearest market; they have seven children living -- Wm. T. (he married Miss Effie Husted; they reside in Muscatine Co., this state); Laura L. (she married Alonzo Marion; they reside in Belle Plaine); Josephine (she married Fred Eberts; they reside in Iowa City); James N.; John H., Jackson and Mary. Mr. Greenlee owns 245 acres of land; has held various school offices for number of years.

Greenlee, J. M., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine

Greenlee, John B., farmer, Sec. 32; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Greenlee, Wm. M., stock dealer; P. Luzerne.

Greenlee, Win. R., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Greenlee, Wm. T., farmer; P. O. Plaine.

Groth, F. W., far.; P. O. Luzerne.

Grummer, John, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Guiney, J. C., clerk.

Guiney, Robert, R. R. Conductor, Belle Plaine.

GUINN, A. J., farmer, Sec. 30; P.O. Belle Plaine; was born in Greene County, Tenn., in 1825; came to this Tp. in 1855, thus becoming one of the Pioneer settlers of Iowa Tp. He married Miss C. N. Farner, in Greene County, Tenn; their children are -- R. F. M., born in 1847; Rachel E. (she married A.D. Ealy, and they reside in Iowa Co., this state); J. H., born in 1851; Rebecca (she married I. L. Booth, and they reside in Crawford Co., this State); Wm. S., born in 1853; Miss P. J. (she married P. W. Shober, and they reside in Poweshiek Co., this State);); Mary H., Minnie E., Gertrude M. and Melvin J. Mr. Guinn owns 173 acres of land; he and his sons R. F. M. and J. H., are members of the I. O. O. F.

GUINN, H., farmer, Sec. 34; P. O. Belle Plaine; owns about 1,200 acres of land; was born in Greene Co., Tenn. 1820; moved to this county in November 1846, thus becoming one of the first settlers of Benton Co.; he entered the first claim that was entered in this (Iowa) Township; he was one of the Board of Trustees appointed for the purpose of organizing this township; after they had organized the township, he was elected one of the first Board of Trustees, which office he held a good many years; was County Supervisor seven years, and has held various other township and school offices. Has been married twice, first wife was Miss Dunwoody; she died in 1862; present wife was Ellen Huston. Mr. Guinn has always taken an active part in the promotion of the educational and other public interests of this township; by his own unaided exertions and industry he has accumulated a large property, which requires the most of his time in attending and overseeing.

Guinn, Jackson, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Guinn, J. H. far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Guinn, J. A., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Guinn, R. F. M., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

GUINN, WILLIAM J., farmer, Sec. 33; P. O. Belle Plaine; owns 210 acres land; was born in this township, 1852. Married Miss Julia Benson in this county, Dec. 28, 1877; she was also born in this county on the 10th of June, 1857. Previous to his marriage, Mr. Guinn followed the business of teaching; he has taught in the Belle Plaine school five terms; previous to teaching in Belle Plaine he taught in the district where he resides.

Gulk, Thomas, far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.
Transcribed by Carelton Ealy.
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