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Iowa Township
AHRENS, CHRISTIAN, farmer, Sec. 22; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Ahrens, E., far., S. 22; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Ahrens, W., farmer, Sec. 22; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Aiserman, F., farmer, Sec. 4; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Alexander, William, retired farmer, Belle Plaine.

Allen, Charles, shoemaker, Belle Plaine.

Allen, F. L., merchant, Belle Plaine.

Allen, O. F., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Allen, W. G., ticket agent, Belle Plaine.

ALLEN, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 35; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Jefferson Co., Ohio, June 30, 1830, where he remained until 1856, when he came to Cedar Co., this State, remaining two years, at the end of which time he moved to Le Roy Tp., this county; he remained in Leroy until 1865, when he moved onto his present farm in Sec. 35, this Tp. He married Miss E. J. Norick, in Carroll Co., Ohio, 1851; she was born in Harrison Co., Ohio; they have six children living -- Christiana (she married S. A. Crawford); John W., Elmer, Julia Ann, Wm. Lincoln and Bertha. Mr. Allen owns 240 acres of land.

Anderson, A. B., bookkeeper, Belle Plaine.

Armstrong, W. S., engineer, Belle Plaine.

Atchison, James, City Marshal, Belle Plaine.

Aulsbrook, Henry, furniture dealer, Belle Plaine.

Aulsbrook, H. (firm of H. Aulsbrook & Son), furniture dealer, Belle Plaine.

Aulsbrook, M. E., furniture dealer, Belle Plaine.

Aye, Peter, laborer; P. O. Luzerne.


BAILEY, ROBERT M., proprietor of the City Flour Mill, Belle Plaine; was born in New London Co., Conn., in 1839. Married Miss T. E. Hurlbutt, in the aforesaid county and State; they moved to Belle Plaine in 1869. Mr. Bailey became proprietor of the Belle Plaine Flour Mill in 1870, and it has been run under his supervision since.

BAKER, JOSEPH, retired merchant, Belle Plaine; was born in Onondaga Co., N. Y., Oct. 21, 1824; went to Battle Creek, Michigan in the year 1845, in which town he married Miss Lucy A. Webster, Feb. 3, 1853; she was born in Ingham Co., Mich., in Aug., 1835; they moved to Belle Plaine in 1866, and Mr. Baker engaged in the mercantile business, in which he continued until 1876; they have one child -- W. N.; he is now attending the Iowa University, at Iowa City, Johnson Co., this State.

Ball, G. M., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Banden, C. C.

Bard, S. E., R. R. employe; Belle Plaine.

Bardwell, G. E., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

BARDWELL, S. L., born in Franklin Co., Mass., July 19, 1815; came to Iowa in 1869 and opened the first banking office in Belle Plaine. Maiden name of wife Laura M. Smith; children -- George E., born in 1839, and Frank J., born in 1864.

Barnes, Benjamin C.

BARNETT, CHAS. R., farmer, Sec. 15; P. O. Belle Plaine; was born in Chittenden Co., N. Y., Aug. 22, 1843; in 1856, he went to Kane Ill., where be remained until the breaking out of the war of the rebellion; he enlisted in Co. A, 52d Reg. Ill. Vol. Inf., on the 13th of October, 1861; served until the war was over; was honorably discharged July 3, 1865; he volunteered as a private soldier but was promoted through the various grades to that of Captain of Co. A; was promoted Captain in December, 1864; was in many severe engagements; the principal ones being the battles of Fort Donelson, Pittsburg Landing (in which battle he was wounded), Corinth, Resaca, Lays Ferry, and all through the Atlanta campaign. The war being over and peace restored he returned to Henry Co., Ill., and remained there until 1866, when he came to this township. He. owns eighty acres of land; is the present Assessor of the township, He married Miss A. E. Wilcox at her father's residence, in this township; on 26th of November, 1868; she was born in Bureau Co., Ill.; they have three children -- Sherman E., Norman E. and Anson E.

Barnes, Henry F.

Barrett, B.

Bates, A. J., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Barthels, F., far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Brathels, Henry, Sr., farmer, Sec. 15; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Barthels, Henry, Jr., farmer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

Beal, W., far., S. 28; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Beek, Mark, plasterer, Belle Plaine.

Behonick, J., retired; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Bell, A. F., attorney, Belle Plaine.

BELL, A. H., jeweler, Belle Plaine; was born in Franklin Co., N. Y., in 1835; came West in 1857. Married Miss Sarah E. Stone in Kane Co., Ill., in 1863; she was born in the same county in 1842; they moved to Belle Plaine in 1865; they have three children living -- Bertie May, born Feb. 1, 1870; Hattie Camilla, born July 17, 1873; Frank Azel, born May 3, 1875.

Bell, L. B., engineer, Belle Plaine.

Benda, Martin, saloon, Belle Plaine.

Benich, Frank, clerk, Belle Plaine.

Benson, J. G., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Benson, John, carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Benson, W. W., mechanic, Belle Plaine.

Berkheimer, Henry C., farmer, Sec. 36; P. O. Luzerne.

Berkheimer, Israel, farmer, Sec. 36; P. O. Luzerne.

Beyer, Cornelius S., farmer, Sec. 18; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Beyer, H. F., retired farmer, Belle Plaine.

Bickford, H., farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Bird, E. A., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Bird, F. P., R. R. emp., Belle Plaine.

Bishop, H., druggist, Belle Plaine.

Bittner, Nicholas, farmer, Sec. 2.; P. O. Luzerne.

Black, J. T., tailor, Belle Plaine.

Blair, A. B., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

BLAIR, JAMES, farmer, Sec. 7; P. O. Irving; was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1819. Married Miss N. Mills; she was also a native of Ohio; they moved to this county in 1856, thus becoming one of the pioneer families of this Tp.; they own 165 acres of land; have seven children living.

Blake, D. W., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Blake, Jason, far., Sec. 26; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Blake, J., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Blanchard J., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Blazek, Joseph, grocer, Belle Plaine.

BLOOD, A. W., machinist, in the employ of the N. W. Ry. Co., Belle Plaine; was born in Windham Co., Vt., June 16, 1833; he remained in Vermont until he was 17 years of age; he then went to Massachusetts, and commenced railroading; the first two years he served as fireman, and the next four. teen years he was engineer on the following railroads: Corn River R. R., New York Central, T. W. W., Illinois Central, C. B. & Q., and Michigan Central; he came to Belle Plaine in 1866, and entered the employ of the N. W. Ry. Co., and has been in their employ since. Married Miss Martha Wetherhead, in Windham Co., Vermont, Dec. 6, 1854; she was born in the aforesaid Co. and State, Dec. 1, 1835; they have had four children -- Gertrude L., born in Aurora, Illinois, Sept. 20, 1863; Emma, born in Belle Plaine, Jan. 14, 1868; Freddie W., born in Belle Plaine, March 24, 1871, died May 7, 1871; Lucy G., born in Belle Plaine, May 7, 1874.

Blue, J. D., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Blunke, Henry E., farmer, P. O. Luzerne.

Boggess, Anthony C., teacher, Irving.

Boison, Wm., far., S. 24; P. O. Luzerne.

Bombke, Fred., shoemaker, Belle Plaine.

Bope, John, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Bosley, A. A., miller, Belle Plaine.

Bosley, C. H., miller, Belle Plaine.

Bosley, G. W., miller, Belle Plaine.

Boswell, H., far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Brandt, George, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Brandt, Thomas, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Breckenridge, David L., Irving.

Brieholz, Henry, carpenter, Belle Plaine.

BREWER, G. C. dentist Belle Plaine; was born in Washington Co., Md., on the 14th of Aug., 1847; he remained in Maryland until 1871; he then went to Polo, Ill., and engaged in his profession at that place until 1876, when he established in this town (Belle Plaine),

Bridge, David, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Brimm, W. A., far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Brown, N. D., farmer, P. O. Belle Plaine.

BROWN, S., carpenter and builder, Belle Plaine; was born in Ontario Co., N. Y., on the 25th of April, 1817; moved to Walworth Co., Wis., in 1856; remaining there until 1865, at the end of which time, he moved to Belle Plaine. His wife was Mrs. Adeline Holcomb; they were married in Ontario Co., N. Y., in 1840; she was born in aforesaid county and State in 1820, and died in Walworth Co., Wis., in the year 1860. 'Mr. Brown has held the offices of Postmaster and Justice of the Peace, the former three years, and the latter one year.

Bruno, Moses, retired.

Buck, A., far., S. 7; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Buck, Jacob, Sr., farmer, P. 0 Luzerne.

Buchman, John; P. O. Luzerne.

Budy, E., far., S. 18; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Budy, F., far., Sec. 8; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Budy, Geo. R., far., P. O. Belle Plaine.

Budy, H., far., S. 9; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Budy, Simon H., far., S. 3; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Buck, James, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Burkhart, J. F., fireman, Belle Plaine.

Burley, B. B., hotel keeper, Belle Plaine.

Burns, R. M., butcher, Belle Plaine.

Buterfield, David, R. R. switchman, Belle Plaine.

Byram, J. W.

CAMERON, ALEX, R. R. employee, Belle Plaine.

COLDWELL, J. M., proprietor of livery stable, Belle Plaine; was born in Westmoreland Co., Penn, in 1840, where he remained until 1858; he then came to Tipton, Cedar Co., this State, in which place he engaged to learn marble cutting, which business he followed a number of years; in 1860, he went to Clinton Co., this State. While in Clinton Co. he enlisted in the regimental band of the 1st Reg. Iowa Cav., in June, 1861; he served until October, 1862; was honorably discharged. and returned to Clinton Co. Married Miss Eliza Morley, in Clinton, this State in 1865; she was born in England; they came to Belle Plaine in 1872. Mr. Coldwell keeps first-class rigs, and nice turnouts furnished at fair prices.

Carmody, Michael, farmer, Sec. 14; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Carney, N. H., grocer, Belle Plaine.

Carroll, Michael.

Carter, Harrison H., far.; Sec. 36; P. O. Luzerne.

Carter, William F., far., Sec. 35; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Casselberry, Arnold far. , Sec 18; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Catron, James, farmer; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Catron, John, far., S. 30; P. O. 'Belle Plaine.

Cavanaugh, INT., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Chadock, O. F., Farmer; P.O. Belle Plaine.

Chapen Oliver, barber, Belle Plaine.

Chase, J. W., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Chase, J. W., Jr., carpenter, Belle Plaine.

Chase, S. T., machinist, Belle Plaine.

Chevis, J., farmer, S. 27; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Christian, Charles.

Christle, A., laborer, Belle Plaine.

Christopher, Nelson, laborer, Luzerne.

Clarey, Andrew, brakeman, Belle Plaine.

Clarey, P., R. R. employe, Belle Plaine.

Clark, C. G.

Clark, E. C., farmer, Belle Plaine,

Clark, G. F., dairyman, Belle Plaine.

Clark, J. F., plasterer, Belle Plaine.

Clark, L. E., painter, Belle Plaine.

Clarman, Lewis A., saloon, Belle Plaine.

Clegg, G. H., train master, Belle Plaine.

Coleman, Win. H., far.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Coleman, H., R. R. employe, Belle Plaine.

Collecter, H., wagon maker, Belle Plaine.

Collins, D. I., far., P. O. Irving.

Collins, W. S., shoemaker, Belle Plaine.

Collister, C. H., clerk, Belle Plaine.

Collister, J., general business, Belle Plaine.

COMPTON, SARAH, MRS., Sec. 5; P. O. Irving; owns 143 acres of' land; was born in Pickaway Co., Ohio, in 1829; her husband was 1. Compton. They were married in Allen Co., Ohio, in 1849; he was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 1826; he died in this township in January, 1872; they came to Benton Co., and settled in this township in 1855; their children axe Martha Ann; she married John McGrahan; Joseph R., he married Miss E. Hildenbrand; Lydia Mania, she married William H. Harrison; Eliza Almeds and I. Newton.

Cook, George, laborer, Belle Plaine.

Cook, S. M., M. D., - Belle Plaine.

Cox, J. B., M. D., Belle Plaine.

Craven, A. J., teacher, Irving.

CRAVEN, JOHN G., Proprietor and Principal of Irving Institute, at Irvina, Iowa; was born in Franklin Co., Ind., in 1823; in 1838, he entered the Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, from which school he graduated in 1845; he then commenced attending the Theological Seminary at Covington, Ky., and graduated in 1847 was ordained Baptist minister the same year; he labored in a ministerial capacity until 1872 1 his labors, principally, were in Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota and this State; came to Irving in 1872, and engaged in his present avocation. He married Miss Martha Wilson, in Ross Co., Ohio, in 1849; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, in the year of 1827.

Crelley, Thomas J., far.; P. O. Luzerne.

Cress, John W., lab.; P. O. Belle Plaine.

Cruson, E. B., vet. surg., Belle Plaine.

Cuison, J. R., Street Com., Belle Plaine.
Transcribed by Carelton Ealy.
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