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Benton County, Iowa
Bruce Township 12 W Range 86 North
A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875

Bruce Township Map

    Section     Name               Acres
          1     E.B. Lyon          250       
          3     J. Bets            165       
          3     J. Nichols         158       
          9     J.R. Gay           120       
         17     M.B. Van Deuzen    360       
         13     W.C. Fretzs        160       
         20     J. Treanor         300       
         21     R.A. Perkins       250       
         24     H. Fretzs          150       
         24     W.P. Mayes         162       
         26     L. Unger           325       
         26     M.G. Whitney       160
         31     L.M. Carlilse      377       
         34     N.S. Warner        643       
  • Mooreville no longer exists and even though this old Benton County map shows Mooreville, many believe it was about five miles north of Dysart on Wolf Creek, just inside of Tama County. No cemeteries or churches are marked on the 1875 map either, but there is a cemetery 3 miles southeast of the old site of Mooreville. There are very few headstones remaining in the cemetery and the only one I have information about is for Mary Brown, daughter of the J.R. Browns, died 1872.

  • Section 31: Brown / Herb / Bruce Cemetery. Not shown on map, but existed in 1875.

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