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Louie and Carrie (Wyatt) Dreier Family Photos

Young Louie & Carrie Wyatt  Dreier Louie & Carrie Wyatt Dreier Carrie Wyatt Dreier with Unknown

Wyatt Driers in Car Louie Dreier in Sleigh

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Young Louie and Carrie Wyatt Dreier

Young Louie and Carrie (Wyatt) Dreier.

Louie and Carrie Wyatt Dreier

Louie and Carrie (Wyatt) Dreier, 1919.

Carrie Wyatt Dreier

Carrie (Wyatt) Dreier with Unknown, 1919.

Charles and Jennie Wyatt

From the left, seated in the back seat are Charles N. S. and Jennie Wyatt of Nipiawine, Sask, Canada, parents of Carrie Wyatt Dreier. Seated in the front seat, Louie Dreier and Carrie Wyatt Dreier. Photo taken in 1919.

Louie Dreier

Louie Dreier with horses pulling sleigh, 1919.

Photos contributed by Deanna Dreier, December, 2010.
For further information about any of the above photos, please contact Deanna.


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