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Sunday eve

Dear sis,

Don't know as I need to write tonight as Herb is writing enough dumheit. Guess he just feels foxy once we've been to the movies and for once they didn't have any war pictures and it was funny all the way through. Were to town awhile this afternoon and the town was just about as dead as Coon Rapids, as it's just about a year ago we took that pleasant drive that was a real joy ride and Fred and Herbert tried to get some melons.

Jorgensen said this afternoon if anybody mentioned war or slum to him after he got out of the army he would knock him down. Well about all a person hears or sees is war. Movies, papers, can't even go to an entertainment at the YMCA but what it's war, war, war - and the services on Sunday morning in the YM are just a sort of war story. Today it was all war. Celebrated the Allies and our boys victory over there and Pershing's birthday. Well it was something like that speech you heard at Dexter school picnic. It belongs to church services alright. Well, Herbert is going to try and get a pass to Seattle next Sat. then if the Lord wills it we will hear a real sermon once again.

Guess you better not read what Herbert is writing as he is sitting here holding his mouth shut, so don't believe it's fit to read. Our table is rather small, so I'm using my knee for a table.

Well, the Mrs. got a card yesterday from the chaplain saying the ship they sailed on arrived safe overseas, but of course that card was kept on this side of the water. It will be some time yet before she heard direct from him from France. It takes at least a month and at times five and six weeks for a letter to get over here. Perhaps Wedemeyers have heard from Henry by this time.

Say, I got a letter from Tena the other day, but I'm not going to tell you what she wrote, although you perhaps have heard the same thing or more and worse ones than she wrote. But never mind, their son [sic] spots will all heal over in time if something else don't turn up.

Well, it's past my bedtime and 6 o'clock rolls around very quickly, and wash day at that. I do all the washing now. The Mrs. wasn't satisfied with the Chinaman's work, so told me she would give me what she paid him if I would do it. That's $5.00 a mo. more and by gosh have to wash on the board and no wringer. Of course she would get those things if she knew I would stay with her all the time but she knows she can't do that and then perhaps she couldn't get someone again and they wouldn't do the washing themselves. No, by gosh. Well, half of the time I'd have to boil the clothes over after they came from the laundry, so thought I'd just as well do it in the first place and get the extra. I wouldn't want to be here all my life, tho. Suppose If I have to stay here very long, I'll want things very nice when I get back.

Well, I hope this thing will end soon. We would be satisfied with most anything if we could only live in peace once more. Well I guess I'll ring off for tonight, altho I could sit here and visit for hours if it only would not take so long to get an answer back. Well tomorrow is your birthday once again, so good night as ever,

Your Sister

Hope I get some letters from home in the morning

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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