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Ft Worden 9/10, 1918

Dear sister,

Your letter of the 3 rec. and today the postal, so will try and get a few lines ready to go by the morning's mail. That's the only time the mail goes out, but we get it delivered in the morn and at noon. Well how is everybody and everthing [sic] going along. Things keep going on and on and plans are being made as to what's going to be done next year. But it's a mighty good thing the big bugs don't know any more about the future than you and I or anybody else. Yes I got the 12 page letter alright but it was quite a ways from being 12 pages.

How are the sore heads coming? By the way, Sallie wrote, or at least we got a letter from her, and she heard they were going to have new neighbors, that Charley Arp wanted to rent our place, but I guess we would hear something about it then to [sic] if that was going on. And besides, don't care to have any body live there. I might have to go back there. Of course I hope we can come together, but one never knows. Those blood thirsty hounds ought to be getting enough pretty soon. You bet I wish we could all be out on that boulavard [sic] eating lunch once again. As for those dancers, I hope they are where they belong by the way.

Jefferson Co. fair will begin tomorrow. Don't know if I'll get to see any of it or not. It's not far from here, but I don't know what they are going to show. I bet they don't know what a good hog looks like.

Herbert hasn't got his job yet, but will have it as soon as they can get him in there. He is on special duty anyway and don't have to drill. Yesterday and Sunday he was Company fatigue, kind of an office guy. Don't know myself just what today. He is post fatigue, and perhaps I'll tell you before I get this letter finished what he did today. Are forming a new regiment here this week.

Do whatever you wish with those plums, it is a shame to let them go to waste. If there are more than you can use, let Julia have some, as she hasn't any fruit on the place. Say, do the babies count to [sic] when it comes to sugar allowance? I suppose not. Say you ought to see the tomatoes that grow here, it would make you laugh and we would give them a toss over the fence in Ia. And cucumbers, they don't grow here at all. Cabbage does fairly well, but carrots, beets and spuds do fine. Perhaps the ground is warmer than the air.

I got that allotment no. alright and thanks for your trouble. I must have forgotten to mention it before.

Lena Franz must have some class to her. She mabey [sic] wants to get up pretty high if she don't fall down.

Hope those pictures got good as I am anxious to see her. She is 4 mo. old already. [Likely refers to Mary and Fred's newest baby, Ruth, born in May.]

Wedemeyers probaly [sic] won't hear from Henry for quite a while, as it takes about 5 weeks for a letter to get over here, and those cards they get saying they arrived safe come from New York. They are written there, then sent out when they get cablegrams of the ship's arrival over there. Haven't heard from the Chaplain since he was at Camp Mills, but got word that the 69th landed alright over there.

Well I do hope it ends soon. Pershing says heaven, hell or home by Christmas, and I hope it will be, but some say it won't end till next summer. Well Old Bill is getting old, perhaps they can catch him pretty soon. I believe Henry Gebers could catch him with Puss and Fanny if he had a little fire water, don't you? Well I guess I'll have to lay this up a while and see to the supper, as the boys are home from school. The daughter arrived home yesterday also. Sheis ready for work in France now I guess.

Well, we are ready to go to roost. Been to the Y.M. and had a little music and singing and as its only a few rods over, why we just thought we would go. It's just as foggy as the dickens and the fog blows. Reminds me of a snow storm.

Herbert helped saw a little wood this morning and cut some grass this afternoon. Tomorrow he is going to do some more varnishing for the Mrs. Guess he will have her all varnished up pretty soon. Oh it's nice to be a leather leggings wife, and just phone to a Sergeant and tell him what you want done and who you want to do it. I'd sooner do things of that sort myself. Always thought that was fun, but they don't like to git themselves dirty. Well, I'm glad I ain't none of that class.

Well, I guess I've written about all I know for this time. Say, does Harry Graham live with his frau yet or has he got another by this time? Am glad Pa is feeling a little better. He couldn't stand it at all in this country. Write as often as you can, you're about the only one that does keep me supplied. Well goodnight. As ever,


Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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