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Ft. Worden, Washington

10/4 - 18 [NOTE: Letter dated "10/4" but letter postmarked Sept. 5, so likely written 9/4]

Dear sister,

Am just going to scribble a line tonight and tell you hello and that we are alright but suppose it will be a daily edition of some paper before I get through. And suppose if you could be on the other end of the line and ans. my questions, why I wouldn't get through till morning. Are having rather warm weather for the last week. In fact it's the warmest it's been since I've been here, but suppose one of these mornings it will be raining, then it will be chilly again. Haven't recieved [sic] any letters since I got yours on Saturday. So don't know what's doin' out there, but surely I'll get some mail in the morning.

I bummed most of the afternoon. Mrs. Hulbert, a lady from Atlantic, whose hubby is here at Worden invited us all in to have coffee with her (she lives at Townsend) and when I mention anything about us girls, why I mean us from Iowa. And it always seems good to get with a bunch of one's own set (our set). I'm glad I'm no society - well I don't know what to name it. And some of these evenings Herb & I are going in and spend the evening and furnish some watermelon for the bunch. That's what we are planning on anyway, as I can't invite them in for coffee or anything like that, although the Mrs. said she wanted me to have my friends all come out here some afternoon, as she wanted to meet them.

This Mrs. Herbert has a little girl born Dec. 18, 1907. There were seven women present this afternoon and five babies, Hulbert's being the oldest, Bonney's just a day younger, then comes Jorgensen's, then Wetzel's, then Christensen's. Don't think the state of Wash. could make such a showing.

Well the jitneys are buzzing all the time around here. They act as some sort of street car between Townsend and here at 10 cents a ride. Well, one gets to see a little more of outside life here than we did at Flagler. See civilians every day. At Flagler it was something rare to see a man in anything else but army clothes.

Am sitting in a rocking chair and guess it looks like it by these lines. Can't follow them, am using my lap for a table, and it isn't large enough for two to write on. He has written a letter to Rev. Deletzke, don't know who he is writing to now. Well guess I've written all the nonsence [sic] I know just now so will close up for tonight. As ever, your sister, Emma.

P.S. If that Ramsey red bull medicine man ever comes along, get a bottle or two of headache tablets. I will send you the price, as I suppose they have gone up like everything else.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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