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Aug. 27th, 1918

Forst Worden, Wash.

Dear Fred,

How you been by this time. I just been fine as split Frog hair. Darned if that ain't pretty fine, but you know when a fellow lives in the state of Washington, and salutes leather leggins and major's wives and daughters and so forth he would naturelly [sic] get pretty fine. Fact if I get much finer, I will get lost among some of the gravel. And then the leather leggins won't know wheather [sic] I am standing at attention or what the H--- I am doing, but we should worry like a nut and get cracked.

Say Fred, what do you know about there is a fellow in the same Co. that I am in now that use to bootleg in Guthrie Center. And one time he beat it out of Greenfield to keep from getting pinched. Believe me a fellow finds all kind of people in the Army.

Say about them fence post. Buy cedar post. And if you can get them put in, then write and tell me what it cost, labor and all, and I will send you the money or you can take it out of the others, which ever you like. About me getting a furlough, that would be pretty hard to do. And then I could not get one for myself, except in case of death or something like that. The only way I could get a furlough would be for some of you folks out there to go to the local board and get me one through them. And then you would have to swear that I was needed at home pretty bad, and that would be to [sic] much trouble. It won't do any good for me to try and get one, except as I said in case of death of a very close relative. And God knows I don't want any of them to die.

You said if you came out here I would not see much. Get that out of your system, you are the only one that ever did do the right thing by me. And I sure would like to see you and have another good talk with you. I would like to see them all. I thought maybe I would try and get a furlough on corn picking if the Lord wills it. I will see once what I can do.

It sure beats the band about that grouch, that fellow has got, you know who I mean. I should think this war would bring him to his senses, if nothing else would. Well don't lose any sleep over it. Be like the two Irishman, dragging out a skunk. They dug awhile and it stunk pretty bad. And so Pat says and bejabers, Mike, let him stink himself out. That is what you will have to do with him.

I am working in the kitchen this week. I won't get in the store, I guess, till next month sometime.

Well I'll close for this time. May God Bless you and yours is my prayer. Write soon. Best regards and love to all,


Say Fred, I forgot to tell you about that seeding. I guess if you can get it seeded without to [sic] much trouble it better be seeded I guess. So by by,

H. H.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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