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Dear sis,

Have just written a letter to Julia, and will now try and scratch a page or two to you before going to roost. Got you letter of the 18th yesterday morning and was the first I got for a solid week. Have not received the Adair News for some time. Don't know if Tena sent them as usual or not or whether they got lost. From what I hear you & Fred have made another purchase. Well am glad you got it and not a stranger. So Pap finaly [sic] got his wish fulfilled. He was always afraid he couldn't get rid of it. Suppose Tena & Geo. are raising cane now, but we should worry.

Guess I wrote all I knew in Julia's letter and can't think of anything now. Guess Herbert wrote enough to make up for it though.

I don't like the living place as well here as I did at Flagler and the people here seem to be afraid to talk to a person. Well if they don't talk to me I don't need to answer them.

We are talking of going to Seattle one of these Sundays to go to church. Guess I'll go to town one afternoon this week and get a few articles I need. Butter is 45 cts. here. I don't know what eggs are. Fruit is high. I though[t] in this country & climate they wouldn't need to buy fruit, but oranges are way out of sight here. They can't grow oranges here and seems as though the ones that do have fruit, why they make their living from that. This country is alright but it can't brag about anything but the climiate 'cause they can't even raise their own bread, not even corn bread on these hill & rocks. Gee a big field of corn would sure look good to us Iowans. Guess Herbert didn't write all he intended so I'll ring off for tonight. Can't hardly read my own writing after it stands awhile. Well goodnight,


Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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