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Aug. 21, 1918

Fort Worden, Wash.

Dear Fred,

I will try and write you a few lines tonight. Well at least it is raining tonight. I sure am glad to hear that you are making pretty good money thrashing. I would like to be there myself once more but I am afraid it will be a long time before I get there. Though I guess Emma has wrote about my transfer, and about my job that I got. I sure am glad that I got that job as I like it in the store just fine. I am not in the store here at Worden yet, but think I will be in a few days. I got my choice either the post Exchange or the store. If I work in the Exchange I would get more money, and also more work as I would have to work from early in the morning till nine o'clock at night and that would be very day and 1 hour every Sunday and maybe all day Sunday. And then I like the store and I don't think I would like the Exchange, so I guess I will stick to the store.

Well as I don't know any more to write so will close for this time. May God Bless you and yours is my wish. Best regards to all. Write soon as you can so goodnight. I remain as ever, your Brother,


Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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