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Fort Worden 8/21 - 18

Dear sister,

As I have several letters at hand will try and write a few lines tonight. We are enjoying good health and Herbert was transferred over here last Monday. He hasn't got any special work yet but he has his choice between 3 jobs and I think he will take the store again. Could get in the P.X. and get extra pay but he would have to work till 9 o'clock every night and 1 hr. on Sunday. The P.X. is like a resturant. [sic]

We got a letter from Prohaskies yesterday but they never say a word about Clarence. Also got a letter from Rev. Deletzke but failed to get the Red Cross quilt picture. How comes it that Fred Hamman is working for Will Krause now. Suppose Mrs. Carlson went back home.

I got my allotment check also the other day, so if you can give Grace my new address, which I know you will, why it will save sending it around.

So Clarence had H. Hocamp's small grain ground. What did H. H. do, seems he is not very patoritic [sic] or however one may spell it.

Herbert went out fishing a few times with the kids in one of those little boats and they did get one salmon and that was the 3rd time they went out. Guess I'll wait awhile before I get in one of those little cradles. Well Herbert just went for the kids' sake cause they couldn't manage the boat alone. It has been raining all afternoon & evening.

That Willis Young is a Corporal. He is in the same Co. that Emil was in and Emil no doubt would have been made a Corporal long before this time if he had lived 'cause they needed them in that Co. and anybody that had any brains at all why they made corporals.

The Mrs. Young is still here at Townsend and I think his parents are here now also. Well after tomorrow there will be no more First Co. at Flagler. The 48th leaves and the few men that remain will be put with the 13th Co. Guess there are just a few Iowans left.

Don't you think you had better use that flour. It will probably get wormy in that closed up house. That's too bad about Clara Petri loosing [sic] her husband. How about Mandy Edens . . . Is he alive yet.

We got those papers and needlecraft. Thanks for sending them. Say that salad dressing needs more sugar than a spoonful. I made some yesterday and had to use more sugar. Can you get flour now being you have your own wheat or won't they let you.

Yes, the Mrs. had to leave her flowers but she went over after a basketful today. No that house did not belong to them. Neither does the one she is living in now. It's all government property and reservation. They sure make big money, free living quarters and a certain amt of furniture stays right in the houses and from what I hear the chaplains get $11 a day. No wonder they like things very nice. Herbert has to work a whole month for what he gets in 3 days. Well when I get to be President of the U.S. I'll (think a woman with half a brain could do about - - - - -).

Tell Fred he & Alf are making to [sic] much money at the rate they are going. The kids caught a salmon this afternoon, a 19 pounder, so guess will have a salmon dinner tomorrow.

Well I don't know if I wrote all I intended to or not but I guess I'll have to quit and go to bed cause in the morning its get up and make toast and coffee & cook oatmeal for breakfast. That will be our breakfast including apple sauce. Well goodnight for this time. Hoping to get some letters again soon. As ever,

Your sister,

How are the folks.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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