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Ft. Worden, Aug 16 -

Dear sister,

Your letters of Aug. 7th received. Also the one of the 11th I got this morning before I came over here. Well this is my first evening at Worden and have had a sort of headache all day, but that's generaly [sic] the way I am served when I have lots to do. Moving is some job.

Herbert is not over here yet, his transfer hasn't gone through yet. Guess the head men are so busy, but guess he will be over tomorrow afternoon & Sunday. I just talked to him awhile ago and he said he didn't know yet if he would be relieved over there tomorrow or not. Came nearly having a fight over him. His Co. Commander wanted to keep him. When the Mrs. put in for the transfer he called Herbert in the office and said it nearly knocked him down when he got orders to transfer Hocamp, and he was going to protest it as he knew he had an honest trusty man and wanted to keep him, and said he would fix it that he could come over here every night and over Sunday. But the Mrs. would not hear to that, as that was what she was moving for, so the boys wouldn't have to cross the bay every day. And she went to the Major and he said it would go through even if Lieut. Bonell didn't want to approve of it.

Herbert rather hated to leave over there, as he was so well acquainted, but this morning he said they took 10 more out of his company. They go with the rest to Virginia in a few days, and so there wasn't hardly any left there either that he cared for, only Tannit.

So Clarence Prohaska is back home again and Sam Schwarting. Guess they don't want good men. Well the papers were telling today what the Allies will do next June, so guess they are not figuring on ending this very soon.

You want to know how I am getting along with clothes. Well I've sent to Sears at Seattle a time or two and I get along first rate. Things are pretty high here to [sic]. I don't just know how calico etc. are selling. I know percale was 30 cts. about 3 mo. ago.

This Ft. is between two big hills, so don't see much from the window. And oh can see a few autos, hear them I mean, but the most one hears is the old bugle and "squads right" and squads left, etc.

Well as I'm not feeling very special will draw this to a close for tonight and write again in a few days. I wish I could of helped cook for those thrashers. I sure would have enjoyed it. I'm glad those plants are growing. Well goodnight for this time. As ever your sister,


Ft. Worden
Care of Mrs. E .P. Easterbrook

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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