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July 30
Dear sister,

Your letter of July 24 rec. yesterday and will try and scribble a few lines this afternoon. Will have to say goodbye to the Chaplain this evening, because in the morning another boat load will go down the stream. I wonder if there won't be an end to this soon. Suppose you are all through with the thrashers for this year. No doubt Herbert would join the bunch if he were only back there. Well you had one less to help eat this year (myself). I hope your hands are not bad.

Well this is some climate. Am sitting here with the windows open and am rather chilly. I [My] arm is just about O.K. again. It was some arm though. Yes, I felt pretty tough for about a week. Had chills & fever. Didn't quit work though , although one morning I thought I would have to give up. And when the scab started to come off I had a hole there that I guess it would of taken a thimble to fill it. It's nearly even with the rest of the (speck) now.

I ought to be getting ready for market, eating such fancy stuff. I just made an English pie for supper. They are made different than the American pies. Don't taste any better though to my notion.

I haven't got my check yet this mo. I hope that old Grace didn't send that address to Wash. D.C. first, because then it will be a long time before I get it and my address will be changed again before long. We are going to move to Worden before school starts. The Mrs. wanted meto stay with her and the Chaplain talked to Herb and told him he would arrange him a transfer to Worden and get him on Special Duty over there. And we will have a room in her house over there. I was in hopes we could move to Ia. the next time I had to move but I guess it's nix. Well I don't think Herb would have been here any more now if I hadn't of came out here, so I'm willing to do my part if I can help any in keeping him here. Herb likes his new job fine (if he does put up corn starch for laundry starch).

So Henry Wedemeyer wasn't fit to drill. Well Herbert always said that Henry was to darn awkard [sic]

We don't know if Herbert passed oversea exam or not. They had that before I came here and Herb said the one ahead of him passed and when they got through with him [Herb] he tried to see what they put down for him but the Dr. covered it so Herbert could not see whathe put down. The First Co. was examined while they were in quarantine and again since that but Herbert wasn't examined either time. His Lieut. Told him the other day that he wouldn't be transferred to any other camp for training. And would go right across if he would be taken from here.

Of course this transfer to Worden is quite a different thing, as it will be applied for through the Chaplain, and these 3 forts are all in the same district.

One fellow in the Co. told Herbert that he never would have to go across but of course he don't know either (it was the Clerk of the 1st Co. office) and a person can't go much on that, but anyway I've got hopes. And surely there will be an end to the thing sometime at least. I trust the Lord will end it soon.

Well I hope those plants do grow, at least those daisies, as they sure are pretty and bloom all summer and they don't have any seed or I would gather some.

I've made a piece of lace for Ruth's underskirt and I will send it to you some day. Don't know if it's enough or not. I don't get a great deal of time to do fancy work now. (Haven't any use for it now anyway.)

That was a great note about Will Paul coming home with Small Pox.

The other day they got a report here that the Americans captured 40,000 Huns and the Crown Prince. Then the next day we found out there wasn't anything to it. (Sounds like there is quite a number of Huns left yet, 40,000.) Guess they will have to go some to catch that Crown Prince, he must be some racer.
v Well I must close as I have to get an early supper. I hope pa is feeling better and don't have to suffer so much. A woman died here yesterday. A few weeks ago a girl of 20 yrs. died, so guess there are deaths at all places.
v Did you get that picture of the Post Office I sent you. Some P.O. Bye, bye.
v As ever, Emma

I didn't think Andrew Vokt was over 50 already but I guess we are all getting old faster than we think we are.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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