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July 24th

Dear folks,

Your letter of the 17th & the postal of the 20th received bearing the sad news of Andrew's death. Who would of thought that last Mar. when their little girl died. Seems the Gebers family don't get out of mourning. A person can expect to hear most anything now a days, but the Lord doeth all things well. I hope the children will be good to Anna. She hasn't had much enjoyment out of this life either. But what is this life anyway. It's not worth living, but thru much sorrow must we enter the Kingdom the heaven where better days and no sorrows await us.

So you got the box Sat. It sure was on the road a long time. Well if they don't grow why there isn't anything lost.

Well folks I have a little good news to tell you. Guess Herbert won't have to go to Virginia, as he was put on special duty the other day, and is working in the Comissary. [sic} That is as near as I can describe it a Clerk in a store. But at the Forts its call Comissary [sic] instead of a store. Well Herb likes the job fine and he don't have to stand Reville or Retreat or inspections nor do guard. And of course we are thankful He sure was tired of Infantry drill & bayonet practice. And now everything would be all right but the Mrs. Easterbrook intends toransfemove over to Worden after the chaplain leaves on account of the boys going to school. And she wants me to go with her. I told her I didn't like to leave Herbert and she said "Oh he can be transferred over there." It would be a bit handier over there as we could walk into town then, etc., but I don't want to get Herbert into a place where he has to drill again, but "comes time comes help." I'll talk it over with her ina day or so. I want to use them right as they have done so with us. For I think that by me being here is keeping Herbert also. As the Chaplain is Major also and has quite a bit to say about thingsw of course. After he leaves it will be different. A week or so ago, he said to me, "I'm going to leave you soon, but I'm happy as you are going to stay with Mrs. Easterbrook, and she said Mrs. Hocamp will stay here if her husband stays." And he said, "I think I'll see Colonel" and then he answered the phone and I don't know what he intended to say. But it gave me hopes anyway.

Well Christensen's have a little boy baby born last Sat. 20th. They are on that picture of the hayseeds. Are getting along fine. I talk to those girls over the phone every so often as it seems so home like, as they get letters from out there and it so near or seems near to home it seems like we have know each other a long time., huns captured pretty soon. Seems like all they be killed and captured. There wouldn't be any left to tell the story.

We got those papers you sent yesterday. Got a letter from Julia today also and a card from Tena. Hope pa is feeling better again. Was in hopes that rub Dr. could help him some. If this was don't end pretty soon I'm afraid I won't get to see him any more. But the Lord knows best. He is taking the young and strong also. Guess I must close for today as it's getting near supper time and I have a fresh salmon to bake for supper. Also have a little mending of my own to do. Herb. had one of his genuine head aches night before last. Love and best wishes to all.

As ever, your sister, Em.

Say I forgot why didn't you can those raspberries for yourself. You deserve all you can get down there. I told you not to can them for me. Help yourself to whatever there is. Sal never wrote anything only that Faga's planted potatoes in thegaren and of course I know better. Well now maybey [sic] it was Milly Schirm that wrote that, I kinda forgot. I didn't know Frank Thielen was called to Camp. How is that Lena Wahe (Ballou), is there anything to that story or don't you know? Manda Eden can perhaps use some of that money yet. (You know he could roll in his money) the Mrl. Said. We are well & hope the same of you.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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