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July 21, --18

Dear sister & brother,

Guess it's about time I was writing that letter I promised you the first of the week. Have been somewhat busy the past week canning a few cherries and had company to cook for most of the week. Had 4 Officers for dinner one day. And of course that makes a stack of dishes about like thrashers. I didn't have to wet [wait] upon the table tho, Bill had to do that. I just had to put the things on the plates & dishes in the kitchen and so on.

Had a few pretty warm days. I was over to Townsend Friday and I blowed myself for a white shirt. It's just plain with a wide pleat down the front and gathers across the back and 2 pockets in front.

Are those daisies growing. I hope they do as they bloom all summer if they get moisture. Roses are still blooming and dahlias and crysanthums [sic] are starting to bloom. I have been picking a few flower seeds.

Bill & Ernest are going to Townsend again tomorrow to pick cherries. I wish I could hand you a few. They are sure fine, so large and sweet I canned 4 qts. last night while the Mr. & Mrs. went out to dinner and I guess I canned about a quart without sugar or jar, at least I felt like it was a qt. The boys ate so many while picking they didn't want any supper, and the Mr. & Mrs. being invited out I didn't have to get any supper so canned cherries. They have so many at Townsend they are going to waste.

We attended services here this morning. Don't know if they will have any after the Mr. goes to Italy. Guess they are going soon.

We had potatoes, gravey [sic}, peas, beef loaf, cherry salad and coffee, apple & wild blackberry pie (mixed) for dinner today. I'll tell you how to make the cherry salad, but I don't think you have fresh cherries now. But perhaps you can use raspberries instead. First you arrange some nice lettuce leaves on plates, then put a spoonful of dutch cheese (glumpa) on the center of each. Then arrange pitted cherries around that and put a spoonful of mayonize [sic] or salad dressing on top. (I don't like mayonize [sic].) Can't go the olive oil.

Have our raspberries got any berries on and how about the apples & plums. We were to the movies the other night and between reels they had some songs by a Y.M.C.A. man. Got out in front and his wife played the piano. And then he wanted the boys all to join in & sing. The words were on the screen. There were at least a half doz. songs but I can only remember the chorus of one and I'll write it, (Tune Marching thro Georgia) Hurrah, hurrah, we're going to Berlin. .. .. they've got to let us in, and what we'll do to that old town will surely be a sin. While we go marching thro [sic] Germany. -- the rest were something like it. Here is part of another - A bowl of stew when the cook has nothing else to do - He takes a chunck [sic] of Army beef, some rubber heels and a cabbage leaf. It is rich and it is hot, And always goes to the same old spot. Goodbye ma, goodbye pa, goodbye mule with your old he haw. I don't know how the stew is made but you bet by gosh I hain't afraid. And sweet heart if I die youcan't say that I didn't try. I can swallow what I can't chew and that's about all a fellow can do. (Some songs)

Well Herbert was made First class Private the other day. He didn't know anything about it. All he saw his name on the list. Also had to get one of his upper front teeth pulled, so he has a vacant place above and one below in his jaws. The dentist told him he ought to get some bridge work done, but Army dentists don't do that. They just fill & pull teeth. That's as much as the boys get for nothing & you know.

Did I ever tell you about those 2 fellows that came out here the same time Herbert did and refused to wear the uniform. Well they were sent to Ft. Leavenworth pen. For 10 yrs. and can't write to anyone, neither can anyone write to them.

Well I've got one pr. Of Red Cross socks knitted (rather slow, yep). Got the church papers the other day. Thanks for sending them. Suppose you have the harvesting all done by this time. And bet your life we would be glad to wait on table & wash dishes could we only be there. I sure would of like tohelp you eat those noodles July 4th. Had hen stew a couple of times, but guess noodles is to [sic] dutch.

Mrs. Wedemeyer ought to realize a little, it was God's will that Emil should go and it's not the strong ones that are left. For instance, look at Anna Damman. She sure was the picture of health, and how quick she was gone, and was at home and nothing was left undone to save her, but when the hr. comes along we must say Thy will be done. She just has it in her head that if Emil would have been at home he wouldn't of died. He is at rest. Could we only all be there. Tomorrow some more boys must say goodbye. Lizzie Faga sent me the list of the ones from Audubon Co. Clarence & Carl Heckman are on the list. Well if the statements are true that come in the papers, why they'll soon catch old Bill. Captured 3,300 Germans in one day.

Well when I get my next allotment I'll send it back to you then Fred can finish paying our Taxes if I don't get back by that time. Well I know I won't unless Herbert would be moved, which I hope not, we'll find out before long.

Well I guess I'll have to draw this to a close, as I am running out of something to write about. I'll enclose a card X over the house I spend my days in now. Also had a ride in that glass wagon you can see on the picture. That's the Officers wagon.

Have you had Ruth's picture taken yet. And how is she and Eleonora getting along. Sure would like to see everybody again. Tell the folks hello for us. And write whenever you can. As ever,

Em & Herb.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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