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July 9, --18

Dear folks,

Your registered letter received yesterday. Many thanks you for your trouble.

Well this afternoon we had a thunder shower and it seemed like Ia. , even made Herb. whistle tonight. It rained all afternoon, the first rain for a month. It don't rain like it does in Ia., just a slow drizzle. Well things were sure drying up. I told Julia a lie in the last leter I wrote. She wanted to know if it thundered & lightened here and I told her no. The Mrs. told me today they have one or mabey [sic] two thunder showers every summer.

Well a fire felt pretty good today, and we've got a good warm one just now. Fuel don't cost us anything, so we might as well be comfortable.

Guess we never told you what we have got in our room. Well we've got a bed, 2 rocking chairs and 2 other chairs, a stove, table, wardrobe, electric light and a looking glass. And the walls are painted white. So is the wardrobe & table. And we have 3 windows so it's light enough to be sure.

Well I don't know if you can read this or not as I am sitting in the rocking chair under the light. I'm so lazy. Fact is I ate so many cherries today I can hardly bend. The Chaplain sent Herbert over to Townsend yesterday to pick cherries and today the 2 boys went and the Mrs. said I could eat all I wanted. They get them for the picking and fine cherries they sure are & sweet. The more you eat the more you want.

The Chaplain is also Major and if he wants a man to do anything he simply goes to the telephone and asks for whoever he wants and what he says very near always goes. And of course now Hocamp gets those jobs. Well Herb didn't have it easy so very long. 2 weeks was all the Co. was in the pen. There is a bunch going to be transferred again from the First Co. Don't know yet who will have to go. Always something.

Rev. Schoknecht called on Herbert today. I didn't get to see him though. I wish he would come oftener and hold services here.

I haven't sent that box yet but will now in a few days, perhaps Sunday. I will get some things out of the woods. And then the Mrs. said I could take what I wanted. I asked her if I could get a few daisies (roots) and she told me to help myself. Of course there are some that I won't try because it would be of no use but perhaps if they get a good covering they will not freeze out. I will mark them if I can. I want to send daisies, primroses and some ivy (Cfnu??) that vines so pretty over a fence or window. They have porches covered with it over at Townsend. Roses are still blooming so pretty.

Well how is everybody? And everything. Suppose harvesting is the order of the day now. Can't even see a grain field.

How are my raspberries coming, is there any berries on them. And did my little trees live through the winter all right. The ones in the orchard I mean.

Say Mary there are 2 jars in the pantry with lard in if you think it would be better off in the cave why perhaps you could remind Fred about it sometime when he goes down.

Well how are the girls. Suppose Ruth is getting to be a little dickie. What does Eleonora do all day long. Sure would like to see her chasing the geese.

Well the scab is off my arm at last, some hole though yet to heal up. I went down to the hospital Sat. afternoon. And the Dr. said it was doing alright. Herbert thought I had proud flesh in it, that's why I went down. Got some new doctors here now. One got his education in Europe and he ought to know something.

Yes, well I guess I'll ring off for tonight, it's getting bedtime. And you will no doubt get tired of this scribbling. Well write as often as you can. As ever,

H. L. & Emma

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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