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July 2, 1918 Fort Flagler, Wash.

Dear Fred,

Received your letter and sure was glad to hear from you about butchering beef for the Army. I am afraid we could not get enough butchered. It sure would keep us going some.

About that govnm't insurance policy if it not to [sic] much trouble just keep it with your papers. I am worth more dead than I am alive. I am paying for life insurance $140.00 a year, but I don't care. For as long as I can make ends meet it is alright. Then if anything happens to me, Emma won't have to go in the work tub to make a living. I wish I could talk to you, but I am afraid it will be a long long time before I can.

Oh say I just read Mary's letter. And she said that she had forgot how to tip her hat to me when I got back. You tell her she had better practice up, because, when I get back if nothing happens, I'll be wearing wish bones on my arm. I am trying not to get them because I don't want them as there is to [sic] much responsibility, but I am afraid they will give them to me any how.

Befoberr[???} Em just got back with some ice cream and and I'll be darn she forgot to warm it. When I get Back I can give everybody H_ll and they won't know it. I am learning to talk with my hands. I just got about three letters to learn yet then I am O.K. You see when we get that code learned true fellows can talk to each other as far as they can see each other they can talk a long way apart. I'll be some guy if I keep on. Talk without moving your tongue, handle a 30. rifle, and use a bayonet, and shoot a big ten inch 30 ton gun. I'll make them out in Iowa look sideways when I get Back, that is when they see me coming they'll look the other way. Ya, huh. Do the people think yet I'll come back right away or that I won't pass Exam or have they changed their mind. Of course, if it is God's will I'll get back sometime otherwise I won't. Well I don't know anymore dum Heiten to write so will bid you a good night, may God Bless and protect you and yours from all harm, both of soul and body. Best regards to all. Write soon or sooner. I remain as ever, your Brother Herbert

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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