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July 2nd.

Dear folks,

Well we got Fred's letter yesterday and yours today. So guess I'll try and write a little tonight. Didn't have time today, as this was ironing day and had an Officer for dinner so didn't get my duds ironed till this afternoon & then I made a cherry pie for supper, so the afternoon was gone before I knew it. But I should worry. I was all through by seven this evening. The 2 boys are going to Seattle tomorrow so will have less work for a few days but I nearly always get two hrs. off in the afternoon.

Got a letter from Millie Schirm today and one from Mrs. Malchow. She wants me to be sure and stop there when I go back but it's kinda out of the way. And of course one never knows what will all turn up in a few days, although I would like to see the country. And the people to[sic], never thought I'd get an invitation like that in this part of the country.

Well everything is drying up. Haven't had any rain to amount to anything for quite a while and it don't stay moist long after it does rain in the gravel.

Ya I am doing a little knitting also. The Mrs. is very patrotic [sic] and has her knitting with her wherever she goes, so one day when I got through with my work I went to her sewing room where she was mending and I picked up her knitting and examined it and she asked if I could knit and I said I could some. So she wanted me to try it on her sock and she watched me a while and said well you are some knitter and then she tried to knit like I do (Dutch way) but she couldn't make it work. Tonight she said (I mean the Mrs. Easterbrook) "I am ahead of you now, but how can she knit when she is kept in the kitchen all the time." (I give a darn, don't want to knit very bad any how.) My arm is getting along alright. The scab has not come off yet, but it itches like the dickens.

Herbert is about as tired tonight as if he followed the harrow all day. Had a fire this morning and they all had to run for the hose cart etc. This afternoon had to take a hike and then a boat load of freight came in and they had to unload that sugar, flour and corn meal by the hundred pounds. Guess we will not be starving for a day or so yet. [Letter continues on under Herbert's signature on the last page of his letter of the same date] I'll finish on this sheet, we can't waste anything these days. They had a parade this evening. Herbert didn't have to be in it as he was unloading sugar at that time. Don't know which was the hardest, but I know it took longer to unload the boat than it did for the parade. Well I'll quit for tonight.


Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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