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June 26 - 18

Dear folks,

Your letters of June 16th, 19th rec. and will try and scratch a few lines this afternoon. Yes Herbert was alright before you folks ever found it out. And he has an easy job now while the rest of his co. are under quarantine. We are sure thankful that the Lord fixed it so he could stay out of it for it would surely be a lonely old tiresome place if we couldn't even see each other. Don't know how long they will be shut up - will soon be in 2 weeks now. And Herbert has to go to the Post Office for their mail and get what they want from the P.X. etc., and gets to go to Townsend once in a while for things. I wish he could keep a job like that all the time he has to serve in the Army (but I pity the ones in quarantine).

Well my arm is beginning to feel better again and the swelling is about all gone out of it. So John Immel is gonealso. He is the first one from my confirmation class.

You want to know if we have any church. Well this Chaplain Easterbook holds services here every Sunday but the Lutheran Chaplain has not been here since I've been here and it will soon be 3 mo. Now. I don't think it's fair. We need the gospel here as well as in France and if the boys are not kept in touch with it here, there will be less opportunity to do mission work over there. But God grant us peace soon as we can hear the Gospel in its purity again.

And Henry Wedemeyer I suppose is gone. To what Camp did he go. Sall wrote us that Asmus is in Texas. Well Deletzke must have been pretty busy that day when Uncle Bill Hocamp was buried. It's a wonder that old woman of his let Deletzke in the house. She hates the Lutherans so.

I wrote a card to that Mrs. Malchow the other day but I havn't heard from her yet. And I don't think her boys are at this fort either. At least Herbert never heard the name. I had a few cherries the other day, fresh ones I mean. They were larger than any I ever ate before in my life and the meat on them is real firm. Had so much fresh salmon last week that I didn't care to look at it any more. Wish I could run over with a plate full, just to let you find out what it tastes like when it's fresh. The boys are out fishing again this afternoon. Well, we are going to have meat curry tonight. That's a new one on me. She said she would tell me how to fix it. Say corn meal muffins are just plain corn bread baked in muffins tins. Ha, ha.

Yesterday the Mrs. was telling me (her neighbor - the Dentists wife bought a sack of flour (48 lbs.) and she had to buy 48 lbs. of substitute). I told her that was nothing. Well, she said it's no joke 48 lbs. of substitute, and I know all about that as we had to do that all winter in Iowa, and what was worse, we had the corn ourselves but had to buy corn meal substitute any way, and then she didn't say any more. Well I guess I'll ring off for this time. What is Eleonora doing these days. I'd like to hear her talk. Suppose she can do that pretty good by this time. How is Ruth? Well bye bye from,


Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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