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June 16, 1918

Dear sister and brother,

Received the papers you sent yesterday and a card from Tena. That was the first mail I got since Monday but of course I knew it was picnic week and everyone was good and tired no doubt. So that's some add in the Adair News about that dance in Adair. By Krause and Paul. Did the proceeds go to the Red Cross to [sic] I suppose. So are the people going crazy or what. And I wonder what Rev. thinks about it, or did he know it and was it Bill Paul and Bill Krause. That's the only ones I can figure out, and Krause wants to be so heileg.

Herbert is over his tonsillitis but I suppose some of these days they will take them out. And I guess I am Small Pox proof for awhile. It took alright, but it hasn't caused me any inconvience.[sic] The Easterbook's all went to Seattle yesterday so I have been batching it. Their daughter graduates tomorrow. Well the First Co. went under quarantine for Small Pox yesterday noon, but Herbert is not in it. That was one prayer that was answered right away. He has been staying up here at our rooms and sleeps here and not being able to eat didn't go near the barracks, so of course he was up here when the Co. went under the lid. So of course he thought he would be shut in to [sic] and had to report. So when he went down one of the Corporals waved at him to stay away, that perhaps he would not have to be shut in and for him to see the Co. commander. Which he did, and the Commander told him to stay away from the Barrack as he did not see any use for Herb to be shut in and they needed someone to do errands and said he would see that Herb's uniform was sent to the hospital and fumigated and then sent up here (as his uniform was in the barracks). Mabey [sic] you think there wasn't two tickled kids last night. And Herb will have an easy job doing errands at headquarters for a couple of weeks, and won't have to drill or do guard or K.P. Well the Lord has been with us at all times even if we didn't always think so and if we ask him he will be with us in the future if it is his will.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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