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Fort Flagler - June 10 - 18

Dear sister & brother,

Your letter of June 2nd received and was certainly glad to hear from you. And also glad you can make use of that lace, it isn't very much of anything. No, I wasn't at that nice ladies'. I didn't have time for anything like that while I was at that place.

Got a letter and card from Julia today and wrote that papa I is worse again. I had hopes he would get along alright since it warmed up but I guess there isn't much help for him.

This was a fine day and it realy [sic] made the sweat come. I washed this forenoon but the washing don't amount to much. But of course it's all nice trash such as napkins and the like. I like the place alright. It's swell of course but I don't have to kill myself scrubbing & washing and I can stand the style and will to be near Herbert.

Well tomorrow is picnic day and Herbert is on guard tonight till 4 tomorrow. Who would of thought last year picnic day that Herbert would be walking post by the time picnic day rolled around again.

So Gus and Willie are together. Well it's hard telling how long they will be together. Bt I o hope he end of it all is near, although it don't look much like it yet.

Mrs. Bonney is with me tonight. Her old man has been on Ft P. for 2 weeks and she hasn't seen much of him in that time so she wanted me to let her know when Herbert was on guard then she would come over (from Townsend) and stay with me that night and visit with her Joe. So they are here at my room now. Their baby is almost 8 mo. Old now. He is a stout kid alright.

Herbert is guarding the wharf tonight. Had to work on K.P. all day yesterday and drill today and walk tonight. Then some tell you about the easy life the soldiers have. Well they can't tell me anything I can see with my own eyes as I get straight goods or at least ought to.

Eleonora did pretty good to pick Herbert out on that picture. No, that Mrs. Christensen is not heavier than I. She looks larger than I but they are expecting an increase about next month (poor girl) and her man passed oversea examination the other day and of course it worries her quite a bit, Jergensen didn't pass oversea exam. The 63rd leaves this week.

So Rev. Haar has resigned. Well it's getting worse. Don't hear a word of German out here. A person is very much afraid to let them know you have German blood in you.

Don't know if you can read this or not and using the arm of the rocking chair for a table I ate as much supper tonight (dinner) can't hardly bend. Had stewed chicken (hen) grave, boiled potatoes, lettuce, spinich [sic] and apple pie. And believe me, it smacked pretty gut. The peas here have not got any pods on yet.

I don't know which half of the fences belongs to us. Will have to wait till tomorrow evening to ask Herbert. You better not do any more canning for me. You have all the work you can handle, let alone doing work for me. And if there are any raspberries you can them for yourself or eat them. If I or we ever get back we will get something to eat alright.

Mr. & Mrs. Bonney just went for a little walk. The boy is asleep - maybey [sic] we will go down to the wharf and see Herbert awhile. He will have his first hrs. in pretty soon then we can talk to him, are not allowed to talk to a sentry while they are walking post. Some laws, yep -

There is some brown sugar in that cracker box in the pantry. You might just as well take it and use it before it melts as I know sugar is a precious thing out there. They are not limited here. It really seems queer. And flour, well they have to buy substitutes with that.

[Different handwriting beginning here] About that fence between Day's and me, the right hand corner of the fence that runs east wiz [sic] west is mine and the right hand corner of the one that runs north and south. And the one between Wesack and me. I have got the left hand corner. The first 40 rods from the road is Wesack's. The second 40 rods is mine. The next is Wesack's and the 40 rods at the south end is mine.

Now Fred, you keep track of how many days work you put in, and when I get back I'll make[it] right. And if I don't get back, well then of course you will get it from my administrator. I don't know what would become of my stuff it if weren't for you. God grant that you may never have to walk the post that I am walking, it is H -- . You know.

Well I'll have to go as I am on guard so goodbye, write soon. God Bless you and protect you and yours from all harm, is my prayer and my wish. Herbert

[Original handwriting begins again] Well we did not get to the wharf. Herbert got up here before the Bonney's got back. His Corporal told him he could come home awhile if he wished so of course home he came. Well as I don't know anything more tonight I'll draw this to a close and bid you all goodnight. Write soon and often. I'll try and do the same. As ever,

Your sister, Emma.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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