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Fort Flagler - Wash.

June 6

Dear folks,

I've just been to the Post Office but did not get any mail. How are you all and everybody else. We are well and I've got a good place and if I ever get back I can give you a few points in serving three course dinners. Imagine we stepping around in a white apron. Herb is none ahead of me now, I am also Officers table flunky. Well I don't have to work hard, get a couple of hours off every afternoon so I can stand the style alright and they are good to us, not cranky, etc., so it doesn't worry me in the least.

Herbert is to put in his spare hrs. there also, hoe in the garden, use the hose and carry up the coal for me, but he hasn't had many hrs. off lately. Worked all day Sunday and they are not having their afternoon off today either. Are still working at the same things. It's about like moving a building. They have one out where I can see it now every time I go to the window.

Yesterday was the warmest day we had since I've been here and I've already been here two months now.

Suppose you have the baby named by this time. Most likely she is growing like a weed. How is the garden doing now days. And the chickens. I get plenty of lettuce and spinach now. The Mrs. has a pretty nice garden. She also has 16 little chickens which she bought and 8 old hens, so last night after I got through with my dinner dishes I went to the garden where Herb. was hoeing potatoes and the chicks followed me. And Herb said that looks natural. I said nothing doin. The chicks are not the right color and I never saw him hoe potatoes before.

Last night we had roast mutton, and gravey [sic], baked potatoes, spinach, mint jelly, and milk pudding-some feed believe me. Tonight we will have baked spuds and cold sliced mutton spinick [sic] lettuce, and apple pie.

I made a apple pie the other day and the chaplain said it was the best apple pie he ever ate, mabey [sic] you think that didn't make me feel good, some compliment yep. Don't have to get much at noon, just a lunch.

Mrs. Bonney & Mrs. Jergensen were over here yesterday - Mr. Bonney has been on K.P. for over a week and so his wife came over to see him. I just now talked to the girls and they got home alright and Bonney got to go over with them for the night. They do K.P. for a week at a time in the 13th Co. In the First Co. it's just 1 day at a time. I asked Mrs. Jergensen if they got any mail from home today. She said they didn't and I told her I supposed they didn't have any rain, so didn't have time to write.

Well I know everybody is pretty busy out there alright plowing corn I suppose. Got your postal the other day. Is Lizzie still with you. Well the baby is almost a month old now. And how is Lena Faga. Did she get over her sick spell alright.

I don't know when I can get those pictures for Mrs. Dick as the Studio is quarantined for measles (the people I mean) and awhile ago when I was in the garden I see a Small Pox sign posted on one of these houses at Officers quarters.

Well I don't know much of anything else to write about so will close for this time and take this to the office so it will get started on its long journey. Well don't forget to write. Guess I'll write to George tomorrow. Well bye bye for this time. As ever, your sister, Emma.

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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