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Ft. Flagler, May 30

Dear sister & brother,

Received your letter. The registered one. Also the box of sweets and the roll of papers.

Well this is my first night at Flagler. I moved over here today and believe me the water was rough. Had some boat ride and it would not have taken much more and I would have been sea sick. Herbert helped me over here from Pt. Townsend as I could not handle all my junk alone and I think I will like the place just fine. Haven't seen much of it yet. But they are elderly people have 2 sons in France.

So Mrs. Scheeler has passed from this vale of tears. Say I forgot to write that Herb also got the good old horse shoe as he calls it and want to thank you for everything. You are doing more than your share to be sure. Did you get that letter I sent you the other day with those pictures in it. I am afraid it was overweight and mabey [sic] did not go. What do you think of the hayseeds. No, Herbert is not on that postal with that gun.

Got a letter from Julia today, and one from Mrs. Dick.

Well Herbert is ready for bed so guess I'll finish this in the morning. I won't have to go to work till seven. We have a room all to ourselves in one end of the chapel, about like in the vestry in the church out home. It's about as far from Easterbrook's house as your burn is from the your house. Well the bugle just sounded and the lights must go out although it's not dark yet and nine o'clock. Well good night.

Fri. morning

Will now try and finish this letter. Guess Herbert will be on guard tonight so won't get to see him much till tomorrow evening, perhaps not at all. Last evening was the first time I saw him in his blue denims. There is an officer and his wife also live to the other side of this chapel.

I am glad to hear the baby is good and hope you will feel better soon. So the folks out there must be getting the Texas fever. I did not any letter from Sallie. As you said she wrote about some of our papers or mail of our [ours] she got perhaps she forgot to mail it. Has Eleonora got a name for the baby.

Well does anyone prophesy [sic] the war to end pretty soon or are they all through that that. Guess it never amounted to anything anyway or it would have been over long ago.

Julia wrote that you got a good rain out there. Well I guess it was needed. Say Sallie did write me about Martha turning Otto's car over. Suppose it was rather expensive joy riding for Otto. Well they ought to know better than to let those kids run their cars.

No doubt Krumm's feel pretty bad. There will be a lot more if this keeps on. But God grant us peace soon. Well I suppose you will go to the picnic if it's a nice day. How I wish I could be there but I guess nothing doin'. Well I just hope Herb. won't be taken away from here now even if this is a God forsaken place. Which it surely is.

Well I guess I must draw to a close as I must get busy and don't know anything more to write about anyway. And I hope this finds you all well as it leaves us and ma the Lord remain with us and hear our prayers that we may be reunited soon. How is pa and ma by this time. Well bye bye for this morning. I want to finish this so Herbert can mail it at noon when he goes after the mail. The Post Office is not far from here but he can't go there when he wants to. With Best Wishes, We remain as ever,

Your Brother & Sister

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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