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Apr. 3

We are near the Wyo. Line. This is some country, snow banks, pine bluffs, etc. Just went through a tunnel. Was dark as pitch for a few minutes. We did not even change cars at Lincoln. Have awful nice people. The conductor told us we could settle down for a few days. A lady got on at Omaha and is going to Spokane, Wash., so we have company. We are going to get beds tonight. Sun is just coming up.


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Apr. 3

Am nearing Billings, Montana. When we were in Lincoln it thundered, lightnined [sic] rained and snowed and all day today went through deep snow. All we saw today was snow and sage brush, rocks, bluffs and plains and now since we got into Montana it's getting less till now we see green grass. Saw the mountains out a distance, also General Custer's battle field a few minutes ago. Saw quite a few Indians. I wouldn't live in Wyoming if they gave me the state, all they have there are homesteader's huts. Mr. Ditman from Atlantic is on the train (Liby Dittman's father). He is going to visit his daughter in this state. Feel fine but awfully stiff. Emma

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Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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