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Ft. Worden
Dec. 4, 1918

Mary & Fred,

Your letter of the 29th rec'd this morning, along with it came a postal from Julia. Was glad to get a letter as I hadn't got any since Sat., and was thankful to read that Julia's youngsters were alright again. Today is Julia's birthday.

We are still here and don't know yet when we will get out. Can probably tell more about it next week. Some think we will all get out next week. Hobert from Atlantic works at the headquarters here. He used to work in the Courthouse in Atlantic and he was telling Herbert that a telegram came in there about a week ago and gave those head men a jackin' up cause they hadn't begun to discharge any yet. Of course Hobert hasn't got anything to say about it, but he told the boys he was willing to work 25 hrs. out of every 24 in order to get the work done, as he is just as anxious to get back home as the next one. Said they got the discharge blanks some time ago, and yesterday 50 got discharged for being unfit for service. They were from the bunch of recruits that came here just before the war ended.

Hobert also told Herb. this noon that they weren't working on the discharging today. Well I hope they get busy at it so we can get out of here. They've had about 50 men out yesterday and today taking down the dummies and filling up the trenches back of these Officers Quarters. Guess they want this old Ft. cleaned up before they turn the men loose.

It rained here from Sunday eve. till this fore noon and this afternoon the sun came out for about half an hr., but it doesn't get muddy as one can hardly make a dent in the ground. Herbert just now went to supper. He went to the big city of Pt. Townsend awhile this afternoon.

Well I guess I'll have to attend to my supper also as it's getting about time to eat. It hasn't frosted yet and there are still a few rose buds on the bushes. Well I'm in hopes of seeing you all soon, so will ring off. Yes, we will try and enjoy ourselves on the way back too, so good night for this time.

As ever,
Em & Herb

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass. Contributed July, 2017


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