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Index of Advertisements

The Commercial Bank of Leet & Co.Back of Front Cover
J. Friend & Son, Clothing2
F. A. Buthweg, Food3
The First National Bank4
Audubon Fair, Stonebrook & McCall4
J. E. Griffith & Co., Druggists6
John H. Kate, Clothier6
D. E. Soar, Harness & Saddle Manufacturer8
Blackman's Shoe Store8
The Midway, J. F. Talbott, Cigars, Tobaccos, Drinks10
F. E. Brainard, County Attorney10
G. W. Preston, Groceries10
The Big Store, E. Bilharz & Son, Dry Goods, Groceries, Carpets & Shoes12
Mathias' Shoe Store14
John Van Scoy, Dry Goods, Carpets, Matting, Cloaks & Notions14
James R. Pound, Blacksmith & Wagon-Maker16
John Weighton, Lumber & Building Material20
Corn Exchange Bank22
The Racket, F. Vermilya, Millinery, Shoes, Hosiery, Underwear, Tinware, Glassware, Dishes, Bicycles22
Reinemund Bros., Hardware Dealers, Reliable Gasoline Stoves24
W. H. Cowles, Jewelry & Silverware26
J. E. Clark, Dentist26
S. D. Thayer, Furniture28
Audubon Roller Mills, Culver & Co., Flour30
The Misses McGuire, Dressmaking Parlors30
The Pioneer Drug Store, Wm. Cloughly32
Mrs. Workman, Dressmaking32
L. Hudler, Market Gardener32
Mrs. Mattie Hunter, Music Instruction in Piano, Organ, Voice Culture, Harmony & Counterpoint34
Charles Bagley, Law, Abstracts, Loans & Insurance34
W. H. O'Connell, Jeweler36
G. W Gleason, M. D.36
F. M. Rice, Groceries, Restaurant & Bakery38
John Ott, Shoes38
The Park Livery Barn, Farguson & Reinemund38
C. E. Talbott's Restaurant and Bakery40
Kolbe's Meat Market, Wm. Kolbe, Meats, Poultry, Fish40
G. W. Hoover, Hardware and Implements, Hoover Buggies & Carriages42
J. S. Dennis, The Drayman, Piano & Safe Moving, Baggage To/From Trains, Ice42
A. H. Roberts, Druggist and Bookseller44
Nash, Phelps & Mosier, Attorneys, Loans, Farms for Sale/Rent, Insurance44
Frazier, Photographer46
J. J. Lidd, Clothier and Tailor46
J. F. Russell, Dry Goods, Millinery, Cloaks, Carpets & Shoes48
Audubon Nursery, E. N. Taggart50
Columbian Library52
W. Burnside Grain Dealer54
Creveling & Son, Contractors and Builders54
The Audubon Republican54
J. Burdick, Groceries, Dishes56
Audubon Planing Mills, Hart & Eddy, Bee Supplies, Water Tanks, Etc.56

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, August, 2016 from The Columbian Club Cookbook, originally published at Audubon, Iowa: 1898 and republished in its entirety in Recipes & Reflections: A Celebration of 100 Years of Good Cooking, Audubon, Iowa: 1991.


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