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Audubon Township

Cemetery Survey Prepared by the
Cemetery Perpetual Care Committee & Distributed to
Cemetery Lot Holders or Lot Holder Descendants/Relatives
January, 1967

Lily Bouquet

The survey below has been transcribed exactly as printed. There appear to be a few typos or errors in transcription of the original cemetery records, or at least there are a few cases noted below where the spelling of the surname clearly does not exactly match what is inscribed on the actual gravestone. Such cases are noted in brackets immediately following the lot holder name.

If "No. of Graves" is blank, there had been no burials on the lot yet at the time of the survey. The owner of the burial privilege had the right to sell or transfer the unused portion of the grave site to another Lutheran party in good standing, or back to the congregation of St. John's Lutheran Church, so may or may not have eventually used the burial privilege.

NAMELot No.No. of Graves
Aupperle, M.43
Baden, John901
Baden, O.741
Bauer, Chris864
Beckman, R.943
Bireline, A.96 
Bireline, F.326
Carstens, H.122
Carstens, H.535
Cloeter, O.462
Dammon, J.231
Drefuhl, C. [? Drefahl ]55
Drier [? Dreier ]185
Drier, W. [? Dreier ]764
Dutler, S.353
Ernst, W.851
Faga, Andy54 
Faga, Chas.88
Faga, Chas.1313
Faga, G.75
Faga, Geo. Jr.923
Faga, H.66
Faga, John751
Faga, Otto1152
Fett, Fred H.132 
Franz, Theo.302
Franz, Theo.694
Franz, W.581
Garrett, Wm.791
Gebers, T.94
Gehrtz, E.601
Gennerich, E.883
Gennerich, F.891
Gerhold, H.275
Gustafson, C.120 
Haist, A.311
Hammon, H. [? Hammann ]131
Hammon, Henry [? Hammann ]143
Hammon, J. [? Hammann ]484
Hammon, Wm. [? Hammann ]1131
Hammon, Bros. [? Hammann ]1192
Heater, C.591
Heckman, C.226
Heckman, Chris Jr.1332
Heckman, Chris, Sr.1343
Heckman, H.363
Heckman, Herman721
Heckman, Walter781
Hocamp, Geo.1381
Hocamp, Glen1401
Hocamp, H.674
Hocamp, Henry1112
Hocamp, W.953
Hocamp, W.642
Kluffel, C. [? Klueppel / Klippel ]455
Krause, C.655
Krause, Chris712
Kruger, W.35
Krumm, Dave1351
Krumm, F.513
Krumm, H.524
Krumm, J.502
Krumm Bros.1412
Lauridson, P. [? Lauridsen ]1162
Loukaitis, J.161
Martin, G. [? Marten ]662
Melzhom, P. [? Malzahn ]102
Meyers, John [? Maier ]112
Moeller, D.256
Mueller, A. & W.1272
Mueller, Evert98 
Mueller, Gus971
Mueller, J.243
Newman, E. & P.118 
Newman, John933
Nieman, Wm.772
Petri, C.933
Petri, C.1001
Plowman, E.1211
Scheeler, Geo.1103
Scheeler, Wm.433
Schirm, Dale99 
Schirm, Fred1391
Schirm, M.282
Schirm, W.1373
Schlombohm, H. [? Schlambohm ]572
Schlottenbeck, H. [? Schlotterbeck ]681
Swarting, Wm. [? Schwarting ]705
Tibben, Fred331
Unknown Soldier47 
Van Aernam, E.1143
Vokt, Geo.1362
Vokt, J.494
Vokt, M.872
Voss, E.341
Wahe, J.261
Walker, A.1123
Walker, A.556
Walker, E.562
Wedemeyer, D.733
Wedemeyer, Dale371
Wedemeyer, F.23
Wedemeyer, Henry1302
Wedemeyer, Henry154
Wedemeyer, Herman292
Wedemeyer, Peter12
Wesack, A.1094
Wesack, Carl1292
Wesack, Harold1282
Wesack, Howard117 
Wesack, H.1083
Wesack, H. Fred1071
Wesack, W.1065
Witte, H.443
Zimmermann, F.912

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