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Chris Hahn, one of the representative agriculturists and stock growers of this county, during the active period of his life, was known as one of the alert, progressive and successful farmers of this favored section of the Hawkeye state. In his labors he did not permit himself to follow in a blind rut in an apathetic way, but studied and experimented, and thus attained the maximum returns from his efforts. Mr. hahn has so conducted himself at all times as to command the confidence and regard of the people of Audubon county, and is well known for his honorable business methods and for his keen, active and helpful interest in whatever tends to promote the public welfare.

Chris Hahn was born on December 25, 1843, in Grund-Hagen, Prussia, a son of Christof and Anna Hahn, the former of whom died when his son, Chris, was a mere lad. His widow afterwards married Christian Dreher, who came to America after Chris Hahn had emigrated to this country, and died in the United States. Mr. Hahnís step-father occupied a rented farm in Germany for fifteen years, and there Chris learned the rudiments of agriculture, as well as the thrifty and frugal habits of his German ancestors. He served his term in the German army, enlisting in November, 1866, and serving three years as a soldier. He participated in the Prussian-Austrian campaign of seven months, in 1866, and also served in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, receiving his discharge on August 1, 1871, at which time he was connected with the Fourth Regiment of Prussians. He was in the battles of Woerth, Dionville, Gravelotte, Beaumont, Strasburg, Metz, Amiens, Orleans, Montbellard, St. Quentin, Paris and Pontlieu. Mr. Hahn has two medals which he received for bravery in these wars. He was never wounded in battle during all his service.

In 1876, after the close of the war, Chris Hahn came to America and located at Atlantic, Iowa, where he was engaged in railroad construction work for three years. In 1877 he purchased eighty acres of raw prairie land in Leroy township, near Audubon, this county, and two years later, in 1879, he moved to the farm, on which he built a house. This land cost him eight dollars an acre, and in 1880 he bought eighty acres adjoining his first purchase, for which he paid nineteen dollars an acre, and in 1881, he purchased one hundred and sixty acres more at the same price, nineteen dollars an acre. For these latter purchases he went heavily in debt, paying out from year to year. In 1891 Mr. Hahn bought another tract of one hundred and sixty acres, for which he paid twenty-five dollars an acres, and in 1890 he purchased still another tract of one hundred and sixty acres at forty-one dollars an acre. In 1902 Mr. Hahn purchased five acres, located in Audubon, paying for the same twenty-five hundred dollars, and moved to this tract, where he erected a splendid house in which he now lives. In 1912 Mr. Hahn bought eighty acres two and one-half miles southwest of Audubon, paying one hundred and fifty dollars an acre for it. He spent two years in Canada, 1907-8, where he bought a section of land. This land has been improved and he has now turned it over to his sons.

On November 14, 1873, three years before coming to this country, Chris Hahn was married to Charlotte Wohlgamuth, who was born on August 29, 1845, a daughter of Foergen and Elizabeth (Porsch) Wolgamouth, who lived all their lives in their native land of Germany. To this union the following children were born: Gustav, Paulina, Hannah, Emma, Herman, Zelma and Ella. Gustav lives in Canada, and is the owner of a section and a half of land there. He married Margaretta Klever, and they are the parents of seven children, six daughters, and one son; Ella and Emma (twins), Hildegarde, Christ, Ethel, Mabel and Helen. Paulina is the wife of Chris Clever. They live in Audubon county and have one child, Herman. Ramon died at the age of seven months. Hannah is the wife of Charles Brown. They live in Canada and the parents of five children, Walter, Zelma, Alice, Arthur and Charlotte. Zelma is the wife of William Mantz, and they are also residents of Canada. The have one child, Clarke. Emma died at the age of two-years and three months. Ella was killed on the railroad at the age of one year and eight months. Harmon was killed by a horse at the age of eighteen. Since coming to this country Mr. Hahn has been identified with the Democratic party, but he is more or less independent in his voting, supporting measures and men rather political emblems. He and his wife and family are members of the Evangelical Lutheran church, in whose welfare they are deeply interested, and to the support of which they are liveral contributors.

Transcribed by Gunter Schanzenbacher, Waynesboro, PA, March 18, 2013 from History of Audubon County, Iowa Its People, Industries and Institutions With Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens and Genealogical Records of Many of the Old Families, by H. F. Andrews, editor, Indianapolis: B. F. Bowen & Company, 1915, pp. 474-476.
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