1943 Moulton High School Graduates

For an easy to print version of the 1943 Moulton High School Class Photo click on the image. It will open in another window.

Top Row Left to right:   Opal Decker, Elizabeth Rutliff, Gerald Ryan, Helen Bland, P. E. Pyle, Superintendent; Doris Childs, Robert Moulton, Deloris Kirby, Garold Lindley

Second Row from Top:   James Horn, Margaret Swartz, Billy Ward, (School Photo), Richard Anselme, Daisy Kirby, Frank Waggoner, Jr.

Third Row from Top:   Robert Daniels, Bonnie Oldham, Mary Davis, Dorothy Childs, Guy Burton, Marilyn Daniels, Arthur Gaither, Lorraine Moore

Bottom Row:   Celesta Sparks, Junior Stites, Slvah Swing, Colleen Stober, Ilene Starr, Virginia Purdum, Betty Morrow

Photographer:   R. C. Link Studio

~~ Contributed by Alice and Wayne Daniels