1940 Moulton High School Graduates

For an easy to print enlarged version of the 1940 Moulton High School Class click on the photo to open a larger version.

Class Motto:   The Elevator to Success is not Running, Take the Stairs
Class Colors:   Lavender and Gold

Top Row Left to right:   Leon Kirby, Jimmie Waggoner, Ruth A. Rifenbery, Ned W. Barnhouse, P. E. Pyle, Superintendent; Doris M. Newland, Lawrence Howard, June Daniel, Buster Wendland

Second Row from Top:   Glen W. Southern, D. Norene Marvin, Curtis L. Henderson (School photo) Frances Wallace, Paul Joseph Dixon, Mildred Hayden.

Third Row from Top:   Betty R. Carr, Orval Lee Fullerton, Virginia Davis, Mack E. West, Evelyn M. Fox, Junior Brunk, Doris Jean Stober, Harold B. Mikels

Bottom Row:   Quedar C. Probasco, Betty Lou Edwards, Helen Downing, Morrill A. Brockus, Gerald Barber, Kenneth W. Cowell, Vivian L. Brown

Photographer:   R. C. Link Studio

~~ Contributed by Alice and Wayne Daniels