1916 Moulton High School

Graduates & Commencement Program

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1905 Program Announcement Class Roll Program Class Play

Text version: Announcement

The Graduating Class of the Moulton High School requests the honor of your  presence at their Commencement Exercises, Thursday evening, May eighteenth, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, 8 o'clock, M. E. Church

Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. Huell E. Warren
Sunday evening May 14th, 8 o'clock at Christian Church

Text version: Class Roll

John Cupp, Worth Fox, Bert Elliott, Wm. Parkin, Irene Guinn, Pauline Mudd, Bernard Berry, Nanna Swarts, Lavelle Lane, Tessie Walls, Enid Powell, Trenton Printz, Paul Hornaday, Paul Stansberry, Mabel Jennings, LaVerne Powers, Theodore Murdy, Minnie Brinegar, Ernest Patterson, Genevieve Pool, Gertrude Schultz,  Elnora Dooley

Class Motto:Rowing, not drifting
Class Colors:Purple and Gold
Class Flower:Carnations
Class Officers:  
President Paul Hornaday
Vice-President William Parkin
Secretary Genevieve Pool
Treasurer Nanna Swarts

Text version: Program.

Music - "Springtime" High School Chorus
Invocation Rev. J. W. Pool
Salutatory - "Purity is Power" Nanna Swarts
Class History Trenton Printz
Class Prophecy Tessie Walls
Class Will Bernard Berry
Solo - Selected Miss Eva Jennings
Lecture - Subject: "Iowa" Hon. Frank D. Joseph
Music - "Cradle Song" High School Chorus
Valedictory - "Preparedness for What?"     Enid Powell
Presentation of Mantle Paul Hornaday, Pres. of Senior Class
Reply of Juniors John Powell
Presentation of Class Supt. J. W. Miller
Presentation of Diplomas Pres. S. R. Richardson
Benediction Rev. J. W. Pool

Text version: Class Play

Cast of Characters

Mable Maitland -Who reads and impersonates- Irene Guinn
Dorothy Dean -Who sings- Pauline Mudd
Joyce Jocelyn -Who is an artist- Mabel Jennings
Margaret Merrill -Who is a stenographer- Elnora Dooley
Katherine Kimberlin -Who writes stories- Gertrude Schultz 
Polly Perkins -Who is a pianist- Genevieve Pool
Mrs. Scroggs -Who wants her daughter to be "finished" Lavelle Lane
Clarissy Eldory Scroggs    -Daughter to be "finished"- Pauline Montgomery
Mr. Fitz -A book agent- Worth Fox
Dennis -The janitor of the flat- Bert Elliott
Rodney Morris -Who calls on Miss Perkins under difficulties     Ernest Patterson
Mrs. Harding -Another flat dweller- Minnie Brinegar
Robert Dare -Mrs. H's brother- Paul Stansberry
Fred Albright -Just returned from Europe- John Cupp
Cholly Chumleigh -Who is not one sharp- Wm. Parkin
Minister   Theodore Murdy

~~ Source: The 1946 Moulton High School Annual Book (some years are missing)

~~ contributed by Alice and Wayne Daniels