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Sixteen School
Section 16, Linton twp. No. 4

A bit of info.: County Superintendent's School Notes - 1872

old Sixteen School - Linton No. 4
Sixteen School - Linton No. 4

George Ashbacher
George Ashbacher

The old Sixteen School (Linton No. 4) which George Ashbacher and his siblings attended, and where his mother taught, is now available for rent by the day or week.  George says half a century ago he did not feel as kindly toward the old school as he now does.

~Allamakee Journal, Lansing, Iowa, 1990s
~Contributed by Errin Wilker


Linton Township No. 4
School Teachers 1906-1958

Mila F. Collins, 1906–1907

Pearl Bywater, Spring 1907

Grace Dickson, Fall 1907

Lula May Kinyon, Winter 1907, Spring 1908

Mary Mullaney, Winter 1908

Lura Deal, Winter 1909, Spring 1909

Mabel Anderson, Spring 1910

Adah Rippe, Fall 1910

Susie O'Hara, Winter 1910

Lura Deal, Spring 1911

Frances Ulish, Fall 1911, Winter 1911

Blanches Hulse, Spring, Fall & Winter 1912

Hazel Blackwell, Spring 1913, Fall 1913

Kathryn Farley, Winter 1913

Blanche Hulse, Spring 1914

Winifred Mullen, Fall & Winter 1914, Spring 1915

Hazel Jones, Fall & Winter 1915, Spring 1916
Anna Broderick, Fall 1916

Elsie Laabe, Winter 1916, Spring 1917, 1917–1918

Mary Frye 1918–1919, Fall 1919

Mrs. David Russell, Winter 1919, Spring & Fall 1920

Anna Larkin, Winter 1920

Ella Cahalan, Spring 1921

Anna Ward, Fall 1921

Cecil Hartley, Winter 1921

Lorraine Byrnes, Fall 1922

Marie A'Hearn, Fall 1923

Dorothy Collins, Winter 1923, Spring 1924

Barbara Saddler 1924–1925, 1925–1926

Clara Guider, 1926–1927, 1927–1928

Mrs. Ella Thompson,1928–1929

Pansy Austin, 1929–1930

Anne Schroeder, 1930–1931, 1931–1932, 1932–1933

Glenna Albrook, 1933–1934, 1934–1935, 1935–1936
Florence Sherman, 1936–1937, 1937–1938

Dorothy Benda, 1938–1939, 1939–1940, 1940–1941

Raphaelle Unterberger, 1941–1942, 1942–1943

Alberta Unterberger, 1943–1944

Carla Dickman, 1944–1945

Mrs. Helen Weinberg, 1945–1946

Alyce Palmer, 1946–1947

Mrs. Darlene Leas, 1947–1948, 1948–1949

Marcella Cowell, 1949–1950

Mrs. Darlene Leas, 1950–1951 (4 months)

Mrs. Maxine Thorstenson, 1950–1951 (5 months)

Helene Baker, 1951–1952 (3 months)

Mrs. Darlene Leas, 1951–1952 (6 months)

Mrs. Jean Monserud, 1952–1953, 1953–1954

Mrs. Mabel Ashbacher, 1954–1955, 1955–1956, 1956–1957

Mrs. Eleanor Schmidt, 1956–1957 (1 month)

Mrs. Mabel Ashbacher, 1957–1958

~Darlene (Rush) Leas – former teacher and wife of Neil Leas. Neil attended the school.
~June Nichols, former student at the Sixteen school

Contributor & transcriber:
~Connie L. (Kelly) Ellis


The photo below was taken sometime between the 1947/1948 school year and the 1950/51 school year.

Linton #4, Sixteen school - bet 1847 & 1951

Contributor's note: The back of this picture listed the names of the teacher and students but it did not indicate if the list was right to left or left to right. I am assuming that since the list started with the teacher the list is from right to left – at least for the back row. Because several student’s names were unknown, I am not certain that the order of the names will be correct based on where they are standing.

Back Row (R-L):
Darlene (Rush) Leas – School teacher
Arlene Fish
Cornelia Neuhring
Donna McMillan
unknown girl

Middle Row (R-L):
Emmett O’Neil
Margaret O’Neil
Charles Unertl
Billy McMillan

Front Row (R-L):
Unknown girl
Jeanne McMillan
Charlene Nichols

~Source: June Nichols' picture collection and former student of the Sixteen School
~Contributor: Connie L. (Kelly) Ellis


The photo below Students of students attending Sixteen School, Linton #4 about 1957-58

Sixteen School, Linton #4 about 1957-58

Back Row (L-R):
Gary Monserud
Floyd “Sonny” Ashbacher
Francis Ashbacher
Elaine Nichols
Middle Row (L-R):
Vicki Monserud
Leland Hertrampf (wearing striped shirt)
Lawrence Benda
June Nichols
Front Row (L-R):
Clayton Monserud (wearing the overalls)
Bruce Monserud
Mary Benda

~Source: June Nichols' picture collection and former student of the Sixteen School
~Contributor: Connie L. (Kelly) Ellis

List of students who attended Linton Township No. 4
September 2, 1930 – May 1958

George Leas
Dale Leas
Cletus Unterberger
Vera Hamm
Raphaella Unterberger
Henry Schlitter
Leonard Sawvell
Leo Grady
Edwin Hawkins
Evelyn Leas
Mabel Sawvell
Lena Schlitter
Gladis Sawvell
Fred Schlitter
LaRene Leas
Genevieve Hawkins
Guy Brown
Joseph Erickson
Alberta Unterberger
Norma Fredendall
Bertha Schlitter
Laura Schlitter
Madonna Hawkins
Dale Fredendall
Neil Leas
Wayne Genz
LeRoy Sawvell
Guy Hamm
Steve Fredendall
Dan Grady
Ruby Sawvell
Evelyn Genz
Lester Hanson
Lloyd Hanson
Leonard Hanson
LeRoy Hanson
Maxine Leas
Leonard Russell
Jay Davis
Billie Munger
Mary Lehn
Wesley Munger
Ruth Hargesheimer
Allen Leas
Lucille Leas
Ruth Hawkins
Beatrice Nichols
Jean Schmidt
Donald Snitker
Lawrence Fredendall
Bernice Hamm
Eldon Leas
Robert Leas
Herbert Schmidt
Bernice Genz
Joan Curran
Lela Nichols
Mary Curran
Janet Schmidt
Carol Ralston
Catherine Ralston
Betty Lehn
Phyllis Fredendall
Zella Hargesheimer
Betty Stafford
Robert Stafford
Marvin Hawkins
George Ashbacher
Arvid Leas
Eunice Hawkins
Ramona Weido
Earl Sass
Phyllis Ashbacher
Walter Weido
Barton Hamm
Roland Genz
Robert Hawkins
Virgil Larson
Cornelia Neuhring
Eleanor Sass
Kenneth Hamm
Ardis Ashbacher
Darlene Hertrampf
Donald Hertrampf
Marcella Hertrampf
Lawrence Larson
Bernard O'Neill
Dorothy O'Neill
Emmett O'Neill
Margaret O'Neill
Lester Sass
Alfred Topel
Darlene Topel
Donald Topel
Eileen Topel
Robert Topel
Norman Larson
Harlan Standorf
Ronald Standorf
Arlene Fish
Betty McMillan
Billy McMillan
Jeanne McMillan
Charlene Nichols
Charles Unertl
Delores Ashbacher
Wayne Topel
Patricia Blegen
Edward Blegen
Kenneth Fish
Arland Halverson
Barbara Leas
Patricia Hertrampf
Melvin Larson
Carol Nichols
Connie Jones
Barbara Jones
Frances Jones
Shirley Harry
Donald Harry
Judy Kay Harry
Joyce Harry
David Halverson
Cleo Jones
Gary Topel
Gary Monserud
Floyd Ashbacher
Frances Ashbacher
Vickie Monserud
Elaine Nichols
James Leas
Leland Hertrampf
Bruce Monserud
June Nichols
Lawrence Benda
Clayton Monserud
John Ricky Ewing
Mary Benda

~Darlene (Rush) Leas – former teacher and wife of Neil Leas. Neil attended the school.
~June Nichols, former student at the Sixteen school
Contributor & transcriber:
~Connie L. (Kelly) Ellis


Sixteen School Reunion, 1975

Sixteen School held a picnic and reunion on Sun., July 6 in a park near Rossville. A potluck dinner was served at noon.

Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Leas & Ronnie, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Leas, Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Unterberger, Elaine Nichols & Michael, June Nichols and Michelle, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Nichols and Chad, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Thorstenson and Ken, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Benda, Sr. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brown, Mrs. Leroy Bollman and family, all of Waterville; Mr. Harmey Russell, New Boston, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schlitter and Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. Wray Brown, Mrs. Hazel Letterman, all of Davenport; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ludvig and family, Strawberry Point; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Titch, Decorah; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Benda Jr. and family, Mrs. Louise Leas, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Leas and Jim, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Mowat and Kirky, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grady, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gjefle, Mr. George Ashbacher, Mrs. Curtis Schoenthal, all of Waukon; Mrs. Lena Linville, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bulman, Laurie Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Bulman, all of Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Dorothy Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wendel and Sandra, Mr. and Mrs. James Wilder and family all of Postville; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Swanson, Alan and Tim, Illinois City, Ill.; Mrs. Fritz P. Schlitter, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Genz, all of Bettendorf; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brown, Hanover, Ill.; Chris Cassidy (?), Marion; Julie Hamm, Dubuque; Elbert and Dave Cahoon, Monona; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wagner, Lansing; Mr. and Mrs. Leon May, New Albin; Mrs. Laura Valley, Le Claire, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Small, Bloomington, and Mrs. Ed O'Connell and family, Eastman, Wis.

Teachers included in the list are Mrs. Ray Schlitter, Mrs. Neil Leas, Mrs. Floyd Thorstenson, Mrs. Kenneth Wendel, Mrs. Francis Wagner, Mrs. Leon May.

~The Billboard, Thursday, July 10, 1975, Monona, Clayton co., IA, pg 5
~contributed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


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