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Rural School Graduates

The Rural Eighth Grade Commencement will be held in Waukon Opera House on Wednesday afternoon, June 2, commencing at two o'clock. A class of 158 will be graduated. Twenty-four of these are Honor Students; that is, they are in the upper fifteen percent of the class. The Honor Students and other graduates from the selection of the counties are:

Honor Students
Marian Tomlinson, Jefferson No. 8; LaVon Swenson, Franklin No. 7; Bennie Fiet, Ludlow No. 7; Zana Mae Harris, West Grove, Post; Mary Johnson, Jefferson No. 8.

Other Graduating Students
Irene Brainard and Mae Kraby of Franklin No. 3; Ella Barth, Earl Chamberlain, and Harlan Chamberlain, of Franklin No. 4; Lester Barth, Vernis Engelhardt and Marian Ricker, Franklin No. 5; Leo Bollman, Franklin No. 6; Rosemarie Morch, Franklin No. 7; Norma Barr, Franklin No. 8; Freda Dickson and Carol Moose, Franklin No. 9; Goldie Barrett and Edna McCracken, Franklin No. 11.

Kenneth Tomlinson, Jefferson No. 8; Ray Brainard, Evergreen; Harold Seidel, Lybrand; Ernest Wullner, Minert; Gretta Evans, Jean Folsom and Betty Lawson, Myron; George Harris, West Grove, all in Post township.

Harriet Goeke and Delores Kruger, Ludlow No. 1; Amos Kruger, Robert Snitker and Willis Suckow, Ludlow No. 3; Marietta Baumgartner, Ludlow No. 4; Alice Helming, Arlo Klein and Irene Meyer, Ludlow No. 5; Gladys Hermeier, Norma Kostman and Gertrude Lawson, Ludlow No. 7; Irvin Flage, Ludlow No. 8; Calvin Snitker and Lester Walby, Ludlow No. 9.

~Postville Herald, Thursday, May 20,1937, Postville, Iowa, Page 7 ~contributed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


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