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Miscellaneous Waukon School Items

Note: unless otherwise credited the items on this page were contributed by Cindy Maust Smith

Henry Frank Kling
Waukon schools principal, 1891-1893

...A letter from H.F. Kling, Evansville, Wis., discloses the fact that he has accepted the principalship of the Waukon schools for three years. ~New Hampton Tribune, June 16, 1891, New Hampton, IA, Page 4

The Waukon Democrat has a very complimentary notice of Prof. Kling, who is to take charge of the Waukon schools in the fall.
~Waukon Democrat reprinted by Iowa Postal Card, Friday, June 26,1891, Fayette, IA, Page 4

Prof. Kling has been re-elected to his position in the Waukon school. ~The Fayette Collegian, Wednesday, June 1, 1892, Fayette, IA, Page 13

Prof. Kling of the Waukon schools had occasion to administer punishment to Lizzie DeHaven, one of his pupils last Monday. She had him arrested on the charge of assault and battery, and a hearing of the case is set for next Saturday. ~The Graphic, Thursday morning, March 16, 1893, Postville, IA, Page 4

The case against Prof. Kling of Waukon, has been withdrawn, so says an exchange. ~Elkader Argus, Wednesday morning, April 26, 1893, Elkader, IA, Page 5

Prof. Kling has been non-elected as principal of the Waukon schools here. Mr. Coffeen, of Decorah, will try his luck at licking - we mean whipping the big girls over there. Henry F. out to preach, as then he will be sure of a job somewhere. ~The Iowa Postal Card, Friday, May 5, 1893, Fayette, IA, Page 8

Many schoolmasters in Wisconsin will recall H.F. Kling, once principal of the high school at Evansville, this state, and now head of the Webster School in Chicago. According to the Record-Herald of March 17th, Mrs. Kling has been brought up before the school board charged with wrongfully disposing of school books. The case against him seemed to be so clearly established that it was moved and seconded that he be dismissed from the service and that the charges be turned over to an attorney with the view of criminal prosecution. This treatment, however, seemed a little too harsh - even in Chicago - and he was found guilty of a "flagrant violation of the rules to be transferred and placed on probation for four months." It is understood by that time he resigned. ~Wisconsin Journal of Medicine, Vol. 38, 1906, Page 149

Prof. Kling Exonerated - The Chicago papers have been giving space to a difficulty which Prof. Henry Kling has been having. It originated in the charge that Mr. Kling had violated the rules of the board in some matter pertaining to the exchange of school books. Some persons tried to make it appear that he had been guilty of appropriating money to his own use, but the school board voted their sentiment that he was innocent entirely of that, though technically his actions in the book exchange matter had not been strictly according to rules. Mr. Kling is quoted as saying he will bring an action against two of the board for malicious libel. A petition was signed by a large number of the patrons of the Webster school, asking that he be kept in their school as principal. Our people who know Henry Kling will be slow to believe that he has been dishonest in the slightest particular. ~New Hampton Gazette, Thursday, April 5, 1906, New Hampton, IA, Page 1

Henry Kling Obituary


State Superintendent Akers has just decided an appeal case brought to him from Allamakee county, involving the right of a principle or school board to make certain regulations for the government of a school. In the case presented a rule was in existance providing that "any scholar who shall be absent five half days in four consecutive weeks without any excuse from parent or guardian satisfactory to the teacher," shall be suspended.

Maud Baker, a pupil in the Waukon schools, was absent without cause, and when called to account for it said she had gone on a fishing excursion and expected to go the next week following. She was dismissed by the principal and he was sustained by the board, but the County Superintendent reversed the decision because of the lack of any such power.

The State Superintendent says: "The case turns, therefore, upon the power of the board to establish and enforce a rule providing for the suspension of pupils who are absent a given number of days or half days without a given time, without a satisfactory excuse. The point has been fully discussed and settled by our Supreme Court. * * * We are compelled to overrule the decision of the County Superintendent and to sustain the action of the board."

~Wright County Monitor, Wednesday, November 3, 1896, Clarion, Iowa, Page 4


What fair is pioneer in educational work? Waukon, of course. $750.00 to pupils and teachers this year. County Sup't Smith and Miss Alice Duffy are the Superintendents.
~The Graphic, August 19, 1897, Postville, IA, pg 3

Carrie Barden
Waukon schools, First Assistant Principal, 1899-1902

Miss Carrie Barden has been elected First Asst. Principal in the Waukon schools. ~West Union Gazette, Thursday, June 1, 1899, West Union, IA, pg 5 (Purely Personal column)

Miss Carrie Barden has been retained for another year as assistant at Waukon.
The Waukon Standard says that Miss Carrie Barden is engaged for teacher at $60 per month.
~West Union Gazette, Friday, April 20 & 27, 1900

Miss Barden, who has been first assistant principal of schools at Waukon, did not make application for re-election, although her friends there urged her to do so and hope that she may reconsider her determination. ~Iowa Postal Card, Thursday, May 16, 1901, Fayette, IA, pg 8 (College Cosmos column)

Miss Barden, first assistant principal, received an offer from Des Moines yesterday, to assume a position there at a tempting advance in salary. She tendered her resignation to the board but they declined to accept it. ~Iowa Postal Card, Thursday, February 13, 1902, Fayette, IA, pg 8 (College Cosmos column, originally from the Waukon Democrat)

Miss Barden, assistant principal, has received an offer to teach at Brainard, Minn., which she is disposed to accept. She had been re-elected to her position here but it was with the understanding that she could be released at any time. The Brainard offer is $70 per month, and her duties require her to teach English Literature only. ~Iowa Postal Card, Thursday, May 22, 1902, Fayette, IA, pg 8 (from the Waukon Democrat)


Miss Hattie McLean departed Saturday for Waukon. Shortly before leaving she received the welcome news that she had been unanimously elected to continue her work as music teacher in the Waukon schools next year. In addition to her work in music in the twelve grades she has two classes in history.
~The Postal Card, Thursday, April 16, 1903, Fayette, Iowa, pg 8

Mary Kleespie, Waukon HS Principal
(source: Traer Star-Clipper, Traer, Tama co. IA - various dates June 1911 thru May 1914)

~Miss Mary Kleespie has been elected principal of the Waukon high school at $75 per month.

~Miss Mary Kleespie goes to Waukon today to be ready for her school work Monday. She is to be principal of the Waukon high school the ensuing year.

~Miss Mary Kleespie did not return from Waukon with her mother, as her school does not close until next week. She has been re-elected principal of the Waukon school for another year at a salary of $80 per month.

~Mrs. A. Kleespie goes to Des Moines this week to accompany her daughter Mary, teacher in the Waukon schools, to the State Teachers' association.

~Miss Mary Kleespie has been re-elected to the position of principal of the Waukon schools at a salary of $80 per month.

~The following, clipped from the Register and Leader, will be of interest to Traer readers, owing to the fact that Miss Mary Kleespie is secretary of the association referred to: "The Big Five Teachers" association will meet at Waukon, May 2 and 3. This is one of the large educational gatherings of the state. Five to six hundred teachers of northeast Iowa are expected to enroll.

~Miss Mary Kleespie has been re-elected principal of the public high school at Waukon, Ia.

~Miss Mary Kleespie, who has been the principal of the high school at Waukon, Iowa, several years, will not return next year, although urged strongly by the board and offered a good increase in salary. It is her intention to remain at home with her mother.

Stuart F. Brokaw, Waukon teacher, principal, superintendent
source: Manchester Democrat (Delaware co. IA) - various issues & dates August 1914 thru May 1914

~Stuart Brokaw, one of the year's graduates of Lenox College, has a position for the coming year in the public schools of Waukon, to teach agriculture, physics, and geometry - August 26, 1914

~Prof. Stuart Brokaw was at home last week for his spring vacation. - April 4, 1917

~Stuart Brokaw is at home from Waukon for the summer vacation. He has taught in Waukon for two years and has again been offered the position of principal. - June 20, 1917

~Stuart Brokaw is spending the holiday season with his parents. He has been principal of the schools at Waukon for a couple of years and has now advanced to the position of superintendent of the schools. He is a graduate of Lenox College.- January 2, 1918

~Misses Franc Brokaw and Laura Larson and Harry Brokaw and Gordon Dunlap attended the commencement exercises of which Prof. S.F. Brokaw is principal, and had the privelage of hearing ex-president Taft.- June 26, 1918

~Stuart Brokaw, who was in the Chemical Research work at Cleveland, Ohio, has been discharged and has been offered his former position as superintendent of the public schools of Waukon.- January 1, 1919

~Prof. Stuart Brokaw has again been elected superintendent of the schools of Waukon, a position he resigned to enter the service. He has taught there for several years and his re-election has proven that he has given satisfaction.- May 14, 1919

~Superintendent Brokaw expects to enter some university next year for a special course of study. (Republican Standard reprinted in the The Fayette County Union, Thursday, April 13, 1922)

Notes: Stuart Farrand Brokaw served as Waukon schools superintendent until he resigned in 1922. He was born December 12, 1891 and passed away May 6, 1979. He is interred at Mormon Coulee Memorial Park Cemetery in La Crosse, Wisconsin


Waukon, Aug. 21 - Special: The Waukon high school will begin the fall term September 5 with the following corps of teachers:

Chas F. Pye, superintendent
Sarah Paine Hoffman, principle; German and Latin
Hazel Stillman, English and public speaking
S.(?) Brokaw, agriculture, physics and chemistry
(?) Jack, economics and mathematics
Ruth Shepard, history and geography
Howard Leech, manual training, bookkeeping, athletics
May C. Tench, music, penmanship
Faye Thomas, domestic science, drawing
Chas. A. Phillips, high school orchestra
Ethel Smith, primary mathematics, grammar

Grade teachers: Hazel LaFleur, Gertrude Ney, Jessie Fossum, Blanche Dial, Calia Rose, Lida Hewitt, Lizzie Spaulding, Ethel Smith.

This will be the last term probably for the high school in the old building as it is expected the handsome new $(6or8)5,000 school will be finished by the first of the year.

~Cedar Rapids Daily Republican, August 25, 1916, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 3

~transcriber's note- the copy was difficult to read and errors may exist.


Miss Bernice Moore has given up the position of seventh and eighth grade teacher at Randalia, to which she had been elected for next year to accept the position at Waukon of sixth grade teacher and director of the school playground. The place is a more responsible one, and at a higher salary. Miss Moore has specialized in girls' athletic games at Cornell College for the past two years, preparing her for just such a position as is offered her at Waukon.
~Fayette County Leader, Thursday, August 2, 1917, Fayette, IA, pg 6 (West Union news column)


We are greatly pleased to learn that A.R. McCook, new superintendent of the Shell Rock schools, has been elected to a like position at Waukon, Iowa, at a salary of $1800 a year. Prof. McCook is one of the state's best educators and Waukon is one of the best towns in the 4th Congressional district and we congratulate both that circumstances have combined to place a good man at the head of a good school.
~Cresco Plain Dealer, reprinted by The Iowa Recorder, Wednesday, April 24, 1918, Greene, Iowa, pg 1


Waukon, July 27 - Special: Normal training certificates were issued to the following pupils of the Waukon and Postville schools :

Waukon - Mildred Entwisle, Margaret Collins, Mary Frye, Carolyn Helming, Lottie Jones, Selina Mcgorden, Hazel Melke, Helen Vold, and Gertrude Williams

Postville - Edward Burdick, Clara Grant, Joe Harris, Fred Leuh, Harold Phipps and Elsie Shellhammer

~Cedar Rapids Republican, Sunday, July 28, 1918, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 3
~transcriber's note - the copy was difficult to read and errors may exist


On next Monday, September 9th, the Waukon High School and the grades will open their doors to the many students who will again take up their duties in the class rooms. The staff of teachers is complete for each department, though some changes have been made. Following is a list of the teachers who will have charge of the different departments and grades this year; giving their address and the salary which each one is to receive:

Supt. A. R. McCook, Shell Rock, $1800.
Miss Mayme Wise, Decorah, Manual Training, $95.
Miss Pearl Vanzee, Pella, Normal Training, $95.
Miss Mary Hazel Johnson, Cedar Rapids, Commercial, $95.
Miss Mina Weisbard, Cedar Falls, History and English, $95.
Miss Mae Cecil Tench, Epworth, Penmanship and music, $90.
Miss Carrie Turrentine, Waukon, Industrial History, $85.
Miss Bernice Pratt, Waukon, Home Economics, $95.
Miss Hazel Stillman, Waukon, English, $100.
Miss Eunice Hartley, Waukon, Latin, $90.
Miss Esther Opfer, Waukon, Science, $90.
Miss Nellie Jones, Waukon, Eighth Grade, $65.
Miss Gertrude Ney, Waukon, Seventh Grade, $70.
Miss Lydia Carter, Waukon, Sixth Grade, $70.
Miss Blanche Dial, Waukon, Fifth Grade, $70.
Miss Grace Purdy, Waukon, Fourth Grade, $70.
Miss Lida Hewit, Waukon, third Grade, $70.
Miss Lizzie Spaulding, Waukon, Second Grade, $70.
Miss Ethel Smith, Waukon, First Grade, $70.

~Waukon Standard, September 6, 1918
~newspaper article was contributed by Janet Koozer
~transcribed by Diana Diedrich


WAUKON, May 23, 1919
- Mr. Henry, who had charge of the Commercial work in the high school last year has been elected to the same position for next year at a salary of $1,170(?). He has been holding a similar position at Teepahawk, Wis., since his discharge from service in the radio department. Miss Cynthia DeWitt, who has been teaching at Oelwein, has been elected to the sixth grade of the Waukon schools and Miss Carter, who has been holding that position, has been advanced to the eighth.

- Miss Cecil May Tench has resigned her position of which is causing much regret by pupils as well as patrons. She has conducted the music and penmanship departments for eight years. Each year she and the Girls Glee Club have given recitals and entertainments and last month that work seemed to reach its climax in the presentation by the Girls Glee club under her direction, of the American operetta, "The Feast of the Little Red Corn," which was given before the largest crowd the opera house ever held. She will pursue her line of work by study in some college. Her home is at Epworth, Ia.

~Daily Republican, Saturday, May 24, 1919, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 5

Emil Carl Elkema, Waukon school superintendent 1922-1925

Saturday evening the school board met to select a superintendent for the Waukon schools for the ensuing year. After carefully considering all applications it was decided to employ E.C. Elkema of Maynard, Iowa. S.F. Brokaw, the present superintendent, was not an applicant for the position. Mr. Elkema is a graduate of Upper Iowa university, is married, and about 30 years of age. He began his career as a teacher in a country school, taught in the high school at Fayette, and at present is superintendent of the Maynard consolidated schools, where he has been employed for two years. In all he has taught seven years. The salary for the position will remain unchanged at $2,500 for the school year. Mr. Elkema comes very highly recommended, and there is every reason to believe that the school will be continued on the same high standard as in the past. Superintendent Brokaw expects to enter some university next year for a special course of study.
~Republican Standard reprinted in the The Fayette County Union, Thursday, April 13, 1922, Fayette, Iowa, pg 7

At a special meeting of the school board on Friday evening last Supt. E.C. Elkema tendered his resignation as superintendent of the Waukon public schools, to take effect at the end of the present school year, and same was accepted. He had a remaining year to serve under a three year contract, but an apparent lack of harmony in his relations with the board has arisen and he voluntarily retired.
~Waukon Democrat reprinted in the Fayette County Leader, Thursday, April 9, 1925, Fayette, Iowa, pg 1


Miss Netta Yeager, who has been holding a position as teacher in the school of Waukon, Ia., the past year, returned home Sunday evening. Miss Yeager has taught at Waukon for the past two years and has been re-elected to the same position for the next school year, which is a splendid recommendation for Miss Yeager.
~Milford Mail, Thursday, June 5, 1924, Milford, Iowa, pg 4


The classes of the Waukon high school met Friday for the purpose of organization. The following are the class officers and sponsors for this year.

Seniors- A.E. Wolters, Evelyn Leggo, sponsors; Marie Wirkler, president; Edward Sullivan, vice-president; Margaret Hutchinson, secretary; Evelyn Thompson, treasurer.

Juniors- Cora Rueggenmeier, Mary Ronan, sponsors; Marian Peterson, president; Frederick Helming, vice-president; Phillip Tayor or Taylor(?), secretary; Anna Hager, treasurer.

Sophomores- Rosa Langenberg, Louise Kubesh, sponsors; Joyce He(?)r, president; Clarence Springer, vice-president; Paul Elliker, secretary-treasurer.

Freshmen- E.J. McCreary, Dorothy Helming, sponsors; John Helming, president; Marian Steffen, vice-president; Marian Steffen, secretary; Vincent Manning, treasurer.

~Cedar Rapids Republican, Monday, October 4, 1926, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 4
~Note: The names were difficult to read and there may be errors

Fifty-two Years a Grade Teacher

Waukon Republican and Standard, April 23, 1931, Page 1

Miss Lizzie Spaulding was re-elected teacher of the second grade of the Waukon public schools Monday for the fifty-third consecutive year. This remarkable record has been neither equaled nor approached in the history of the Waukon schools. Miss Spaulding's re-election after fifty-two years service comes as recognition of her continued efficiency and fitness for the position. Pupils of her grade the past few years have in many instances been children and grandchildren of those she has taught in the earlier years of her teaching career.

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Spaulding obituary

Emma Townsend

Guttenberg Press, Thursday, September 29, 1932, Guttenberg, Iowa, Page 6

Waukon-Miss Emma Townsend, for more than eighty years a resident of Allamakee county, now residing at Gladstone, Michigan, is passing her eighty-eighth birthday today. Comparatively few reach that advanced age and rarely indeed, are those who can look back on eighty three years of continuous good health. That has been Miss Townsend's experience for she never had the services of a doctor.

Miss Townsend came with her parents to Allamakee county when she was a girl of six years and she resided here until about a year ago. She was one of the very first rural school teachers in Allamakee county, her first school being in Paulk district in Makee township.

Emma Townsend obituary


Waukon High School Debate Team
The Waukon high school debating team consisting of Shirley Griebel and Dorothy Carter, affirmative, and Genevieve Griebel and Ida Collins, negative, is participating in the Northeastern Iowa district contest at Cedar Falls this weekend.

~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, February 23, 1935, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, page 25


Waukon HS Staff & salaries
WAUKON - The school board Wednesday elected teachers. Supt. B.K. Orr was elected last year for a three-year term at a salary of $2500.

The salaries of all the teachers elected, including the librarian and two janitors, were raised $100.

The staff:
M.H.Goede, principal,$1,450; R.M. Warnock, science, $1,450; L.D. Orr, mathematics, $1,450; Arnold Koester, German, $1,200; Merle
Ronan, science and history, $1,250; Cora Ruggemeier, normal training, $1200; Phyllis Jacobson, English, $1,225; Lois Grimm, English, $1,200; Mary Johnson, commercial, $1,050; Howard Moffitt, mathematics and coach, $1,300; Althea Beeman, English, $1,050; Marie Olson, home economics, $1,100; Francis Hogle, music, $950; Lydia Carter, eighth grade, $870; Florence Helming, seventh grade, $870; Mary Snively, sixth grade, $780; Miriam Depping, fifth grade, $780; Frances Steffen, fourth grade, $780; Lydia Schuke, third grade, $780, Frances Bieber, second grade, $780; Ethel Smith, first grade, $780; Charles W. Phillips, band, $700; Mrs. Martha Stilwell, librarian, Fred Jones and Gary Ahlstrom, janitors, $90 each.

~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, April 13, 1935, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 5


Waukon School Board
Dr. R.R. Jeffries was re-elected president of the Waukon school board at a meeting held Monday evening. T.M. Intelkofer and E.W. Hastings were sworn in as directors. Other members of the board are Bert Grimm and John Dotseth.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Thursday, March 19, 1936, pg 3


Waukon Public School Instructors
The Waukon public schools will open Tuesday for the fifty-eighth year. The Smith-Hughes course in agriculture has been added this year and Marlo Pitcher of Collins has been obtained as teacher. B.K. Orr starts his twelfth year as superintendent.

Other instructors in junior college and high school will be M.H. Goede, principal; Howard Moffitt, coach; Anaruth Wareberg, music; Merle Ronan, Mary Johnson, Phyllis Jacobson, Cora Rueggenmeier, Lois Grimm, Marie Olson, (?) Koester, Althea Beeman, Richard Warnock, Merlin Westwick. The grade instructors are: Lydia Carter, Florence Helming, Mary Snively, Miriam Depping, Frances Steffen, Lydia Schukei, Frances Bieber, Ethel Smith. Mrs. Martha Stillwell was re-elected librarian and S.D. Gratke of Edgewood was elected by the school board Wednesday as instructor in band music.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, August 29, 1936, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, page 3


Class officers of Waukon High School and Junior College were elected Wednesday as follows:

Junior College - Marjorie Meiners, president; Lawrence Anderson, vice-president; James Cassidy, secretary-treasurer

Senior class - Donald Hutchinson, president; James Martin, vice-president; Francis Intlekofer(?), secretary-treasurer

Junior class - William Dougherty, president; Mayhew Eaton, vice-president; Gordon Rumph, secretary-treasurer

Sophomore class - Calvin DeBuhr, president; Kathleen Griebel, vice-president; Geraldine Kelly, secretary-treasurer

Freshman class - Roger Martin, president; Lorraine Beardmore, secretary-treasurer

~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Friday, October 9, 1936, pg 19


At a meeting of the Waukon school board, instructors were chosen to fill the vacancies caused by the resignation of Miriam Depping, Mrs. Althea Beeman Sage and R.M. Warnock.

Gladys Hagen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagen of Paint Creek township will succeed Miss Depping in the fifth grade. The latter retires to take a course in advanced mathematics at the University of Iowa.

Theodore Fallesen of Humboldt has been elected Latin and English instructor, succeeding Mrs. Sage. He is a graduate of St. Olaf college and the University of Iowa.

R.M. Warnock, who resigned as instructor in chemistry, will be succeeded by Daniel G. Loetscher of Sibley.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Thursday, July 29, 1937, Cedar Rapids, IA; pg 10


Daniel G. Loetscher of Sibley, who was elected instructor in the Waukon public schools last week, did not accept the position, and Paul Merkle of New Jersey was elected to the position Tuesday evening by the board of education. Mr. Merkle is a graduate of the University of Iowa. The last year he has been a chemist with the Palmolive Soap Company. Miss Marjorie Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto P. Martin, has been elected second grade teacher in the public schools here. The position was made vacant by the resignation of Miss Frances Bieber. Miss Martin is a graduate of the Waukon High School and Junior College. The last two years she taught in the schools at Rossville.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, August 7, 1937, pg 21


WAUKON - A new club for the parents of members of the Waukon high school band has been organized, Gilman Hanson is president; the Rev. F.E. Stucki, vice-president; Mrs. Merton Palmer, secretary-treasurer; S.D. Gratke is band instructor.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, September 25, 1937, Cedar Rapids, IA, pg 3


A light vote was cast at the Waukon school election Monday because of no opposition to Dr. R.R. Jeffreys(sic) and John Dotseth, candidates for directors to succeed themselves. Jeffreys(sic) received 76 and Dotseth 78.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Tuesday, March 15, 1938, pg 11
~Note: The correct spelling is Jeffries.


High school class officers for the ensuing year as follows:
Senior class- Vernon Erickson, president; Delpha Thoma, vice-president.

Junior class - Lois Bulman, president; John Bresnahan, vice-president and Ella Stock, secretary-treasurer.

Sophomore class - Thelma Normann, president; Robert Eaton, vice-president; Benjamin Fiet, secretary-treasurer.

Freshman class - Earl Erickson, president; Shirley Beardmore, vice-president; Nona Kelly, secretary-treasurer.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, February 18, 1939, Page 3 (Eastern Iowa News column) ~contributed by Cindy Maust Smith


Superintendent Orr Begins 15th Year
B.K. Orr, superintendent of Waukon Public Schools, will begin his fifteenth year as the head of the Waukon Schools next Tuesday when the first clases of the 1939 - 1940 school year will convene. Mr. Orr will have under him a faculty of 25 for the grade, high and junior college departments.

Note: Bert Kenton Orr served as superintendent of the Waukon schools until April 1942. He died June 9, 1964 in Wisconsin.
Monona Leader, Thursday, September 7, 1939, Monona, Iowa. Page 2


Waukon To Dedicate New School Sunday
Dedication of Waukon's new public school addition, costing approximately $105,000, will be held Sunday afternoon. The main address will be given by Miss Jessie Parker, state superintendent of public instruction. The address of welcome will be given by Dr. R.R. Jeffries, president of the school board, and the history of the new building will be given by Secretary F.H. Meierkord.

Other speakers will be Charles F. Pye, Des Moines, former superintendent of the Waukon public schools, and until lately secretary of the State Teacher's Association; Charles Altfillisch, architect, Decorah; R.A. Radford, regional director of WPA, and Supt. B.K. Orr. Soloists will be Dwight Agnew, Genevieve Griebel, Gwendolyn Prestemon. The high school glee club will also contribute musical numbers. Following the program the building will be open for public inspection.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Friday, January 27, 1939, pg 8

Ethel Smith resigns teaching after 47 years in Allamakee county

Cedar Rapids Gazette, Thursday, May 30, 1940, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Page 12

Waukon Primary Teacher Resigns After 47 Years

WAUKON - Miss Ethel Smith, veteran Allamakee county teacher, has resigned as primary instructor in the Waukon public schools, a position she held for 47 years.

Miss Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Smith was born in Center township, but the greater part of her life has been spent in Waukon. She was graduated from the public schools in 1889, after which she engaged in teaching, first in the rural schools, at New Albin and Oelwein, before becoming a member of the Waukon teaching staff in 1893.

Ethel Smith obituary


WAUKON - The public schools will open Monday. Sup. B.K. Orr announced that military training and physical fitness courses have been added this year and will be under the direction of Ivan Blackmer, new coach and science instructor. Three teaching positions are yet to be filled. The faculty includes the following: B.K. Orr, superintendent; M.H. Goede, principal; Ivan Blackmer, coach and natural science; Dorothy Dickson, music; Robert Hager, Smith-Hughes agriculture; Calvin Hueneman, language and English; Phyllis Jacobson, English and speech; Beulah Neprud, English and education; Lois Olson, language and English; Darwin Maurer, band; Marie Olson, home economics; Cora Rueggemeier, normal training; Lawrence Rowe, science; O.E. Salls, social science and coach; Martha Stillwell, librarian. Grades: Lydia Carter, eighth; Mary Snively, seventh; Stella Quamme, fifth; Frances Steffen, fourth; Lydia Schuke, third; Olga Grangaard, second; Myrtle Peterson, first.

~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday, August 29, 1942, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Page 3


B. H. Graeber - Superintendent of Schools – 1944 and 1945
W.W. Owen - High School Principal – 1944 and 1945
R.R. Jeffries - Board of Education President – 1944
E.W. Hastings - Board Member – 1944; and Board of Education President – 1945
F. M. Intlekofer - Board of Education member – 1944 and 1945
A. N. Olson - Board of Education member – 1944 and 1945
G. B. Richter - Board of Education member – 1944
Mrs. Guy Eaton - Board of Education member – 1945
A.P. Hummel - Board of Education member – 1945
C.H. Megorden - Board of Education member – 1945
Jean Raymond - School Secretary – 1945

1944 & 1945 FACULTY

Marie Broghammer - Education, Science – 1944
Elvira Carstenson - Home Economics – 1944 and 1945
Angelen Darzes - Vocal Music – 1944
R. F. Hager - Vocational Agriculture – 1944 and 1945, (science in 1963 - 1965, not sure when he retired from teaching at Waukon High School)
C. H. Hansen - Physical Education - 1944
Lillian Hjort - Chemistry, Physics – 1944 and 1945
C. V. Huenemann - English, German – 1944 and 1945
Warren L. Jones - Instrumental Music - 1944; Biology, General Science - 1945
G. H. Moar - Mathematics, Social Studies - 1944
Elsie Muller - Mathematics – 1944 and 1945
Lois Olson - English, Latin – 1944
Ellyn Reuter - English, History - 1944; English - 1945
Ruth Robinson - English, Speech - 1944
Cora Rueggenmeier - Normal Training – 1944 and 1945, (1923 -1965 at Waukon High School)
Martha Stilwell - Librarian – 1944 and 1945
H. L. Waldron - Commercial – 1944 and 1945
V. Anderson - Band, Algebra - 1945
Amelita Bonelli - Vocal Music - 1945
Ruth Kaines - Speech, Latin, history – 1945
A. G. Kvammen - Physical Education – 1945
Marjorie Moulton - English, Social Studies – 1945


~The ARROW 1944 and The ARROW 1945 yearbooks for the Waukon, Iowa High School, 1944 published by the Class of 1944 and 1945 published by the Student Body of Waukon High School
~the yearbooks belonged to Forest D. “Toey” Kelly, class of 45', and his brother Donald D. Kelly who was in the class of 44'.
~contributed by Connie (Kelly) Ellis, daughter of the late Forest D. Kelly

NOTES: According to the Waukon High School 1944 yearbook, The ARROW was published for the first time in fifteen years. In the above list of administrators & faculty, the contributor has added the notations in (parenthesis).

School Safety Patrols Organized At Waukon Schools

School boys safety patrols, sponsored by the American association and the Eastern Iowa Motor clubs, have been organized at the Waukon public and parochial schools. At the public schools Niel Wiecenmann, George Bray, William Dougherty and Wayne Ford were chosen, at the parochial, John Bresnahan, jr., Raymond Zoll and William Bates were selected.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Tuesday, October 1, 1955, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Page 8

1956 Waukon Driver Training Club

The driver training class at the [Waukon] public school has organized a club. Officers are Leslie Fossum, president; Doris Herman, vice-president; Dianne Gilbert, secretary, and Ralph Grotegut, reporter.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sunday, April 29, 1956, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Page 21

1959 Waukon Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Lucille Ruen is valedictorian of the class. Anaruth Cooper is salutatorian. They are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Ruen and Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Cooper.
~Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 24, 1959, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, page 57

A Long Trip

Mrs. Otis Stockton of near Waukon, has completed a 7,000- mile trip by auto. It has taken the whole year to do it, however.

Mrs. Stockton, second grade teacher in the Waukon elementary school, figured she has driven more than 7,000 miles in getting to and from her home 22 miles from the school.

~'You and Iowa' article by John Robertson published in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sunday, May 30, 1965, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, page 15

Lillian Arlene (Powell) Stockton (1918-2016)
Biography & picture (2004, age 86)

Otis O. Stockton's obituary


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