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Notes of the Superintendent of Schools

An important duty of the Superintendent of Schools was to personally make visits to the county schools. Notes were taken about the teacher, pupil attendence, number of students, various items needed for the school (books, maps, etc.), suggestions for the teacher, the condition of the school building, and other observations. The superintendent's notes were published in the local county newspapers.

Thomas F. Healy was appointed Superintendent of Schools in 1871, and served until his death in May 1873.

The articles on this page were transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


School Superintendent Notes, 1872
- includes several Franklin twp. & Linton twp. schools; and Rossville school -

The North Iowa Journal, July 9, 1872, Lansing, Iowa, Page 1

Visited No. 2, Linton tp., J.H. Butts, teacher; on roll, 28; present, 23. This school building, was burned down a few days previous, and I found, after some inquiry, Mr. Butts and his 23 scholars assembled in one of Mr. Campbell's out-houses, and working away as industriously as though they stood within the walls of Harvard University. Mr. Butts is a very hardworking teacher, very practical and thorough. Unlike some of our teachers, he knows, he has brains and relies upon them and not entirely upon books. Mr. B.'s scholars lost all their books in the fire and he took advantage of this to introduce the Wilson Reader, instead of McGuffey. Mr. B., thinks it quite an improvement over the McGuffey series, and perhaps it would be well if other schools would give them a trial. Mr. Carlyle Beeman, of Jefferson tp., will furnish them at half price to those who desire to introduce them. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Supt., Monday, June 17 [Note: Big Foot school, Linton #2]

Visited Linton No. 4, at Sixteen, Miss Celia Titus, teacher, on roll, 26, present, 21. I gave this young lady a 3rd class certificate three weeks before. After remaining a short time in her school, I raised her to second class, for I saw at once that Miss Celia meant business and was bound to be a teacher. She also recognizes the fact that she has brains, and she uses them. I am not at all afraid that I will spoil Celia by praising her, but if she will go to Waukon the coming winter and give five or six months there at school, I feel quite safe in saying that she will be No.1 at the end of that time. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Supt., Monday P.M., June 17, 1872

Visited No. 3, Linton tp., Miss Lena Buch, teacher, on roll 25, present 13. The day being wet accounted for the slim attendance at this school. Miss B., however, is doing fairly, no complaints being made and people all satisfied. -- T.F. Healy, Supt., Tuesday, June 18th [Note: Figgie school, Linton #3]

Visited No. 5, Linton tp., Miss Olive Green, teacher; on roll, 12, present, 9. Miss Green also appeared to be giving satisfaction to her patrons. A new school building, is being erected in this district which is much needed. [Note: Suttle Creek school, Linton #5]

Also visited Volney school [Franklin No. 5], Miss Almeda Sencebaugh, teacher, on roll, 20; present, 18. I was sorry to see so small an attendance at this school, but it was not Miss Sencebaugh's fault, for she is an excellent teacher, and this being her third consecutive term in this school shows conclusively that she is giving satisfaction. A gentleman who was present at the time of my first visit said that the slim attendance was owing to the very uncomfortable seats in this school. If this be so, it should be remedied and better seats obtained. Maps should be furnished to this school. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Supt., Tuesday, June 19th

Visited No. 6, Smithfield [Franklin twp.], Miss Maggie Downing, teacher; on roll, 17, present, 12. Miss Maggie is a good, sensible and religious girl, and will I think yet make a No.1 teacher. Her scholars (nearly all girls) were rather deficient; but if Maggie has followed my advice, I think they will be much better at the close of the term. This school was furnished with beautiful new patent seats, much to the credit of the district.

Also visited No. 3, same twp., Miss Katie McShane, teacher, on roll, 20; present, 12. This young lady seems to be endeavoring to earn her money faithfully and is giving good satisfaction. A little bright eyed damsel of 11 years, named Jennie Frees, showed a good and brilliant intellect, and is very fond of reading, especially the reports of the Co. Sup't., which is the first thing she looks for in the county papers. She did not seem to be at all afraid of him for she actually walked home to dinner hand in hand with him. Jennie will be a school maam yet, and a good one. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Sup't., Thursday, June 20th [Note: Red School, Franklin #3]

Visited No. 7, Jefferson tp., Miss Helen Lisher, teacher, on roll, 25; present, 15. Miss Helen, like a few other lady teachers, believes in making her school a paradise instead of a penitentiary, and accordingly keeps it fitted up all summer long with real flowers growing out of tin boxes and hanging from the walls and windows. That's right Helen. It will make your life all the sweeter and happier to enjoy God's glorious gifts - the beautiful flowers. I gave Helen a first-class certificate also. I am very glad that I did, for less than that would not be doing her justice. She is a first- class teacher, and it gives me great pleasure to record the same. My worthy friend, H.B. Miner, who was present with me, will bear witness that I speak truly, and will further testify that the four young ladies who sat on the right behaved nobly in my presence, by answering correctly and promptly all of my questions. I regret that I haven't their names, for I would cheerfully publish them, but I won't forget you next time, girls. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Sup't, Friday, June 21 [Note: Rossville school, Jefferson #7]

Visited No. 9, Franklin tp., Mrs. A. Hancock, teacher, on roll, 24; present, 15. Some time previous I gave this lady a No.1 certificate. I am happy to state that Mrs. Hancock is a No.1 teacher as well as scholar. She works very hard in the school-room and who ever gets Mrs. Hancock's services the coming winter will be sure to get their money's worth. Her scholars sung for me, much to my pleasure and satisfaction, and Miss Jennie Crawford, a little lassie of 12, displayed literary ability of a high order. No.9 was built many years ago by the voluntary labor of several gentlemen and it's first door-way consisted of a blanket hung across the door-way to keep out rain and snow. What sad and painful recollections may not that call forth - but I will not moralize, but proceed to state that after school was out, I was conducted by Robert Crawford, the worthy and energetic President of the township board, to the site of a new schoolhouse, where I found the foundation already laid for a splendid new school, to cost $900, size, 20x32, which gave me a great pleasure to describe more fully when built. I regret very much to hear that Mr. Crawford purposes leaving our county as he takes a praiseworthy and commendable interest in the cause of education. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Supt., Wednesday P.M. [Note: Bear Hollow school, Franklin #9]

Visited No. 4, Franklin tp., Miss Lydia Cowles, teacher; on roll, 35; present, 32; and didn't look for the Sup't either. Good for No. 4. This is a splendid lot of scholars, and has a splendid teacher. Now, won't some other district feel jealous at that description? I hope not. I always tell the truth. I have done so in this case. If you doubt it go yourself and look at the building and it's grounds, and then go in and look at the excellent order kept by Miss Cowles, and at the proficiency of her 32 scholars, and you will be very apt to agree with me. Willie Dickson answered nearly every question I asked of him and is altogether an excellent boy, but the girls - and there was a splendid lot of them - Miss - Miss - why I declare I've forgotten to take the names of several of them, and I meant to - just as well as Willie's - but on looking at my memorandum book, I see I have forgotten them. Never mind, girls, I won't forget you next winter. The director of this school, Mr. Sawyer, takes great pleasure in attending to the wants of his school. Before leaving Franklin tp. I ought to state that it is the intention of its people to build nine new and splendid school houses like No. 4, that will really be an ornament to its high-ways and a credit to its people. -- T.F. Healy, Co. Supt.,Thursday, P.M.



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