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Franklin, Ludlow & Post townships
Administration, Staff & Teachers

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Unless otherwise credited, the info. on this page was transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


Following is a directory of the teachers of rural schools in townships adjacent to Postville:

Franklin township Districts

No.3 - Ann Oelberg, Luana
No.4 - Irene Foley, Luana
No.5 - Marie Everman, Monona
No.6 - Alyce Gast, Luana
No.7 - Edna Johnson, Postville
No.8 - Lewine Amundson, Postville
No.9 - Staci Rose, Waukon
No.10 - Florence Foley, Luana
No.11 - Harold McShane, Luana

Ludlow township Districts

No.1 - Mary Piggott, Waukon
No.2 - Dorothy Flage, Waukon
No.3 - Herbert Jenkins, Waukon
No.4 - Frances Bieber, Waukon
No.5 - Gertrude Stock, Waukon
No.6 - Esther Shafer, Waukon
No.7 - Mrs. Sarah Kiesau, Waukon
No.8 - Alice Hager, Waukon
No.9 - Althea Steffen, Postville

Post township Districts

Evergreen - Mrs. Marilla Amundson, Postville
Empire - No School
Highland - Caryl Bulman, Postville
Lybrand - Albert Thornton, Postville
Minert - Loretta Horgan, Postville
South Grove -Mrs. Adeline Enyart, Postville
West Grove - Alice Hammell, Postville
Woodland - Cloy Meier, Postville

~Postville Herald, Thursday, September 15, 1932, pg 7 (School notes column)



The all-day program on Saturday, March 10, featuring 70 rural pupils and 25 rural teachers in 15 demonstrations on rural school work culminated the rural teachers' meetings for this school year. Teachers, pupils and parents filled the Waukon court room both morning and afternoon. The program was a new venture in showing samples of rural school teaching as it is done in the schools of the county. Last fall the 116 teachers were organized into groups for professional advancement. Fifteen of these groups were represented on this final program. Miss Irene Foley was on the afternoon program with a talk describing the inter-school and community activities carried on by the Franklin group during the past years. From this section of the county, the following teachers were in attendance:

Marie Everman, Ethel Yarwood, Loretta Horgan, Laura Lewis, Olla Waters and Helen Wegner of Post township.

Florence Sherman, Dorothy Flage, Mrs. Sarah Kiesau, Kenneth O'Brien, Gladys Ludeking, Helen McCabe, Esther Shafer and Alice Hager of Ludlow township.

Ann Oelberg, Irene Foley, Roberta Clark, Lulu Leet, Lewine Amundson, Mary Piggott and Harold McShane of Franklin townsip.

~Postville Herald, Thursday, March 15, 1934, Postville, Iowa, Page 1



Postville, Post twp. & neighboring Clayton co. & Winneshiek co. twps.

Monday's school election for two directors of the Postville Independent School District, brought out only seventy-five voters and Leonard Casten and John M. Thoma, present incumbents, were re-elected without opposition, each receiving 73 votes. These men will take office next Monday evening, when the board reorganizes for the coming year.

The following are the results in the school elections held in the various school districts in Post township, Allamakee county Monday. In most instances the reorganization meeting of the new boards will be next Monday.
Empire- Henry C. Meyer
Woodland- Victor Heins and Erwin Haltmeyer
Highland- Herbert Dreier
Minert- Lafe Tague and Chester Pearson
South Grove- Eldo Sander
West Grove- Cloy Schultz
Myron- Dan Snitker and Joe Evans
Lybrant- Milo Folsom
Cherry Valley- Earl Miller
Evergreen- Ed Ewing and Carl Ehde

Grand Meadow township school district (Clayton county) on Monday elected the following sub-district directors at their annual election:
No.2 (Springfield) - F.F. Meyer
No.3 (Pixler) - Leska Martens
No.4 (Larabee) - Martin Amundson
No.5 ((Bailey) - Elmer Zieman
No.6 (McNeil) - Glenn Meyer
No.7 (Block or Reif) - Emil Block
No.8 (Olson) - Selmer Erickson
Marion township No.1 school elected Chas. Bergan as director at their election Monday.

In the Cross Roads school district, No.7, Bloomfield township (Winneshiek county), Edward Kamp was elected director Monday, and in district No.4 (Brick School) Bloomfield township, Henry W. Schroeder was elected director.
~Postville Herald, Thursday, March 14, 1935, pg 1



The following is a complete list of school directors in Franklin, Ludlow and Post townships, Allamakee county, as furnished us by County Superintendent Isabella Whalen:

Franklin township Districts

No.3 - James Enyart, Luana

No.4 - John Barth, Luana

No.5 - Earl Henderson, Monona

No.6 - George A. Smith, Luana

No.7 - Harva Miller, Postville

No.8 - John White, Postville

No.9 - Earl Ralston, Waukon

No.10 - Ray Mitchell, Luana

No.11 - Howard Thies, Luana

Ludlow township Districts

No.1 - Ed. Hermeier, Waukon

No.2 - Art Kruger, Waukon

No.3 - Walter Selberg, Waukon

No.4 - Paul Hesse, Waukon

No.5 - Paul Helming, Waukon

No.6 - Roy Miller, Waukon

No.7 - Albert Fiet, Postville

No.8 - Carl Shafer, Postville

No.9 - Fred Waters, Postville

Post township Districts

Empire - H.C. Meyer, Mrs. Felicia Dresser and J.J. Martins, Postville

Evergreen -Carl Ehde, Edw. Ewing and Henry Miene, Postville

Highland - Otto Hughes, Herbert Dreier and Leo Dreier, Postville

Lybrand - Clarence Peake, Lester E. Smith and C.C.Meyer, Postville

Minert - Lafe Tague, Chester Pearson and Hall Meier, Postville

Myron -Willard Livengood, Mrs. Joe Evans and Byron Livingood, Postville

South Grove - Fred H.J.Thoma, Eldo Sander and Harry Davis, Postville

West Grove - Obert Harris, Cloy W. Schultz and Louis Benjegerdes, Postville

Woodland - Victor Heins, Ervin Haltmeyer and LaVilla Willman, Postville

~Postville Herald, Thursday, April 1, 1937, pg 1

Directory of teachers in Post, Ludlow, and Franklin townships :

Franklin township

No.3 - Vera Steiber
No.4 - Marguerite Schindhelm
No.5 - Mary Plein
No.6 - Dora Clark
No.7 - Irene Foley
No.8 - Curtis Webster
No.9 - Georgia Beisker
No.10 - Mila Mae Kruse
No.11 - Alice Palmer

Ludlow township

No.1 - Myrtle Steiber
No.2 - Bernice Herman
No.3 - Gladys Ludeking
No.4 - Mrs. Evelyn Anderson
No.5 - Dorothea Herman
No.6 - Margaret Koth
No.7 - Evelyn Smith
No.8 - Edith Fiet
No.9 - Olla Waters

Post township

Evergreen - Esther Peterson
Empire - School Closed
Highland - Mildred Brewer
Lybrand - Evelyn Dresser
Minert - Lillian Meier
Myron - Roberta Clark
South Grove - Bea McNeil
West Grove - Addie Lee Peake
Woodland - Julia Wettleson

~source: Postville Herald, Thursday, September 9, 1937, Postville, Iowa, page 6



Following is a complete list of the teachers in the schools of Post, Ludlow, and Franklin townships as furnished by Mrs. Isabella Whalen, Allamakee county superintendent of schools.

Franklin township

No. 3, Vera Steiber, Postville
No. 4, Eileen Chamberlain, Luana
No. 5, Ramona Wurtzel, Monona
No. 6, Elizabeth Hangartner, Luana
No. 7, Evelyn Dresser, Postville
No. 8, Curtis Webster, Postville
No. 9, Beulah Ralston, Waukon
No. 10, Alice Palmer, Postville

Ludlow township

No. 1, Myrtle Steiber, Waukon
No. 2, Ruth Ludeking, Waukon
No. 3, Gladys Ludeking, Waukon
No. 4, Mrs. Eveline Anderson, Waukon
No. 5, Marian Brandt, Postville
No. 6, Mildred Rolfs, Waukon
No.7, Alice Hansmeier, Waukon
No.8, Mrs. Edith Teslow, Waukon
No. 9, Margaret Koth, Postville

Post township

Empire, School is closed
Evergreen, Esther Peterson, Postville
Highland, Mila Mae Kruse, Postville
Lybrand, Helen Meyer, Postville
Minert, Lillian Meier, Postville
Myron, Roberta Clark, Postville
South Grove, Bea McNeil, Postville
West Grove, Marie Voelker, Postville
Woodland, Irene Foels, Postville

~source: Postville Herald, September 22, 1938
~transcribed by Aubrie Monroe, for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb (March 2019)



County Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Isabella Whalen has issued the following list of new school board members for Post, Franklin and Ludlow (those marked with an asterisk, thus *, are president of their respective boards):

Franklin township

No.3, Alfred Berg, R.2, Postville
No.4, John Barth, R.1, Luana
No.5, Hartley Cowell, R.2, Monona
No.6, George A. Smith, Luana
No.7, Harva O. Miller, R.2, Postville
No.8, *John W. White, Postville
No.9, Elmer White, Monona
No.10, Lloyd Bacon, Monona
No.11, Vern Thornton, Postville

Ludlow township

No.1, A.G. Bahr, Waukon
No.2, August Snitker, Waukon
No.3, Alfred Snitker, Waukon
No.4, Clarence Duvel, Waukon
No.5, Albert Helming, Waukon
No.6, Roy Miller, Waukon
No.7, *Albert Fiet, Postville
No.8, Carl Shafer, Postville
No.9, Dan Snitker, Postville

Post township (address of all Post township directors is Postville)

Empire, *J.J. Martin, W.C. Lammert, Felicia Dresser
Evergreen, *Carl Ehde, E. Ewing, Arbe Behrens
Highland, *Wm. Buresh, Leo Dreier, Herbert Dreier
Lybrand, *Clarence Peake, Lester Smith, C.C. Meyer
Minert, *Lafe Tague, Arbie Heckman, Hall C. Meyer
Myron, *Willard Livingood, Mrs. Joe Evans, Byron Livingood
South Grove, *Fred H.J. Thoma, Eldo Sander, Harry Davis
West Grove, *Cloy Schultz, Fritz Gruhn Louis Benjegerdes
Woodland, *Elmer Brockmeyer, Erwin Haltmeyer, Arnold Klemme

Postville - *E.C. Marston, L.W. Casten, Elmer A. Hoth, F.H. Luhman and J.M. Thoma

~Postville Herald, Thursday, April 13, 1939, pg 8



Following is a list of the teachers and their addresses who are teaching nearby rural schools this fall in Allamakee county:

Franklin township

No. 2, Vera Steiber, Postville
No. 4, Rose Mary Fulghum, Waukon
No. 5, Curtis Webster, Postville
No. 6, Beulah Henderson, Waukon
No. 7, Rita Piggott, Waukon
No. 8, Viola Smith, Luana, R.2
No. 9, Geraldine Kelly, Waukon, R.3
No. 10, Rose Marie Brewer, Luana
No. 11, Marguerite Pettit, Monona, Rt.2

Ludlow township

No. 1, Charlotte Kosbau, Waukon
No. 2, Mavis Pladsen, Waukon
No. 3, Erma Kiesau, Waukon
No. 4, Eveline Anderson, Waukon, Rt.1
No. 5, Alice Hansmeier, Waukon
No. 6, school closed
No. 7, Mrs. Thelma Dresselhaus, Waukon
No. 8, school closed
No. 9, Arlene J. Mueller, Farmersburg

Post township

Empire, school closed
Evergreen, Millard Helgerson, Postville, R. 2
Highland, Julia Wattleson, Postville
Lybrand, Helen Meyer, Postville
Minert, Chrystal Koenig, Postville
Myron, school closed
South Grove, Aletha A. McKee, Postville
West Grove, Anna Gruhn, Postville
Woodland, school closed

~source: Postville Herald, Wednesday, September 9, 1941, Postville, Iowa, page 2



Miss Lois Grimm, county superintendent of schools, lists the following teachers in nearby Allamakee county schools:

Franklin township

No. 3 - Vera Steiber, Postville
No. 4 - Floosie Swenson, Luana
No. 5 - Curtis Webster, Postville
No. 6 - Pauline Hammell, Luana
No. 7 - Irene Brainard, Postville
No. 8 - Viola Smith, Luana
No. 9 - Ray Huffman, Monona
No. 10 - Rose Brewer, Luana
No. 11 - Mrs. Geraldine Kirkeby, Waukon

Ludlow township

No. 1 - Charlotte Kosbau, Waukon
No. 2 - Mavis Pladsen, Waukon
No. 3 - Ruth Sommermeyer, Waukon
No. 4 - Eveline Anderson, Waukon
No. 5 - Alice Hansmeier, Waukon
No. 6 - Mrs. Carol Kiesau, Waukon
No. 7 - Marguerite Pettit, Waukon
No. 8 - School closed
No. 9 - Zana Mae Harris, Postville

Post township

Empire - School closed
Evergreen - Marie Miller, Waukon
Highland - Julie Wettleson, Postville
Lybrand - School closed
Minert - LeRoy McCabe, Postville
Myron - School closed
South Grove - Mrs. Anna Sullivan, Postville
West Grove - Helen Meyer, Postville
Woodland - School closed

~source: Postville Herald, Wednesday, September 16, 1942
~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall, for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb (Feb. 2007)



A directory of Allamakee county rural school teachers was listed this week by the county superintendent of schools. Following is a list of the teachers for Franklin, Ludlow and Post townships:

Franklin township

No. 3, Mrs. Lillian Stockton, Luana
No. 5, Curtis H. Webster, Postville
No. 6, Lailah McKee, Monona
No. 11, Irene Brainard

Schools No. 4,7,8,9 and 10 are closed.

Ludlow township

No. 1, June Jacobson, Waukon
No. 2, Charlotte Kosbau, Waukon
No. 3, Joyce Snitker
No. 4, Joan Ludeking
No. 5, Irma Winke, Postville
No. 8, Larrrayne Hansmeier, Waukon
No. 9, Mrs. Iva Reincke, Postville

Schools No. 6 and 7 are closed.

Post township

Evergreen, Mrs. Carol Kiesau
Highland, Mrs. Alwin Walby
Minert, Kathleen Meyer
West Grove, Mrs. Kenneth Ellis

Empire, Lybrand, Myron, South Grove and Woodland are closed.

~Postville Herald, Wednesday, August 10, 1949



Teacher appointments for the rural schools released by M.H. Goede, county superintendent:

Franklin township

No. 3, Mrs. Nona Hansmeier
No. 5, Curtis Webster
No. 7, Laila McKee
No. 11, Irene Brainard

Ludlow township

No. 1, Mrs. Alma Kosbau
No. 2, Charlotte Kosbau
No. 3, Mrs. Salina Sanders
No. 4, Mrs. Martha Hanke
No. 5, Erma Winke
No. 7, Mrs. Rose Mary Schellhammer
No. 8, Mrs. Iva Henderson
No. 9, Mrs. Rachel Letchford

Post township

Evergreen, Mrs. Carol Kiesau
Highland, Mrs. Charlotte Walby
West Grove, Mrs. Kenneth Ellis

~source: Postville Herald, Wednesday, August 15, 1951, page 1


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