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Eells School

Section 27, Union Prairie twp., Allamakee county

Ells school, ca1932
~contributed by Aubrie Monroe - she photographed this photo that was displayed at the Allamakee Rural All-School Reunion, spring 2019

Eells School Students, undated

Back Row, L to R: Margaret Fink, Edwin Nestly, Vencint McAvery, John Howes, Beatrice Zoll
Front Row, L to R: Bernita Nestly, Catherine Baxter, Robert Sander, Althea Fink, Robert Fitzpatrick, Mary Lou Link, Harry C. Sander

~photo source: The History of Allamakee County, Iowa, 1989; Page 56. Courtesy of Beatrice Zoll
~contributed by Aubrie Monroe

Eells School Students, undated

Miss Evelyn Regan and her pupils of the Eells School in Union Prairie Township are shown above.
Back row, left to right: Robert Sander, Evelyn Regan teacher, Catherine Baxter, Marlin Lundt.
Front row: Richard Bartosh, Harold Lundt, William Baxter, Ruth Baxtor

~photo source: newspaper publication, paper name and date was not included with the photo
~contributed by Aubrie Monroe

Eells School

The Eells school was built in 1898 and was located three miles northwest of Waukon on County Trunk W60. The land was purchased from Mr. Eells, a farmer living in that area. The school was located in Union Prairie Township, the nearest neighbors being Sanders, Eells, Nagels, Baxter, Ryans, and Grubers.

At the time rural schools were closing, the Eells School was sold. It is now located on the Glen Cooper farm in Union Prairie Township, used as a utility building. During the 58 years it served, many pupils received their education from first through eighth grade. Several went on to be honor students in high school. Some graduated as valedictorians in their class.

Martha Barthell Bulman, now 97, who taught at Eells School in 1912, recalls the rural school was the center of the community. It served for school plays and programs, for the annual Box Social, for voting and any other event that needed a common meeting place.

At the rural schools in those days, it was required that the flag be put up on the flag pole every nice day. In case of inclement weather the flag was taken in immediately. The first thing in the morning, before classes began, all pupils stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Great respect for our flag was instilled in pupils in those days. We who experienced this training have deep appreciation and thanks to those who taught us.

The teacher was the janitor, and built the fire in the stove when she arrived each cold morning. The Director was responsible for seeing that the wood for winter was at the school. Water was brought from the closest neighbor, or brought from home by the teacher. The teachers and pupils now living, who attended Eells School, well remember the round pot-bellied stove, which stood in the center of the school room, the bell on top of the building that called pupils to classes, the gas lantern used at evening events, and the relaxed atmosphere of learning and playing in a rural school.

Three sisters attended Eells School as students and each returned in later life to serve as the teacher. They were: Martha Barthell Bulman, Irene Barthell Bakkuum, and Mary Charlotte Barthell Ellingson.

Many dedicated teachers served over the years, helping to produce excellent students, resulting in capable adults, who in turn strengthened the community in which they lived. Some of the teachers were: Rose Deviney, May Ryan, Catherine Ryan, Marilla Miller, Mary C. Barthell, Helen Cassidy, Evelyn Regan, Beatrice Mahoney, Malintha Roe, Louise Beiber, Catherine Baxter, Betty Quandahl, Selina Sander, Margaret Stortz, Idella Bresnahan, Edith Teslow, and Beatrice Collins.

Directors who served: John Baxter, Gus Gruber, Nell Baxter, James Ryan, Otto Sander, Selina Sander, Merle Gruber, Verton Gruber, Leonard Baxter, Harry Sander, and Francis Stortz.

Two students whose family lived in the community, finished 8 th grade and later came back to teach there were Beatrice Mahoney Collins Zoll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mahoney, and Catherine Baxter Irons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Baxter of Union Prairie.

The Eells School was closed in 1956. Beatrice Mahoney (Zoll) was then the teacher. She had attended Eells School as a student, completing eighth grade with honors, and then went on to high school and college. Past students and teachers still living have many fond memories of their life at the Ells Rural School.

~source: The History of Allamakee County, Iowa 1989; Page 56, as submitted by Beatrice Zoll
~transcribed by Aubrie Monroe


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