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Cherry Valley school

Franklin No. 7

Section 19, Franklin twp.

unknown date

Cherry Valley country school Cherry Valley country school

Cherry Valley country school
There was a school in Cherry Valley as early as 1875, it is not known if this is the original school house, or when the above photos were taken.
~contributed by Janet Koozer. They were shared with her by Vernon 'Bud' Swenson



Cherry Valley school children, 1920
Cherry Valley school children, 1920

Florence & George Swenson; Florence & Elmer Geno; Martha, Dorothy & Mable Sander; Charles & Alice Hammel; George & Agnes Paulson; Ronald Bender; Gusta Wintrick; Ora, Gretta & Luella Smith; Lloyd & Evelyn Milky; George & Lloyd Houska.

Because there are 20 children named, and only 17 children in the photo, 3 of the children must not have been at school that day.
~photos contributed by Janet Koozer. They were shared with her by Vernon 'Bud' Swenson (deceased) who attended the Cherry Valley school.

Anyone who can put a name with a child in the above photo, please email the Allamakee co. coordinator.


1934 or 1935

Cherry Valley (Frankin No. 7) students 1934 or '35

Front row: LaVon Swenson, Rose Marie Morch, Majorie Leet
Second Row: Jean Ann Miller, Marilyn Miller, Marvin Schultz, Frederick Miller, Keith Bloxham
Third Row: Verdon Swenson,Vivian Sieg, Betty Bloxham, Leo Morch, and Norma Sieg

Cherry Valley School was located midway between Forest Mills and Luana on what is now county road X16. A few of the teachers as I recall were Martha McShane, Pearl Land, Verena Burnham, Cloy Meyer, Edna Johnson (Bulman), Lulu Leet (Livingood), Evelyn Dresser (Burroughs), Irene Foley, Lillian Powell (Stockton), and later Janice Brainard (Walby.)

I taught there 2 years, 1934 or ’35. There were 13 students. We organized the Cherry Valley Nature Rustlers and each student had their own booklet with the year’s activities, plus a picture of the wholeschool. We carried water from the Arthur Swenson farm nearby. Earl Miller, the school’s director put up a large swing set and made a sand table for the children. He put a metal jacket around the wood stove to help circulate the heat and here the pupils dried their snow pants and mittens after a snowy recess. We were surrounded by hills and recesses for the children were lots of fun. We had the usual school programs. The children loved to sing and music was a happy part of the school day. Betty Bloxham remembers teacher Beth Werhan carrying her home on frigid days.

When the school was closed A.W. Swenson bought the building and had it moved to Postville where it was rebuilt. There was an auction of the school equipment and people came to buy the old fashioned lamps and reflectors at a price too high for any former pupil to own.

~Source: The History of Allamakee County, Iowa, 1989, page 56-57; written by Lulu Leet Livingood
~Article and photo contributed by Aubrie Monroe



We completed the work for the first three months of school November 20. Our enrollment this year is 11. To date we have had only ten absences. This is a record we are proud of and only hope that during the remainder of the year we will be able to do as well.

We have had two community events. First we prepared a float for Corn Day and then we had a program November 10th. We appreciate all the assistance we received for both.

Because Marvin Schultz so frequently says, "This surely is a good story," we know he likes his new third reader.

Our first grade consists of Marvin Miller and Mary Schultz. It was quite difficult to become accustomed to school routine for these folks, but they are improving very well.

Joan Ann Miller is the only pupil who has returned her signed dental card. Thank you, Jean Ann. We hope more will follow your example.

We have another reading table, a cabinet and new curtains for our school. We want to make it as attractive a place as possible. We had some beautiful bouquets this fall. Now we have straw flowers and Japanese lanterns.

Our two eighth graders of last year are attending high school, Marjorie Leet at Waukon and Vivian Sieg at Frankville. The girls like their work. Both have visited us during days they had no school.

Irene Foley, teacher

~Postville Herald, Thursday, December 3, 1936, Postville, Iowa, page 7
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith



We have had an enrollment of twelve this year. Carol and Catherine Ralston are staying with their Grandmother Brooks and are attending our school. Carol is in the fourth grade and Catherine is in the second. We are glad to have the girls with us and hope that they will continue their school work here all year.

We have an excellent attendance record the past six weeks. The following pupils had a perfect record: Ruth Miller, Catherine and Carol Ralston, Jean Ann and Marvin Miller, Marilyn Miller, Rosemarie Morch, Keith Bloxham and Norma Jean Sieg.

During vacation many improvements were made at school. First our school house was thoroughly cleaned by the director, Mr. Miller. We appreciate that work very much and are trying to keep the room as clean as possible. The posts were set for our net and we have been playing volley ball.

We invite the parents and friends to visit us often and observe our work. You are always welcome. Remember, it is a pleasure to us all to have you drop in.

Both our eighth grade graduates are busy continuing their school work. LaVon Swenson is attending the Luana high school and Rosemarie Morch has returned to do some post-graduate work.

Irene Foley, teacher

~Postville Herald, Thursday, October 21, 1937, pg 6
~transcribed by Cindy (Maust) Smith


Cherry Valley school teachers

This is list of Cherry Valley teachers is incomplete ... can you add to it?

A.B. Cook, 1882
Myrtle Cook, 1891
Jessie Pierce, 1897
Angie Teeple, 1898
Jessie Dunning, 1915
Edna Ames, 1919
Rose McNally, 1933
Lulu Leet, ca1934-35
Irene Foley, 1936


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