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Lt. Samuel O. Smith

Lt. Samuel O. Smith
Lt. Samuel O. Smith
January 8, 1836 - December 20, 1913


Letters from Samuel O. Smith to his brother Gideon Wilson Smith
Lansing, Allamakee, Iowa

Office of Halliday Brothers
Cairo, Ills. Nov. 12th 1862

Mr. G.W. Smith

Dear Brother:

I am well at present and the Reg’t are in tolerable good health. It is 365 from Chicago to Cairo. We were
31 hours running it being on a special train we had to wait at the different stations to let the regular trains
pass. Cairo is a very bleak looking town. The river is full of boats. Among the rest are several iron clad
Steamers that look like war. I cannot tell how long we shall remain here but probably not very long. The
other four companies are here. We have pitched our tents—a great many troops are leaving here for
Memphis where we will perhaps go.

Yours in haste,
Sam’l O. Smith

Aboard the Steamer Lebanon on White river 1 mile from Duvalls Bluffs
Sept. 16th 1863

Dear Brother:

I left Memphis on the morning of the 7th arrived in Helena same evening; waited there for a boat until the
morning of the eleventh, got aboard the Lebanon bound for Duvalls Bluffs on White river, arrived at the
mouth of White river same evening. As no boats dare venture up the river without a convoy, we were
obliged to wait until Sunday 13th for a Gunboat to escort us up the river, we have progressed slowly but
safely so far. We came about one hundred miles up the river without seeing a sign of civilization except an
old deserted log cabin. We are now stuck on a sand bar. The country all along this river is a dense forest,
no sign of cultivation or civilization, except a few old villages of log cabins. We saw but one white man
(citizen) on the river, but the women at these old towns came down to the bank and begged for medicine
and newspapers. We are off the sand bar and going ahead again. As it is time for the cooks to set the table
for dinner, I will quit and close my letter after we land. We get board on the boat for $1.00 per day.

5 o’clock p.m. Duvalls Bluff Ark. Little Rock is in the hands of the Federals. They took it on the 10th Inst.
The 27th Reg’t is in the City, which is fifty four miles from here.

I have had strong symptoms of the ague during the last two days but I can get transportation in an
ambulance for Little Rock tomorrow morning.

Yours affectionately,

S.O. Smith

Miscellaneous information, dated 1863, from the papers of Samuel O. Smith.

Headqrs Detachment 27 Iowa Vol. Inf. Medon Tenn. May 8th 1863

To Saml O. Smith
2d Lt. Co B. 27 Iowa

You are hereby detailed as a member of a Garrison Court Martial to meet at the office of the Prov.
Marshall in Medon Tennessee May 8th 1863 or as soon as practicable for the trial of Levi H. Eddy a
private of Co H. 27th regt. Iowa Vol. Inf and such other prisoners as may be brought before it.

By Order of Maj. G.W. Howard. Comd. Post
M.G. Dorman. A.Adj.

Signal Party of Reconnaissance
Steamer Ella off Cairo Ill
December 26th 1863

General Orders No. 1 Extract III
First Lieut. Saml O. Smith Co. B 27th Iowa Vol. Infy. Is assigned to duty as Quarter Master and

He will report during office hours any facts relating to his duties and will receive his instructions.
By order of Col. W. J. Myer., Comd. Expedition, J.H. Walker 1st Lt & Adjutant

Special Requisition For One Cooking Stove
I certify that the above requisition is correct and that the articles Specified are absolutely requisite for the
public Service rendered so by the following circumstances. Viz: for the use of Detachment onboard
Steamer Ella engaged in reconnaissance for the purpose of establishing Signal Stations, under orders from
Secty of War.

Samuel O. Smith
1st Lt. 27th Iowa & A.A. S. Detachment
Approved Albert J. Meyer Col. & Signal Officer U.S.A. commanding expedition. United States Army will
issue the articles specified in the above requisition.

Received at Cairo Ills the thirtieth day of Dec. 1863

Samuel O. Smith is wounded and captured at Pleasant Hill
Notes extracted from the pension file of Lt. Samuel O. Smith

On April 9, 1864 at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana he was wounded and taken prisoner by the rebels. The ball entered his neck on the left side of the throat just above the breast bone, passed down through his left chest, lodged in his back near the back-bone above the “coupling,” and he was supposed to be mortally wounded and was so reported. He was lying on his belly facing the enemy when he was shot. About six months after he was wounded the ball passed down and out just alongside of the fundament. He was treated in hospital at Pleasant Hill, La, while a prisoner in the hands of the Confederates until 16 June 1864 when he was paroled.

Headquarters Right Wing 16th Army Corps, La Grange Tenn. July 24th 1864.
Special Orders, No. 72, Extract 5

Lt. S.O. Smith Co. “B” 27th Iowa Infty Vols. Having been wounded & captured at Pleasant Hill La.
April 9, 1864, and released on parole June 16th 1864, is hereby permitted to go to his home in Iowa and
remain until exchanged. He will report weekly by letter to these—and Regimental—headquarters, and
upon receiving official notice of his exchange will immediately rejoin his command for duty.

By order of Maj. Gen’l A.J. Smith.
J. Hough, Assistant Adjutant General

Headquarters Right Wing 16th Army Corps. Holly Springs Miss. 13th Aug 1864.
Special Orders No. 101, Extract III

1st Lt. S.O. Smith, 27th Iowa Vols. Inf. Paroled prisoner of war, will forthwith proceed to St. Louis
Missouri, and report to the Provost Marshal General, at that place for orders.

By Order of Maj Genl A.J. Smith
(Signed) J Hough, Asst Adjt General

Headquarters, Department of the Missouri, Office of Provost Marshal General
St. Louis, Mo., August 30th, 1864
Special Orders No. 225

Ist Lieut. S.O. Smith, 27th Iowa Vols. paroled prisoner of war, having, in compliance with Par III of
Special Orders No. 101, dated Headqtrs. Right Wing 16th Army Corps, Holly Springs Miss. Aug. 13th
1864, reported at this Office, is hereby directed to report to the General Commanding for further Orders.

Joseph Darr Jr. 1st Asst. Provost, Marshal General

1865 memoranda found in Samuel O. Smith’s papers

Hdqrs. 2nd Brig. 2nd Div. D.A.T., Eastport Miss. January 20th 1865
General Orders No. 4

2nd Lieut R.W. Wood 10th Kansas Vet Vol. Inf having been relieved at his own request from duty as
Brigade Commissary. Samuel O. Smith 1st Lieut. Co. B. 27th Iowa Inf. is hereby announced upon the
Bridge Staff for that duty. He will be obeyed and respected accordingly and will at once report at these
Hdqrs for duty.

By order of James J. Gilbert. Col. Comdg Brigade. (Signed) W.G. Dorman 1st Lt. A.A.A.G.

HeadQuarters 2nd Brig 2nd Div 16th A.C. Fort Blakeley April 10th 1865

Inventory of Commissary Stores Captured from the Enemy at Fort Blakeley April 9th 1865

9390 Lbs of Meat
78 Head of Sheep
58 “ Cattle
70 Sacks Flour
190 “ Meal
55 “ Shorts
24 “ Cattle Beans and Peas
17 “ Salt
41 Boxes Hard Bread
13 “ Soap
2 Fairbanks Scales

S.O. Smith
1st Lt. 27th Iowa V.A.A.C.

Hdqrs. 3d Brig. 2d Div. 13 A.C.
Blakeley Ala. April 12th 1865
Received of S.O. Smith Lieut and A.A.C.S. 2d Brig 2d Div 16th A.C. the following list of Commissary
Stores. Captured at Fort Blakeley, Ala. April 9th 1865. Viz.

58 Head of Cattle
78 “ Sheep
70 Sacks of Flour
60 “ Shorts
24 “ Beans and Peas
17 “ Salt
40 Boxes Hard Bread
13 “ Soap
2 Prs. Fairbanks Scales
One Lot of Meat said to weigh 9390 pounds.

John U. Coldren
1st Lieut. 20th Iowa Vols. And A.A.D.C. 3d Brig. 2d Div. 13th A.C.

-contributor's notes, November 17, 2002:

Lt. Samuel Oscar Smith enrolled in the 27th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company B on 11 August 1862 and was discharged on 8 August 1865 at Clinton, Iowa. He was a son of Thomas Armstrong Smith (1794-1874) and Beulah Templeton (1803-1882). About 1855 they moved from Clinton County, PA to Allamakee County with seven of their nine children. Samuel was their 6th child (8 Jan 1836-20 Dec 1913).

The other children who moved to Iowa were Maria, Ann Jane Smith Hale, Gideon Wilson (1833-1913), Matilda, Jackson D. Jefferson, and Joseph Henry. On 24 August 1869 Samuel married Sarah Elizabeth Hazeltine in Lansing where their two children were born: Emma Gertrude (1870) and Edith Alice (1876). They moved to the family home of Sarah Hazeltine in Chautauqua County, NY after Edith’s birth. Emma Gertrude Smith Mosshammer was my paternal grandmother.

-source: photo from Nancy Mosshammer Neuman's personal collection; remainder from Samuel O. Smith's pension file
-contributed by Nancy Mosshammer Neuman

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