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Allamakee co. Veterans Memorial
Dedicated May 29, 2005

Veterans Memorial photo copyright 2005 Debra J. Richardson
Veterans Memorial photo taken by Debra J. Richardson, May 2005


Vets Memorial photo by Debra J. Richardson
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The memorial is located at the county courthouse in Waukon. Allamakee co. researcher Debra J. Richardson attended the dedication and writes: "It is so gorgeous words could not describe it.  Breathtaking in design, and so very moving to see the names of all those soldiers.  The floor of the monument is set with gray bricks placed in front and inscribed with the names/military service of Allamakee veterans." Debra took the above photos of the memorial. Click on them for a larger photo.

Names engraved on the Memorial

World War I - The Great War

Beck, William E.
Beale, Roy C.
Bock, Forrest W. M.
Brandt, Arthur F.
Brooks, Myron J.
Glynn, George H.
Iverson, Martin O.
Kidder, Hugh P.
Kroeger, Carl H.
Morken, Lewis H.
Raymond, Richard M.
Sandry, Harry H.
Slattery, James P.
Strong, Robert
Thompson, Jesse
Waters, Ralph D.
Wettleson, Theodore C.
Wines, John E.

World War II

Ahearn, Gerald J.
Anderson, Lawrence D.
Bloxham, Charles W.
Burnham, Earl B.
Carpenter, Robert J.
Casey, Kenneth E.
Christ, Robert E.
Collins, Thomas A.
Colsch, John W.
Damon, Victor M.
Darling, Douglas
Dreivold, Donald S.
Erickson, Roland M.
Fink, Lavern A.
Hagen, James B.
Hamm, Lawrence G.
Hanson, Arthur C.
Heim, Howard
Heim, John F.
Henderson, James W.
Hermanson, Earle S.
Huebner, Dwayne H.
Humphrey, Howard C.
Johnson, Russell G.
Jones, Harry J.
Kelly, Daniel P.
Kelly, Maurice R.
Kenney, Carleton E.
Kerndt, Gustav F.
Knapp, Rudolph H.
Kneeland, Robert W.
Kosbau, Donald O.
Krueger, Otto
Laughlin, Dale J.
Lawson, Donald W.
Manning, George P.
McCurdy, John S.
McDougal, Francis E.
Mohn, Joseph R.
Oelberg, Andrew J.
Olloff, Donald L.
Pederson, Wendle A.
Pierce, Harry T.
Quillin, Earl E.
Regan, James J.
Spinner, Robert G.
Teff, Robert P.

Korean War

Vickery, Roy M.
Baxter, Donald T.

Vietnam War

Dreier, Mark S.
Bresnahan, Alan R.
Lampert, Arlyn L.
Riley, James F.


Robinson, Russell L.

Died Non-battle

Barnholtz, Henry W;
Beall, Henry, H.
Bigelow, Kenneth J.
Brennan, John N.
Brooks, Kermit L.
Campbell, William C.
Cassidy, Maurice D.
Dahlstrom, Alto L.
Dundee, Franklin
Engen, Gilman
Gordon, Virgil
Green, Lloyd W.
Haas, Charlie J.
Halvorson, Albert H.
Held, Albert E.
Houlihan, Victor
Kasten, Leslie A.
Keenan, Patrick
Kelly, Walter A.
Kesselberg, Elmer L.
Land, Keith M.
Leikvold, Gordon R.
Ludeking, Frederick S.
Martens, Richard J.
McMorrow, James P.
Meyer, Warren G.
Mitchell, Leon P.
Monson, Henry J.
Mouw, Dean R.
Myhre, Alf M.
Peters, Dale R.
Peters, Kenneth J.
Poesch, Lyle C.
Reeder, Donald E.
Regan, Leo P.
Schukei, Albert E.
Schulte, Karen J.
Siegele, Ronald
Slattery, John P.
Smith, Susan H.
Teff, Donald G.
Wachter, Joseph J.
Wallace, Keith E.
Weymiller, Raymond L.
Wiemerslage, Albert F.
Wilde, John A.
Young, Robert L.

Prisoners of War

Baxter, Donald T.
Britt, Albert J.
Bulman, DuWayne E.
Cassidy, Richard R.
Chevalier, Marvin F.
Fortune, Merrild L.
Gass, Leroy J.
Goeke, George A.
Hagen, Glenn A.
Kappmeyer, John W.
Keenan, Clement J.
Messler, Jack A.
Morrow, Lynn W.
Olloff, Donald L.
O’Malley, Robert J.
Paeper, Donald
Reeder, Dale L.
Ryan, John E.
Vickery, Roy M.
Unterberger, Cletus J.

The Allamakee County Veterans Memorial Committee is made up of representatives from each community in the county. Committee members: Chairman Dr. David Hahn, DVM, Waukon; Vice Chairman Paul Howes, Dorchester; Bob Peters, Lansing; Cloy Kuhse, Postville; Maury Mooney and Franklin “Doc” Weymiller, Harpers Ferry; Dale Reiser, New Albin; Carl Christianson, Waukon and Waterville; Essie Campbell, Waukon; Maury Gallagher, Postville.

Allamakee co. IAGenWeb thanks the committee members and the Allamakee co. community for their hard work. Congratulations and thank-you for the beautiful and moving tribute to our fallen soldiers.


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