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1865 Civil War Letter


Nov. 2d, '65

Mr. Editor : "A few items from this place may interest some of the friends of the 9th Iowa Cavalry. There are three companies of the Regiment at this place, viz: F, G and M, doing courier duty and gathering up
Government cotton. We have our winter quarters built and have reconciled ourselves to stay in the service this winter. The boys from Clayton Co. feel slighted by their own County, as all the boys in Co. F, from Allamakee Co., have received from the County one hundred dollars bounty, while the soldiers from Clayton have not received a cent from theirs. They received the first fifty dollars in the fall of 1864, and this fall fifty more, which is awarded by the County to all soldiers who have been kept in the service since the close of the war. The soldiers of Co. F, from Clayton Co., would like to know if Allamakee Co. is better able to pay one hundred dollars bounty to her soldiers than old Clayton? The soldiers from Clayton Co. are anxious to know the cause of such a difference in the two counties, and why there is more interest in one county than another in the welfare of the soldiers?

The City of Camden is one hundred and ten miles south of Little Rock, on the south bank of the Ouachita river. It has two thousand five hundred inhabitants, and is doing a very large amount of business in cotton and merchandise. The health of the companies is improving. Since the weather has turned cool there are not so many cases of ague, the principal disease at this place. Co. F has lost two men this year, Tharey Johnson; of Waterville, Allamakee Co., and Edward Perry, of Elkader, Clayton Co., both of chronic diarrhea. Capt. Contal and all the rest of the McGregor boys are well.

Co. F, 9th Iowa Cav.

- source: Newspaper clipping from a McGregor, Iowa newspaper
- submitted by Kim Franck Luck. The newspaper clipping once belonged to her mother. Kim's research interests are Edward Perry & his parents John & Jane (Humphry / Humphreys) Perry.

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