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Chronicles of the World War
The Food Administration in Allamakee co. Iowa:

County Food Administrator
on November 11, 1918:

D.J. Murphy, Waukon

County Food Administrators who served during a part of the war
period, but were not in service on
November 11, 1918:
I.E. Beeman, Waukon
T.J. Lee, Waukon

County Chairmen, Women's Committee,
November 11, 1918:

Mrs. Wm. S. Hart, Waukon

Data concerning War Loans in Iowa - War Loans in
Allamakee County:

Loan Chairman Quota Bonds Sold No. Subscribers
1st D.J. Murphy $646,960 $93,000 -
2nd D.J. Murphy $521,850 $107,250 403
3rd D.J. Murphy $530,980 $ 51,250 6,844
4th H.J. Bentley $1,050,700 $1,044,155 6,144
5th H.J. Bentley $750,525 $752,550 3,400

-sources: Chronicles of the World War, Vol. II; published at Iowa City Iowa by the State Historical Society of Iowa; 1923; edited by Benjamin F. Shambaugh. Taken from the chapters "The Food Administration in Iowa", by Ivan L. Pollock and "The Sale of War Bonds in Iowa", by Nathaniel Whitney.
-contributed by Roseanna Zehner

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