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Red Cross Pig Club
Post township, Allamakee county

Red Cross Pigs

Post Township Farmers are Going "Over the Top"

Although Post township farmers have been busy the past few weeks harvesting and threshing their big grain crops, they have taken a lively interest in the Red Cross Pig Club and fifty-two pigs are already pledged. Chairman F.H. Luhman has to date received partial reports from nine of the eighteen district superintendents, and these go to show that Post township will go "over the top" in this as it has in all other war activities. Following is a list of the patriotic Post township farmers who have to date contributed a pig apiece to the Red Cross Pig Club, which they have agreed to fatten and deliver in December, and the proceeds from sale of which will carry comfort and cheer to the boys "over there" and in the home land cantonments, and you may rest assured the boys will not forget the friends at home who have been and are doing so much for them.

Marston Bros.
C.H. Rathbun
Henry Wilke
Aug. Schultz
Mrs. A.F. Marston
Arthur Behrens
Boese & Meier
Lonnie Folsom
Lynn Gordanier
S.G. Walter
J.H. Gericke
Arthur Foels
Louis Heckman
Geo. Schultz
H.W. Meier
Chas. Luebka
Richard Folsom
John Ihde
August Baltz
Con Hangartner
Meyer & Casten
Geo. Brainard
Wm. Brockmeyer
Ed Pettit
Damond Meyer
F.J. Heins
Fred C. Schara
Ed Lammert
Carl H. Meyer
Wilbert Wilke
Martin Olson
Fred Stopperan
Harry Bollman
Ambrose Arnold
Lester Davis
Paul Topel
F.W. Pleister
Harry Waters
John Schlie
Louis Heins
Chas. F. Gordon
J.S. Dresser
Fred Everman Sr.
H.C. Meyer
Harman Rose
Arthur Dresser
Wm. Everman
John Kohrs
W.A. Huffy
R.D. Sams

~Postville Herald, September 13, 1918
~transcribed by S. Ferrall


Sale of Red Cross Porkers

Farmers of Post township who had pledged to give a pig to the Red Cross with but few exceptions brought the hogs to market Monday and the local Chapter will realize between $2,500 and $3,000 from the sale of the porkers. Henry Wilke brought the heaviest pig, it weighing 370 pounds.

~Postville Herald, December 6, 1918
~transcribed by S. Ferrall

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