New Albin Veterans of World War II

New Albin has a large Honor Roll board listing the residents who were World War II veterans. Some of the veterans are listed on the Allamakee county WWII Honor Roll under a different town, or their name is spelled differently on the county list. In many cases this descrepency may be due to the source used for reporting soldier data ie: the soldier may have enlisted from a town other than their hometown, or they later lived in New Albin.

Anderson Vernon
Arndt Walter
Bakewell John
Becker Clarence
Becker Ezra
Becker Ray
Bjorge Joel
Blocker Maurice
Boetz Walter
Boltz Elmer
Breeser Fred
Bunge Herman
Burke John
Burke Thomas
Burke William
Burmester Elmer
Carroll Edmund
Casey Kenneth
Casey William
Caughlin Harold
Caughlin John
Caughlin Joseph
Collins Edmund
Collins John
Colsch Edward
Colsch John
Colsch Robert
Crowley John
Crowley Leonard
Darling Douglas
Darling Robert
Diersen Marvin
Donahue Gerald
Dresselhaus Carl
Dunn Arthur
Eischeid Victor
Ewing Arvid
Fink Delbert
Fitzgerald John
Florin Ervin (Rev)
Gantenbein Delbert
Gantenbein Gordon
Hahn Arthur
Hahn Delbert
Hahn George
Hahn Raymond
Hammel Eugene
Hammel L ?
Hammell Cletus
Hartley Peter
Herrig J P (Dr)
Higgins Angela
Higgins Raymond
Hosch Donald
Hosch Leon
Hosch Leon
Hosch Orval
Imhoff Edmund
Imhoff Lawrence
Imhoff Robert
Imhoff Vincent
Inman John
Irons John
Irons Wayne
Johnson Walter
Jordan Marie
Kelly Daniel
Kelly Kenneth
Kelly Leo
Kelly Marce
Kelly William
Kessell Obien
Kester Robert
Kester Wayne
Kroack Kalman
Lampert Arthur
Mack Walter
Mauss Fred
May Floyd O
May Gerald
May Merlin
Metzdorf Addis
Meyer Earl
Meyer Glenn
Meyer Kermit
Meyer Norman
Meyer Sigurd
Meyer Warren G
Meyer Jr Albert
Moore Robert
Moore Roy
Morgan James
Morgan John
Murphy William
Neumann Everett
Neumann Walter
Ollof Donald
Ollof Richard
Peyton Terrance
Pohlman Elmer
Pottratz Floyd
Quillian D J
Reburn Joseph
Richards Bernet
Richards Robert
Root Tilden
Roth Almon
Roth Hannes
Rouster Ervin
Rouster Leo
Rouster Viola
Russell Arvid
Ryan Thomas
Ryan William
Sandry Clifford
Schuldt Alton
Schuldt Charles
Schuldt Ervin
Schuldt Harry
Schuldt Henry
Schultz Barthell
Schultz Wilbert
Schutz James
Sires Cleon
Sires Raymond
Smerud Edmund
Smerud John
Smerud Rosemary
Smerud Sara
Somermeyer Carl
Somermeyer Justin
Somermeyer Orville
Somermeyer Robert
Somermeyer Ruth
Steele Alvin
Stehr Kermit
Sweat Clarence
Sweat Levi
Thimmisch Leonard
Tippery George
Tippery Ivan
Tompkins Ben
Twite John
Twite Linus
Vichlach Stephen
Welsh John
Welsh Matthew
Whalen Earl
Winge Lawrance
Zarwell Floyd
Zarwell Herbert
Zeimet Thomas


~transcription of names & the photo were contributed by a researcher who wishes to remain anonymous


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