updated 05/03/2016

Funeral in Waukon

The photos were contributed by Jeanne Hegeman from her personal collection.

Although the deceased may also have been a veteran, of either the Civil war or WWI. More likely the funeral is for an individual who was a member of a fraternal organization. Non-the-less, the photos are wonderful glimpses into the past ..... Allamakee co. coordinator

I believe these photos to be of a Civil War Veteran's funeral in Waukon. They are quite dramatic!  There is a horse-drawn hearse, and the procession is going down Spring Avenue, headed out to the Oakland cemetery. Unfortunately, I have no idea whose funeral it is. The pictures were taken circa 1910 - 1920 by Will Hegeman (W. H. Hegeman).   Note the cars all facing foreward ..... Jeanne Hegeman

Note: If anyone can narrow down the date of these photos and/or identify whose funeral it was, please notify Sharyl

May 3, 2016 - from Bert Piatt by email: "These uniforms are Masonic Knight Templar uniforms, not Knights of Columbus."

July 26, 2011 - from Steve Hanken by email: "Judging from the uniforms I'd say it is likely a Knights of Columbus funeral. The GAR didn't have hats like that. So that makes it a Catholic funeral of some sort."


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