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The Living & the Dead
Soldiers Buried in the Postville Cemetery

& Surviving veterans

Following are the names of deceased veterans lying in the cemetery at Postville Decoration Day, 1903:

- John S. Post, 1st Iowa cavalry

- John H. Burhans, 4th Iowa cavalry

- David M. Tripp, 7th Iowa cavalry

- Chas. J. Oehring, 2nd N.Y. cavalry

- John Putnam, 5th N.Y. artillery

- Serrano E. Putnam, 5th N.Y. artillery

- Wm. N. Piper, 6th Wis. artillery

- Wm. R. Johnson, 1st Mo. engineers

- Levi Minick, 3rd Iowa infantry

- Wm. L. Henderson, 12th Iowa infantry

- S.S. Blanchard, 12th Iowa infantry

- Wm. H. Johnson, 19th Iowa infantry

- Carl Knodt, 27th Iowa infantry

- Sylvanus Morse, 77th N.Y. infantry

- Wm. G. Parker, 23rd Wis. infantry

- G.L. Allen, 33rd Wis. infantry

- C.C. Combs, 4th Minn. infantry

- David Stark, N.Y. infantry, War of 1812

- C.B. Guy, Tenn., infantry, Seminole War

- E.H. Williams, Iowa infantry, Mexican War

- J. Russell, Ill. infantry, Blackhawk War

The surviving veterans in the line of march were:

- D.E. Harrington, 18th U.S. infantry

- W.A. Owen, 16th U.S. infantry

- James Perry, 6th Mich. cavalry

- A.R. Prescott, 1st Mo. engineers

- D.A. McMartin, 9th Iowa infantry

- Jeff Earnest, 27th Iowa infantry

- John Pixler, 27th Iowa infantry

- Chas. Skelton, 38th Iowa infantry

- Chas Hemmings, 38th Iowa infantry

- E.H. Putnam, 5th N.Y. artillery

- Geo. Redhead, 18th Iowa infantry

- source: Postville Review, June 5, 1903
- transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

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