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updated 09/20/2014

Allamakee Co. Look-up Volunteers

The following volunteers have graciously offered to do lookups in their personal resources. Help me keep this page up to date by reporting non-working email addresses. Please follow these simple guidelines when making a lookup request:

  • Put 'Allamakee co. look-up request' in the subject line of your email

  • Copy the name of the resource in the body of the email

  • Limit your requests to specific information about a person or family

  • Submit only one request per email and please sign your email!

  • Most importantly, be patient and don't forget to say "Thank you!" even if the volunteer was unable to help you.


If you have access to an Allamakee resource and are willing to do lookups, please send an email to Sharyl.

Resource Volunteer

The Life and Times of John Lyttle, Early La Crosse County Lumberman, by Jeanne Dahlin Swick, 2011

Little / Lyttle / Lytle Family ... and related families including the Haneys of the Lansing area.

John Lyttle was born 1822 in Upper Canada, died 1893 at Midway, La Crosse County, WI. He married (5) times and had 18 children. All of his wives, children & grandchildren and most of their extended families are in this book. It is 660 pages with over 400 photographs and is extensively sourced. I printed 91 copies for family, and there are none left; however, I am happy to provide anyone interested with a .pdf document of whatever section of the book they might be interested in. I am also happy to answer any genealogical questions related to this family.

Two of John Lyttle's sons: John Oscar Lytle (m. Cora Battles) and Charles Lytle (m. Alice Haney) had connections to the Lansing area. The book details these families. Also, the book has a fairly substantial history of the Haney family, going back to the 1700's.

Please put "look up request" and the name of the book in the subject line of any requests.

Jeanne Dahlin Swick

Grass Between the Rails:
The Waukon, Iowa Branch of the Milwaukee Railroad

by Denny Rehder with Cecil Cook
Des Moines, Waukon & Mississippi Press, 1972

Important note: this book does not have an index.  Please look at the index created for this website first, to give Sean an idea where to look for the desired information.

Index to Grass Between the Rails
(link opens a new window)

Sean Ryan

Sires, Middendorf & Roeber Family Trees

I'm in the process of adding to and updating these trees, but can do look-ups of any Sires, Roeber or Middendorf surnames.

Errin Wilker
(email address updated 09/20/2014)

Who's Who in Iowa, a Biographical Record of Iowa's Leaders in Business, Professional and Public Life; 1940

Some of these bios have been transcribed, please check the
Index of Allamakee County names before requesting a lookup.

Sharyl Ferrall

1860 and 1870 US Census for Allamakee County

Gayle Little

1. Resources of the Allamakee County Courthouse.

2. WPA cemetery records for Allamakee & other nearby counties: Clayton, Fayette, Howard & Winneshiek

Jan Miller
(email address updated 09/01/07)

Immanuel Church (Eitzen, MN) records 1866-1892

Darcy L. Fritche

St. John's Church (Wheatland) records 1866-1892

Darcy L. Fritche


Cemetery information for Minert Cemetery and Postville Cemetery

Post Twp assessor's books from mid-1850s to mid-1890s includes records of returning soldiers from the Civil War, a tally each year of men in the Twp who were eligible for military service, who voted, election results, value of land, how much livestock, etc.

"Post" database with 8200 names. Over the past couple years I read vital records microfilm for Allamakee county. When I came to a Postville or Post Twp record, I recorded it on paper. If I could tie into other records, such as census records, it went into my database. I'm almost done with the last of the birth record films. I'm up to 1918 and the film goes through 1935.

Phyllis Peterson