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Unitarian Churches

Allamakee County, Iowa

Here is a survey of the communities in which the Unitarian Church had ministered in some way, and at some time, in the Diocese of Iowa. They are the portion of field upon which the Episcopal Church has sowed the seed of the Gospel of Christ. The yield may seem small and the effort great. Not all of the seed fell upon good ground--there were the rocky places where, perhaps, a little more "irrigation" would have saved the crop. There were also the "thorns"--the reader may interpret the phrase for himself.

There were also the "fowls of the air"--again the reader's imagination must suffice. Not all of the ground, however, was bad. Neither is all of the failure due to poor soil. A little more intensive gardening would have saved much. Much has yielded a bountiful harvest. All of the field has not yet been planted. Much of Iowa still remains fellow for the Episcopal Church. It is "planting time" again.

Hanover--- Preaching Station 1879
Lansing--- St. Luke’s Parish admitted 1855, reverted to mission status 1890, abandoned 1899
Myron---Mission established 1877, abandoned 1879
New Albin---St. Paul’s Parish, admitted 1877, abandoned 1880
Postville---Preaching station 1879
Waukon---St. Paul’s Parish, organized 1859, never admitted to union with the convention, abandoned 1895

- source: Microfilm # 0986164
- transcribed & contributed by Roseanna Zehner

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